On When It Comes to Your 401(k), Don't Just 'Set It and Forget It'

Also, re-balancing your 401k every 6 months or so will help to keep your money growing at good rates within the categories you've set up. For me, in December and July, I rebalance so that I have the same ratio of high-risk to low risk that I want to grow correctly for my retirement age. (I think I have about 70% high to 30% low at age 29.) As the high risk part grows, it can get up to 85% high risk depending on how the markets are doing with those funds. As I get older, I'll change to a higher % of lower-risk funds. And, my portfolio will re-balance automatically for me on that schedule and just send me a notification that it's done.

Posted on November 20, 2013 at 4:04 pm 0