On My No-Purchase November Adventure

You went on a shopping cleanse! I do the same thing occasionally. Much like a juice cleanse, I'll feel smug and self-satisfied and convinced that I'll never be over-indulgent again for roughly 36 hours after I finish and then I immediately buy a sweater/eat nachos.

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On Alumni Giving Season

Both my undergrad (also NYU) and my law school call regularly and I've saved the numbers as "DO NOT ANSWER" as if they were some sort of terrible ex-boyfriend. The last time I picked up for NYU, the student on the other end was a politics major interested in law school, as I had been. It was past 8pm on a Friday and I was just leaving the office and I was, as usual, doubting my choice to pursue a legal career. I dryly advised her that law was a bleak field to enter, especially now, and that she should seriously consider her career aspirations and debt load before deciding to attend law school. Chances are, if a kid needs to earn extra cash making calls for the school, they won't have anyone to pick up a law school tab.

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On The Cost of Figuring Out a Guy Isn't Right

Guys I had to stop reading when I cringed at "expressos."

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On Low-Cost Ways of Entertaining Aunt Flo

I used Insteads occasionally a few years back when a roommate discovered them while googling "ways to have sex on your period" (she would be seeing a former hookup over Christmas and the timing was less than ideal). They worked great once I figured out how to get them in there, but for some reason, keeping something in my body for 12 hours felt weird and I only used them to supplement my routine, rather than completely replace it. I sort of just stopped using them when I moved and the closest drugstore didn't stock them. When I found them again, I couldn't seem to get the hang of getting them situated and it was more trouble than it was worth. ::shrugs::

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On Hacks for the Worst Airports in America

@cryptolect I fully support being appropriately pleasant with everyone you are forced to encounter at an airport, but if you see me at EWR tomorrow at 6am, please, please don't strike up a conversation in the security line. I just want to get through and get a terrible cup of coffee as soon as possible.

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On American Girl Dolls Are Still Expensive (But Not As Expensive As They Could Be)

I was #Mollyforlife because she had mousy brown hair and was essentially the only character that never wore anything with lace, but it is important to note that Samantha's cream of carrot soup was the most delicious recipe in any of the AG cookbooks.

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On Good Enough Homes & Destinations: What You Get For $199,000

I grew up about 15 minutes away from that house in Wickliffe, in the next town over. Not much to say about the area except that you are conveniently located about a 3 minute drive from this lovely chemical processing company: https://www.lubrizol.com/

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On How Wizards Do Money: Dean Thomas

This is the HP/HTGAWM crossover fan-fic the world has been waiting for. Also, you missed a real opportunity in the tags ("Five Principal Exceptions to Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration").

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On Lunch Spots and Budgets

Are you using a Hale and Hearty-specific app? I've got LevelUp, which powers the H&H app, and which I use at Chop't and Organic Avenue. Same rewards deal without the hassle of having to download a different app for every restaurant. Organic Avenue even sent me a random $2 off coupon a few weeks ago since I hadn't been there in a while (I can only justify so many $9 green juices). Also, I usually bring lunch, but Potbelly is definitely my only-once-every-so-often lunch treat.

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On I Don't Get Las Vegas

I've been to Vegas twice (once when I was 14 so that hardly counts). Much as it will make me sound like the Las Vegas Tourism Board, I think the appeal really is the escapism. The whole city is about pretending to be something or someone or somewhere else. That's exciting for a lot of people. It's also exhausting and explains why most folks (myself included) can't handle more than a long weekend there. An anecdote - on my last trip, my group of friends hatched a plan that I've since seen replicated in multiple Vegas hotel commercials. We pretended one friend was a celebrity and let others react. Our tougher-looking friends wore suits and pretended to keep a watchful eye on the crowd. The ladies wore cocktail dresses and fawned over our "actor" friend. The staff at a fancy lounge started asking who he was. Other patrons tried to take photos (which our "security" guys firmly asked them to delete from their phones). We were given a prime table and free drinks. In line for the bathroom, I overheard a girl whisper to her friend, "She's at that table with that famous guy!" The next day, the VIP coordinator texted and thanked us for coming. Whether or not all those people actually believed my friend was a celebrity sort of doesn't matter. They got to pretend just like we did.

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