On What a Pulitzer Prize Will Buy You in 2014

@Ester Bloom Thanks for the link, those critiques were really interesting! I have to say I agree with pretty much everything Roxane Gay said (except her complaint about the language, I liked that), especially the parts about Theo's disproportionate anxiety and modern technology being shoehorned in. I also agree with Jane Hu's quibbles about Theo in the zombie round. Basically I didn't like seeing the world through his drug-addled, often confused, self-centered eyes. Right now I'm reading and loving A Tale For The Time Being, which also made it pretty far in the tournament.

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On What a Pulitzer Prize Will Buy You in 2014

@LookUponMyWorks I just finished The Goldfinch and thought it was vastly overrated. I think it would have made a very good book if it was quite a bit shorter and less ambitious. Instead it tried to be a GREAT BOOK by becoming a million pages long and trying to address every MAJOR LITERARY THEME, mostly by having the main character come to a bunch of realizations about family and beauty and stuff at the very end. Then they gave it a Pulitzer, and everyone said it was the best book of the year. I'm sad because I think I could have really liked it if it wasn't trying to be Great Expectations, and stopped at just trying to be a good novel.

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On Frugal Travel Moves That Backfired On Me

So true on the sleeper bus. Some friends and I once took one from Shanghai to Beijing, and not only are the beds so short and narrow that it's impossible to get any sleep, the bus stopped every few hours to pick up seemingly random people along the highway, many of whom wound up sleeping in the aisles in between the beds.

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On Soon Small Dogs Will Supplant The Human Race

@MrDean What about "dog(s) in grocery cart?" We get that around Brooklyn a lot.

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On Yakkin' About Baby Showers

Every story about having a baby should end with "What could possibly go wrong?"

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On FridgeWatch 2014: Miracles Do Happen

@gyip ConEd is very aggressive about giving you money! They sent me $25 for buying a new air conditioner (I did not get rid of an old one, I bought a brand new electricity-gobbling device) and then a few months later they sent me four brand-new compact flourescent lightbulbs completely free for no apparent reason.

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On FridgeWatch 2014: Miracles Do Happen

@AitchBee That's the second time today I've heard someone compare a baby to a cat. A woman at my coffee shop handed her baby to her friend, and the friend said "Oh, he weighs just about as much as my cat!"

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On Earning 315,000 Credit Card Points in Less Than a Year

@Sarah Rain@facebook Amazon card maybe?

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On A Reminder That Fees Can Cripple Your Retirement

@Morbo All of your information is excellent, thank you for the explanations. It is even better because I read it all in Morbo's voice. "NO, THE SYSTEM DOESN'T WORK, PUNY HUMAN."

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On Thoughts After Overhearing That My Coworker Makes $10K More Than Me

Ask for that raise!

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