On Friday Estimate

I'm currently at my office in another city and I'm flying back home tonight after work. I'll probably spend around 15 € on food in the airport because otherwise I'll be starving by 9. I have no idea what I'm doing this weekend, honestly, but probably going to the gym, cleaning the apartment in preparation for Thanksgiving, going to a party for the Buchstaben Museum, maybe going to a little neighborhood flea market, having coffee with a friend ... who knows! I'll budget around 50 € for the whole thing, and I'll see where we are on Monday. Monday I'm renewing my visa so that'll cost me another 100 € at least, but I'm irrationally nervous that they'll say no, so I might need a calming drink Sunday night ....

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On Friday Estimate

@Tripleoxer Enjoy, and congrats!

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On Friday Estimate

Oh boy! Tonight I'm going out to dinner with my cousin who is in town - surprise! - so that will be at least 20 € for dinner and wine. Tomorrow I'm going to Ikea but since I am very broke, will not be paying this right now soooooo kind of free? But I'll have to pay some later? Then Saturday night is a friend's housewarming party. I want to buy her a nice bottle of alcohol as a gift, 30 €. Sunday I'm flying out for work, so I'll probably spend around 20 € on airport/train station food. Total: 70 €

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On How Many Safety Nets Do You Have?

@Tonikat Wow! I found the ALG Rechner from focus.de and now I'm feeling way better about my safety net. That also explains why around 1/3 of my gross pay goes to taxes ... but hey! Not bad! I qualify for more than enough money to cover my bills and rent for 18 months!

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On How Many Safety Nets Do You Have?

@annev17 Nice! I tried googling this for Germany/Berlin and I still couldn't find anywhere that explains how much money I get. Maybe that will be my One Thing for this weekend :D

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On How Many Safety Nets Do You Have?

@Tonikat Wow that is awesome! I've been paying into sozialversicherung for 3 years but I somehow assumed that meant I was only entitled to like 3 months of benefits. Still, 60% of my net pay would do the trick ... I feel better already!

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On How Many Safety Nets Do You Have?

@annev17 Yep, in Germany. I've also never looked up the details, but I know I'm definitely entitled to something. I'm just not sure if that something covers my loans, etc. Also I've only been paying into that system for 3 years so I don't think I get that much as opposed to someone who's been working for 20 years ...

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On How Many Safety Nets Do You Have?

Yeah this is my biggest fear because I basically have no safety net (see debt vs. savings). I had about 50 € saved and I had to spend that this month, so my savings right now is zero. Even after next month when I no longer have pressing URGENT credit card debt with 29% interest anymore, I still don't see how I could ever save more than 3 months worth of expenses on top of everything else. 18 months sounds basically insane to me.

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On Monday Check-in

I estimated something like 25 but the city got me again - damn you, Berlin! Friday night I ordered my turkey and made pasta with stuff I had in the house and watched Netflix, all free, but of course I had to stop by the drug store for a few things. The drug store is being renovated and EVERYTHING was marked like 50% off, so of course the shelves were basically empty. I still managed to walk out spending 15 € on bath products and Swiffer and all sorts of stuff I didn't actually need. Oh well. Saturday I met a friend at the dog park and chilled with her and her dog, then went out to lunch: 7€ for a giant bowl of soup and a soda. Saturday night BF bought groceries and I skipped a party in order to save money, so that's not too bad. Sunday we went out to breakfast (12€), then got tea and played chess for a while in another cafe (3€), then we came home and relaxed and read for a while until we went out to see the balloons be released for the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. After that we were chilly and hungry and lazy so we picked up Korean takeout and a beer (10€). Total: 45 € whoops.

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On Friday Estimate

Much like last weekend, this weekend is all about not spending money. Tonight I am going to order my Thanksgiving turkey, then I will cook dinner using what I already have in the house, which will probably end up being weird partial boxes of pasta with tomato sauce, and watch Netflix. Tomorrow a friend is coming down and we are going to the dog park with her dog, then getting coffee. I will budget 10 € there in case I get hungry and want a sandwich too. Saturday night I may or may not be going to a birthday party, depending on how I feel. If I go, I fully plan on mooching, but I'll budget another 10€ for beer/birthday card/etc. Sunday evening I'm going to this: http://www.berlin.de/mauerfall2014/en/highlights/balloon-event/ to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. I plan on getting a hot cocoa beforehand to keep me warm. Total for the weekend: 25 €

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