On Remembrance of College Interviews Past

Oh man, I was lucky enough to interview on campus for a couple schools and only remember that by the end of my Smith interview, I was in love with the admissions counselor and EVERYTHING. I also remember sending a very late tardy note after a recent Smithie told me it would be okay to send late. It must've not been the worst because I got in (but didn't go, not enough $$). I think I got lucky that my admissions counselor was really into calling me on the phone and I applied early (but the non-contractual one). I didn't even meet her until admitted students weekend but my college BFF and I talk about how rad Penny was and how she was probably the reason we both ended up at school. I don't know if Mills does interviews but I actually would like to be in on that because I am trying to recruit ALL kinds of Midwestern high schoolers out to Oakland for a while, ha.

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On Fear-Based Spending

@chic noir ahhh I so wish I had known this because back when I felt flush with cash I bought my ma one, she loved it, and then hers died and so did the second one! Must be some hardcore reading, which I can support.

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On The Young Professional's Closet

oh oh oh oh this speaks to me so deeply and, "Navigating the modern workplace is tricky enough without having to worry about whether or not HR is going to pull you aside and gently tell you that you should really be wearing slacks." YES. YES. Seeing as I exhausted myself over four hours this weekend between J. Crew, Banana Republic, ye olde Ann Taylor and the Gap trying to figure out what the hell made me look not like I was trying on my mom's clothes, this feels really good to read. There's such a part of myself that feels I'm betraying whatever it is in me when I ended up on a pencil skirt and a top, as well as feeling furious I had to spend the money, when the reality is I really can't be the kid in checkered vans, shorts and a v-neck (yeah research job!) in ten years, I guess? Can I? Also: best completely awful and totally inappropriate clothing choice I wore in an office! Working as virtual assistant, working Fourth of July, Chicago at about 99 degrees, with cutoffs, DIY halter top, and DIY hair (shaved back, long front). I was 23. Yikes.

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On America Arrests Working Mom. Good Job, America!

@Allison Oh I love this.

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On America Arrests Working Mom. Good Job, America!

OH MAN thank you for posting this. Also, as soon as the link shows up for me, I would highly recommend everyone listen to the Morning AMP's Council of Feminist Thought this morning on this story because they are just SPOT THE HELL ON. Because yes, anec-datally, in the fourth grade I was definitely latchkeying it up and doing things on my own. Although: I was just coming off of an incident where I managed to "scam" the home for lunch system and had been punished for it due to some handwringing snitchery. As to the idea that these suburban (read: white) parents were so concerned they had to call 911, why on earth could their concern not extend to, oh, I don't know, thinking about what would happen to this child? and her mother? Why couldn't they have gone out to the park and spoken to her? Or to her mother? People were talking this morning about how they were concerned for safety in this "different" and "changed" world, and how this child was more at risk. And all I can think is that what is different is that these concern trolls who called 911 apparently have no concept of eyes on the street or how to actually care for children in the world. If the logic is that, then I am just crushingly sad. (PS: If anyone wants to hear said "snitchery" story, I am obviously still chapped by it twenty years later, so!)

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On Label Whoring at Thrift Town

the second I saw Thrift Town I yelped with so much happiness.

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On In the Future, We Will All Understand Code

@Gef the Talking Mongoose I would like to hear about that example! And yeah, the skills have definitely been useful. I wanted to do a whole project on how public sector/npf sector is getting completely left behind (/ other horrifying things) because of the lack of programming or "digital divide" what have you. I say this as an unpaid intern (graduate school) who attempted to do a geocoded/fusion table database creation for a nonprofit that ultimately ended up being really frustrating because there seems to be such a gulf between people who have a little bit of knowledge about how coding/data works and those who just think, "Can't we just build an app for that?" :(

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On In the Future, We Will All Understand Code

@Meaghano "Maybe to a v different degree code 'illiteracy' will disadvantage you socioeconomically in similar ways but hmm I really doubt it. <-- me being a Futurist" Yeah, I could maybe see this, but unfortunately in this way where the dystopia is some class of annoying neolibertarian white dudes pulling a Wizard of Oz on us? (ahhh someone go read that Medium article on Facebook already!) Maybe it would be more like this idea of Inumeracy (a book my mother always recommended me) which is why/how many people can't work with numbers/big economic ideas/etc., which would make a lot of sense considering the veils around "FINANCE", which is what I think about furiously sometimes.

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On In the Future, We Will All Understand Code

Man, Mike Dang, that last sentence just filled me with shivers in its ominousness. As someone who is at least barely literate in some coding languages (I'd put it with my ability to translate French maybe?), I will say I don't know if equating literacy and coding is a good comparison. As for the Valley filling up with a bunch of kids basically stuck with a high school mindset and, I'm assuming, a limited analytical and critical thinking ability, well, seems like nothing that could injure that groupthink too much!

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On New "Harry Potter" Content Released, Free

@Stina This is the one I remember the most re: Hufflepuffs, but things seem to pop up every few weeks or so: http://therumpus.tumblr.com/post/72574489172/hi-jd-what-hogwarts-house-do-you-think-youd-be-in

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