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@limenotapple WOW I wash my towels like every other week..am I gross?

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On Tuesday Check-In

Friday: ended up meeting a friend who was in town for drinks: $16 Saturday: As far as I can remember, it was almost a free day! A friend came by for some bananagrams, and I brought beer I already had to a friend's pizza party, then to a loft party. I guess something like $8 on transit? Sunday: groceries for $20, then to a friend's house for brewing, then to a cafe for $3, then got taken out to dinner by friend's parents which was nice. Total: $47, nicely under my estimate of $65. But I did spend a lot of money on groceries on Thursday so that helped.

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On Friday Estimate

No plans yet for tonight, maybe dinner or something chill: $20 Going to a friend's party on Saturday, I'll say $10 for booze and $10 on transit. $10 for acro yoga on Sunday. I'll say another $15 for miscellaneous expenses. My weekends aren't planned out enough to do good estimates. Total: $65.

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On Monday Check-In

I didn't estimate again! Friday: Went to a friend's for burritos, picked up ingredients for guac and salsa ($13), hung out there all night. Saturday: Yoga on a membership, morning grocery run ($14), climbing (free), and went sledding in the evening which was free but afterwards picked up wine ($16 ugh) and got in on some pizza delivery ($10). Sunday: Didn't leave the house but did spend $30 on a magazine subscription for my sister. Total: $83

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On Monday Check-In

Friday: $24 for groceries, $5 for beer Saturday: $6 on transit, $7 on Indian food, $3 on hot chocolate Saturday: $15 on groceries, $6 on coffee for two Total: $66. I estimated around $60 or $70 so this feels great!

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On Friday Estimate

It's hard to estimate when I have no plans because I know I'll throw myself around finding things to do. But I'll say $40 for groceries, and maybe another $20 for miscellaneous entertainment?? I really have no clue what I'm doing this weekend. But I'll try and keep it under $60 or $70.

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On Monday Check-In

I forgot to estimate! Friday: free! went to an Idle No More teach-in, then a coworker had us over for pizza (I probably should have brought something but forgot), and then home for my roommate's birthday party. Actually, I spent $6 on transit--I keep forgetting to take this into account because I normally bike everywhere but it was really cold. Saturday: $20 on groceries, then a free day of climbing, Catan, and going to a pizza potluck! I made dough for a friend's and my contribution so he picked up other ingredients, which was nice. I met up with some other friends, ostensibly for dinner but I was too full of pizza so I just stole fries and hung out for a bit before meeting other friends for drinks, where I totalled up about $21. Sunday: quiet day (more board games) except for my first ever acro yoga session ($5) which I really enjoyed. Also a grocery run of about $25, I think. Total: $46. I probably would have estimated more because I had a lot of half-formed plans that fell through.

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On Tuesday Check-In

Friday: $30 on groceries, $7 on a cab to my friend's, $7 on a beer at a bar. Saturday: $33 on an impromptu fancy dinner out with friends. Sunday: $16 on pizza ingredients and other groceries. I've been hibernating a lot, but apparently food is still the big vice. Total: $93 and I estimated $70 because I hadn't planned on eating out at such a nice place Saturday night.

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On Friday Estimate

Making dinner for friends tonight but they're vegan so my grocery list is almost all vegetables. I'll say $40 for tonight, including if we go out for drinks after. The rest of the weekend should be pretty low-key and will hopefully involve a lot of hibernation so I'll say another $30 for food and such. No holiday for Canada though!

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On Worthwhile Hobbies I Picked Up in 2012

I took up rock climbing this year! I set up a labor exchange at my main gym where I climb for free, but I probably spent $60 going before that and $60 for shoes. Also, since being home for the holidays I've had to pay to go climbing here, which so far has been $65 in day passes. So almost $200 but I've been doing it for months and it would be SO MUCH more expensive if I didn't have the labor exchange going.

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