On How Much Do Teens Plan to Spend on Promposals? $324, On Average

Junior year I got asked by a senior guy friend in some very unceremonious manner. Senior year I was dating a guy that was a year older and we broke up about a month before prom. I half-jokingly told a guy friend who already had a date to ditch her so we could go together... and he actually did it. I felt sort of guilty about it so I didn't even put up a fight when he wanted to wear a white tux with a top hat and pink vest. Cost of that promposal = emotional damage to an unnamed sophomore girl that lost her date.

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On The Art of Losing Isn't Hard To Master: J. Crew Shirt Edition

Of course it was the blue checked shirt from J. Crew. It is always the blue checked shirt from J. Crew.

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On Am I Hurting Hotel Housekeepers' Income by Not Leaving My Hotel Room?

Can't say for sure it's the same thing, but the key-card reminds me of the system used by the security guards at the mall I worked at in high school/college. They had cards they had to swipe or scan at various sensors around the mall, essentially to prove that they didn't just set up camp in front of the Orange Julius all shift long. I imagine in this context it would be intended to prevent the housekeepers from saying "everyone had a do not disturb sign up!"

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On Monday Check-In

Just dropping by to say Estela is worth every penny and I hope you got the beef tartare and also the ricotta dumplings.

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On Stars: They're Not Paying Off Their Student Loans Just Like Us!

@OllyOlly My undergrad loans are totally manageable, but joke's on me though, because my (much more substantial) law school loans are between 6.5% and 7.5%.

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On Stars: They're Not Paying Off Their Student Loans Just Like Us!

FWIW, I started at NYU a year earlier than Teller and part of my federal loans are around 6.0%, but some are only at 1.6%. Even the private ones that NYU pushed on us are at 1.5-2%.

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On In Which I Answer a Question About Marriage and Finances That 'Call Your Girlfriend' Asked Us in October

Lots of you have already shared good arguments in favor of my general viewpoint on this issue (split joint expenses proportionately to income, cover personal expenses individually), so I'll try to be brief. My bf and I operate with a joint account for mutual expenses and individual accounts for personal ones, including our very significant student loans (we met in law school). Even though we've talked plenty about marriage, we also agree that we'd stick with this system even when married. Our loans are something we decided to take on before we knew each other, and we both feel a strong desire to get rid of them without burdening one another. No one else should have to pay for my 21-year-old self's decision to take on six digit debt. We've adjusted our contributions to the joint account when we've gotten raises or taken pay cuts, but the bottom line is usually that we each need to keep enough for ourselves to cover loan payments. Also, I'm not sure how we could ever buy gifts for each other with a single account, since I check Mint literally every day to keep track of expenses.

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On Convenient Cooking, But at a Cost

@Lily Rowan YES. This works especially well for higher-priced items. I bought a box of cubed turkey at Whole Foods the other day for my lunch salads this week for almost half as much as it would have cost from the deli section. The key is knowing what items are normally priced higher than the per pound rate at the salad bar (that is, don't buy a bunch of chickpeas at $7.99/pound when a pound's worth would be $2 in cans).

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On I 'Leaned In' at My Nanny Job—and Got Fired

Who will volunteer to comb through UrbanBaby for the inevitable post outlining the employer's side of this?

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On The Cost of Auditioning for Jeopardy

@garli I'd 100% recommend it. I came heart-breakingly close to winning (like, the judges/producers had to convene to decide whether to accept the winner's Final Jeopardy answer, which ultimately, they did), but aside from that, the experience was a complete joy. For most people, it's crossing off a bucket list item, so everyone is jazzed just to be there. Also, escaping to LA from NYC in December was a delight. I believe the check I got was between $1600-1700, which had the CA taxes already withheld. That amount then got taxed as other income on my federal returns at my regular rate.

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