On Our Snacks, Ourselves

@thegirlieshow tim tams and mint slices are what I had for breakfast. Yum! And chocolate has dairy so it's pretty healthy im sure

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On Monday Check-in

I only spent money on groceries so$109.22 oh and some Bobby pins and hair ties $7.95

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On Friday Estimate

@BillfoldMonkey fair enough. Here is australia its still public holidays and good Friday is I think the only day in WA that you cant sell alcohol or open bars, clubs ect

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On Friday Estimate

@BillfoldMonkey but you get christmas which is a religious holiday?

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On Friday Estimate

Quick question from an aussie. Does USA not get public holidays for good Friday and Easter Monday? Anyway my estimate. Friday nothing as I am working. Saturday - grocery shopping $120 and the rest of then maybe $20 for a bottle of wine to take to my mates Easter bbq.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

Off topic but was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a money tracking app. Im trying to work out where all my money goes. Im thinking MoneyWise but if anyone has any recommendations let me know

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On Time to Do That 1 Thing

My one thing was to remember to buy a bottle of wie on the way home so i would have some for Friday night, since its good friday and no where will be able to sell me any. And since Saturday is my first day off after 12 days of 14 hour shifts I am going to thoroughly enjoy it.

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On Town in Finland Incentivizes The Creation of Future Taxpayers

We had a baby bonus in Australia I think it was about $5000 though. You got the money in installments over 3 months. It changed in March this year though

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On Monday Check-in

I managed to spend just under $15 all weekend- working 14 hour shifts really helps me not spend money

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On Privilege Check On Aisle Nine

@jquick Im the same, i had to google it

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