On Getting Feedback After a Job Rejection

@Lily Rowan Good tips! The thing is, the job was not advertised as entry-level. It required 3-5 years of experience in print production and I was on the higher end of that, with probably 5-6 years? Maybe she was afraid that since we were around the same age, it would be weird for her to manage me, or that I would eventually be gunning for her job?

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On Getting Feedback After a Job Rejection

I've only done this with jobs I've REALLY wanted and I think only 2 or 3 people have responded. One was with a non-profit and the hiring manager and I seemed to get along very well; she even once held the same job at the same company I was previously at. Her feedback was that I was over qualified for the position she was filling, which I read as "We think you might ask for too much money." Desperate to work there, I replied back and thanked her for her feedback and hinted that I would work there even if there was a pay cut (so desperate but true). I checked their LinkedIn a few months later and they hired someone about 10 years younger than me :(.

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On How a Consultant in a Long-distance Relationship Does Money

A 94K salary with work-life balance?! What is this miracle job??

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On Our Favorite Time of the Day and Other Stories

@ATF This sounds awesome! Were you the person who said they found a somewhat affordable place in the Back Bay? I'm looking to move so if you have any tips, please share if you can!

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On Want to Temp? Here's Where to Go

I've tried lots of temp agencies and it mostly goes like this: find an interesting posting on CL, call/email about it, set up an interview, show up and interview with 3-4 ppl who all ask the same exact questions, find out the "job" i applied for has magically been filled but are you interested in this receptionist role?, tell them no, call back once a week for a few weeks, never hear from them again. Basically they all have bait and switch postings online and they fill quotas on how many resumes and interviews they can screen. I've found them to be mostly a waste of time.

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On Traveling Lighter: Results

3rding the love for packing cubes. I ordered the Rick Steves set for a trip to Europe and it saved me. I rolled all of my clothing before putting them in the cubes and I was amazed at how much I could fit in there w/minimal wrinkling.

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On Ask the Grindstone: Job Reference Etiquette

@garli @bgprincipessa I found the clip. He didn't say the last part I mentioned (I remembered incorrectly or it was edited out from this clip?) but here it is! http://www.today.com/money/survey-most-job-references-give-bad-reviews-2D79429091 At the end you can hear him saying "In my case, the guy probably knew... " What?! The guy probably knew you were going to give him a bad reference so he asked you to do it???

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On Ask the Grindstone: Job Reference Etiquette

@bgprincipessa His defense, iirc, was "Well they didn't ask if it would be a positive reference" but that is IMPLIED, dude. Obviously they wouldn't have asked if they thought you hated them. Jesus.

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On Ask the Grindstone: Job Reference Etiquette

I saw a segment on the Today show (groan) a while ago about references and Carson Daly, ever the shithead, said that he always agrees to be a reference when asked, even if he doesn't have a favorable opinion of that person. He then turns around and gives a negative review for that person when someone calls and checks their reference. Even the other hosts were like, "If we don't think highly of that person then we just say we don't feel comfortable giving a reference." Man, I hope no one has ever done that to me.

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On HR Is Not Your Friend, But It Can Be A Good Sparring Partner

@PicNic Aw man, thanks anyway! I'll just keep praying to all the gods I don't believe in!

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