On Friday Estimate

Tonight: seeing Dan Deacon. Already bought tickets, but I'll estimate 20 € for drinks. Tomorrow: no plans, I mostly want to chill. I'll estimate another 20€ for food, possibly bowling? Who knows. Sunday: flying to CH for work. I usually end up spending 5€ on overpriced Starbucks in the airport and another 10€ for dinner. Total: let's say 60 and see where we stand on Monday ...

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On What's Student Loan Debt Preventing You From Doing? A Lot of Things

Oh boy, in the last 5 years since graduation my loans have kept me from paying off my credit cards (although I'm close now) and the need to pay the credit cards off asap coupled with the loans have kept me from saving any money whatsoever (I just started my emergency fund this month) ... Luckily 2015 seems to be a turning point, but still. It makes me so sad to think of how much money I put towards them every month.

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On How Long-Term Travelers With Loans Do Money

@Nibbler Hi there! Unfortunately that won't work because part of getting a German work visa is having an employer in Germany and paying taxes in Germany. As far as I know, it's not possible to just get a residence visa without working in Germany. If one spouse had a job in Germany, the other could get a residence visa that way, but I don't think it will work if you both work in the US. The main ways to get a visa in Germany are: - studying at a German university - working for a German company - proving that you have immediate relatives who were born there (grandparents or parents) It is, however, possible to get a visa to live in Germany if you are Jewish, so maybe that could work? All of my friends who have moved here have gotten work here. The only friend of mine who still earns income from the US has Irish citizenship, so she can live in the EU without needing a visa from the German govt. That could also be an alley? If you have any European parentage (or grandparents) you could go that route. I hear Irish citizenship is relatively easy to obtain (compared to Italian, which takes ages). Hope that helps!

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On Monday Check-in

Oh my god those bagels look so good it's killing me. I budgeted 100 but came in way under. Friday night BF treated to indian food, Saturday I went to the gym, then relaxed, got some groceries (8€), went out for v day burgers and beers (20€), picked up a little gift (7€) and went to a colleague's housewarming party + bought a day pass for the train (7€) and took a cab part of the way home (6€ it would have been a 25 minute walk but w/e I was drunk and it felt worth it). Sunday I took a long walk through the park, read my book, and made dinner with stuff that we had in the house. Total: Approx 50 €

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On How Long-Term Travelers With Loans Do Money

Firstly, I have lived in Germany for 5 years and helped lots of Americans come here and get visas and I have never known anyone to have 8,000 lying around on their bank accounts in order to get the visa. You have to prove that you can either earn enough money to support yourself or get money from another source (aka your parents), but 8000? I showed up with € 2000 (which was gone in like 3 months) and still got a work visa when I was dead broke. Secondly, I would double check that whole working while studying thing. When I was a student here, in order to be on a student visa I wasn't allowed to earn more than I think €1,000 a month, which is not really enough to live, eat, enjoy life, and send money home every month. Now you can study on a work visa here, but I don't think its completely legal for you to work on a student visa as much as you want. Thirdly, as someone living abroad with loans, this left out all the interesting stuff for me. 1. How did you transfer that money to a bank account where you could pay your loans? Did you have Korean bank accounts? Did you use wire transfers? 2. I second what @andnowlights said. What about the Mexico debt and the credit cards? 3. Are you going to be able to stop the loans when you're full time students? Or will you still have to pay the interest on them? 4. Are you going to be earning income in both Europe and the US with freelance writing work? Or will you be getting all of your income from the EU, because otherwise you will have to save up a few hundred € for someone to do those US taxes while you're abroad - trust me, they get super annoying super fast.

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On Friday Estimate

Oh no! Feel better Mike Dang! Not sure what this weekend will bring. Definitely a trip to the grocery store, our annual Valentine's Day pig-out on Saturday, and possibly a housewarming party? So I'll be generous and budget 100 € and see where I end up on Monday!

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On Valentine's/St. Cyril's Day Estimates!

It's tradition for BF and I to go to this burger place. Note: V day isn't a very big deal in Germany (despite companies desperately, hungrily trying to make it A Thing), and when we first met there were essentially no authentic American burger places in this city (which is hard to believe in 2014, where there are literally burger places everywhere and everyone just discovered food trucks ...) but anyway, the point is, US-style ambience and greasy burgers were a novelty and I was wounded from years of shitty Valentine's Days with ex boyfriends so we decided to go there, eat wings and huge burgers where the grease runs down your arms and drink pitchers of beer and that has been our tradition ever since. Reservations have been made. I'm pumped. No chocolate, no rom-coms. Just sinful American pleasures like wings. And beer. Estimate: around 20€ per person.

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On Monday Check-in

@Tripleoxer oh noooo :( but Lush and Kevin Devine sounds nice!

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On Monday Check-in

BF and I had a long weekend getaway this weekend. We split all the costs, so 3 nights at a B&B: €207 incl. breakfast, round trip train tickets: €58, assorted bus tickets: €14, late big lunch with beers on friday: €40, dinner from the supermarket (bought for friday, ended up eating saturday): €17 Total: €168 per person, + lots of relaxation. Last night we drank a few too many beers (oops) and went out for burgers and more beer: 20 in total, so 10 each. Long weekend total for me: around €178, plus or minus a few euros.

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On Buying a Soundtrack From 2000 in 2015

I had this issue this weekend when I wanted to watch A Very Mainstream Blockbuster Movie in a legal way. I am ashamed to admit that I wanted to watch it in a legit way more out of fear of being slapped with a massive fine for illegally downloading than out of the goodness of my consumer heart, but either way - I could rent it on German iTunes and Amazon, but only dubbed in German. There was no way to rent it on US iTunes or Amazon, just buy it for like $20.00, which I'm not willing to shell out. Keep in mind this movie came out 2013!! Grrrrrr. I decided I'm willing to pay up to $9.00 on this movie, but $20?? For something I'll never watch again? Come on dudes.

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