On I Got a Great Clip at Great Clips

@HelloTheFuture Aw man OK. I guess the receptionist's stink eye wasn't just my imagination after all.

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On I Got a Great Clip at Great Clips

Timely! I just got a haircut from my regular dude and he totally botched it. My bangs look like Jim Carrey's in Dumb & Dumber and the rest looks like a blind person's interpretation of The Rachel. It's bad. I think I need to find a new person but he was considered "cheap" at $45 before tip. He also never pushes products on me which I like (my previous dude did it all of the time and I caved once and bought $40 worth of products that I never ended up using). Also, do you guys tip the hair washer? I never know if I should and I usually don't unless I have some random singles in my wallet.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

No Instagram?! Kidding, kinda.

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On Gets, Regrets, and Good Decisions: Jobs I’ve Said No To

@Tripleoxer I've never gone beyond 2 interviews. Four seems so unnecessary; they should know by now if they want you or not! Good luck w/the interview and your final decision!

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On Gets, Regrets, and Good Decisions: Jobs I’ve Said No To

Oooh I forgot about one where I had a warning by HR over the phone about the hiring manager being "difficult" and hard to work with. Then during the in-person interview, a colleague of the hiring manager's spent her entire interview time saying how the hiring manager had a reputation in the company (of 200+ ppl) and that I'd have to have thick skin to deal with her. The hiring manager didn't seem that bad when I talked with her one-on-one but everyone puts on a good face during interviews. I got an offer 2 days later but declined even though they kept alluding to more $ than I initially asked for. I do not regret this one!

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On Gets, Regrets, and Good Decisions: Jobs I’ve Said No To

I said no to a job at Dana Farber even though the team & manager I interviewed with were awesome and the interview felt more like conversations with old friends. At the time I was freshly laid off and I didn't want to stay in the print production field but now that I look back on it, I kind of regret it and view it as The One That Got Away due to the people I could've been working with. Also, cut to two years later and guess what field I'm STILL in? Urgh.

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On Today in Things to Spend Your Money On: Breathing Room

This would be PERFECT to do secret phone interviews during the day. Places I've done phone interviews: Macy's lobby; Macy's glove dept (VERY noisy for some reason); behind current employer's bldg outside, in January; random office bldg lobby vestibule w/glares from security; outside of a start-up's elevator banks/men's restroom entrance.

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On "You Are My Person": Work Wives Cristina and Meredith Say Farewell

I'm about to start a new job where the entire department is like a retirement community in Florida (I'm 35 but I act & look younger). So I dunno, I think these ladies will be nice to work with but I don't foresee any close bonds or friendships forming. I love the people I work with now but it's just a temp job and I'm leaving it for full time pastures.

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On Coworkers Who Steal Your Lunch

This happened at my last job. Someone stole my little box of frozen Green Giant veggies. VEGGIES! Someone else had their leftovers stolen which is gross b/c you don't know whose germs you're dipping into. We posted lots of signs and had a suspect but could never pin down who it was.

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On Interview With a Person Who Changed Careers Without Quitting Her Job

This chick is my hero. I am still haunted by my beginner's HTML class in undergrad which makes me hesitate to even Google what Ruby is.

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