On Better(ish) Living With Roommates

you don't pee when other people are in the shower?

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On One Is the Loneliest Number, So Find a Cell Phone Family Plan

you guys! you don't have to be a literal family to be on a family plan. I have one with a few of my friends and it's an amazing deal. do the family plan. DO IT.

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On The Cost of Halloween, Part 1: Costumes

Julia would never use glittery letters! She is dark and depressed.

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On How to Make Meatless Monday Your Favorite Day of the Week

frozen beans?

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On Vision Benefits

uhm. I wear my contacts til they rip. am I going to go blind? they're so expensive!

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On How the Baby-Sitters Club Does Money: Dawn

why are all of these so depressing :(

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On Hometown Stories: Rhinebeck, New York


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On How Much Should the Dentist Cost?

@meaghano you don't have to see the dentist! I tell them when I go that I don't have insurance and I just want my teeth cleaned and it makes it way cheaper. I'm not paying $90 for my dentist to come in and look in my mouth for 30 seconds.

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On More on Those Slabs of Plastic Redeemable for Goods and Services

@joyballz that used to be true but nowadays, at least where I work, when you swipe the gift card, the credit card terminal says "$5.06, collect partial amount?" and you can say yes. it also prints out the remaining balance on the customer receipt. technology!

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On The Cost of Being Outdoorsy

hey, you forgot to talk about the time I took you snowboarding and you had a totally awesome time. here is a story my dad enjoys telling: "I was on the chairlift and I saw megan on the mountain below me. I called out, 'megan, how are you doing?' and heard a faint, 'not so well...' as I passed her."

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