On Analyzing America's Most Affluent Towns

$77k doesnt seem very high, especially compared to some of the other states. This map does raise so many questions. Maybe the rich people in these states are rich enough to all live far away from each other in their own private towns of less than 1000 people.

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On The End of Signatures at the Checkout Counter

@Frecklemint its so much more convenient not having to sign. Though ive been using pin on my cc for ages anyway. I also really love paypass.

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On Canadian Health Care Awesomeness: Is It As Awesome As It Seems?

@eemusings I think in Australia we get free eye checks every two years and we can get free basic teeth checks and then stuff like fillings if we are willing to wait. Which seems ok but could probably be better

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On Open Thread: When Do You Replace Your Phone?

Every two years, I usually get them on contract so two years is when I get a new one. I drop my phones all the time as well so by the time two years rolls around I usually have cracked screens and dodgyness anyway

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On Early Bird Special

But if you haven't had lunch 430 or 5 would be perfect.

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On We're Not Gonna Pay Rent ... By Check

@eemusings same here in Australia. Checks seem so old school. Like someone using a typewriter or something

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On We're Not Gonna Pay Rent ... By Check

I live in Australia and I have literaly never paid for anyting by check ever. I dont know anyone that uses them/accepts them but I am sure some peolple do I always get a little confused on here when i hear people talking about checks on here though. It seems like an inefficiant way

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On California Passes Bill Granting Workers the Right to Three Sick Days Per Year

I kinda feel like 3 days isnt enough, but it does seem better than nothing. Is it 3 days only if you are full time? Does it decrease if you are part time or casual?

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On The Billfold Book Club: David Allen's 'Getting Things Done'

@sony_b thanks :) I am looking for an app based system as I don't have Internet at home or a computer/laptop/tablet but will check those all out

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On Two Weddings, One Summer

@snackcarts I actually thought the exact same thing a few days ago. I have a friend getting married in europe who is wanting us to stay in a hotel that costs $500 per room per night and Im not even allowed a plus 1 to split the cost

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