On How to Find 'the One' (Purse)

I was reading this and thinking, "If she doesn't pick out a purse by the end of this, I'm suggesting Kate Spade in the comments," and lo and behold, you picked a Kate Spade purse! They're expensive, but they're well-made. I've had the same bag for three years and I hope to have it for many more. Also, show us the purse! :)

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On How Romance Novelist Courtney Milan Does, & Writes About, Money

So excited to see a romance author on The Billfold! This was a great interview.

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On Friday Estimate

It feels like I haven't done an estimate in forever! After work, I'm stopping at Trader Joe's ($40). This week has been so long that I'm looking forward to doing nothing tonight. I'll probably do laundry while watching the Blackhawks game. Tomorrow: A friend is coming over to make dinner and hang out ($0). Sunday: I have a coffee date with some dude from the internet, ugh. I never know how to plan for these things because sometimes I pay for myself and sometimes the dude pays, but I'll just say $5. Total: $45

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On Monday Check-in

Friday: I had to get gas ($33) and go to Target ($48). I didn't think I was going to spend that much at Target, but I needed a bunch of cleaning supplies/household items I'd run out of. Saturday: Made a Walgreens trip ($23) for the one thing I needed that Target didn't have. While I was there, I picked up a gift card for someone's Christmas present. One of my friends came over to make dinner later, and we ate really good food and drank wine and watched hockey ($0). My noisy upstairs neighbors moved out, which meant I was in a good mood. Sunday: Lazy day. I spent $5 at Dunkin' Donuts. Total: $109. I'd estimated $90.

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On Friday Estimate

I haven't done an estimate in about three weeks. I'm not sure what's in store this weekend, but I have to get gas today ($30) and make a Target run ($35? Not sure). I also might go to the mall (pray for me) to pick up a Christmas present, but I've been instructed to stick to a $10-15 budget for this person. Tomorrow, I'm watching hockey with a friend. I'm not sure what else I'll be doing tomorrow or Sunday. Estimate: I'm going to say $90 just to give myself a little leeway.

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On The Economics of Dating, OKCupid Edition

Your Amazon/coat analogy is spot-on. Chicago has a larger dating pool, but oh god, online dating sucks so much and it's starting to bum me out.

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On Eating Thanksgiving Dinner in a Restaurant is Cheating Y/N

My family is doing a Thanksgiving buffet at a restaurant this year. Not all of us will be at Thanksgiving -- my brother is attending grad school in London and can't come home -- and my parents don't enjoy cooking. My grandma used to make Thanksgiving dinner, but she's older now and it's hard for her to do. A decade ago, my grandfather died a few weeks before Thanksgiving, and even though a lot of time has passed, it's still a weird time of year for my family. I really don't care if going to a restaurant is cheating or not, and you saying so makes it seem like only one type of Thanksgiving counts, which isn't true. Going out takes the stress off my parents and grandma of preparing a meal and we get to spend time together.

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On Monday Check-in

I didn't spend anything on Friday. Saturday, I met a friend for brunch ($21 with tip, ouch, and the food wasn't even good) and afterward stopped at the grocery store for a few things ($17). Last night, I went to the Blackhawks game. I bought a bottled water ($4.50) and due to not being able to get a cab or an Uber after the game, I had to add $5 to my CTA pass to take the bus. Then, once I got off the bus to transfer to another bus to go home, it turned out the bus I needed had stopped running (even though Google Maps said it ran until 10!). So, due to the cold, I got an Uber to take me a mile to my apartment ($4.75). It was an adventure. Total: $52.25. I estimated $50, so I did pretty well.

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On Friday Estimate

@Erica I haven't tried. The UC has more thorough searches now, too, so I'm not going to try. I'll just suck it up and grumble about paying $4 for water.

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On Friday Estimate

@Allison The one time I tried bringing in an empty bottle (just an empty plastic bottle, not a nice reusable water bottle), the security guy at the door made me throw it away. Oh, man. Fried cheese curds. I'll have to think about it. I think my seat is around that area.

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