On Who Wants to be a Millionaire (in Retirement)?

@thejacqueline This is actually a thing; I know I've seen articles (and episodes of "House Hunters International") in the past few years about people retiring to places like Costa Rica and Ecuador with very low costs of living.

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On Non-Emergencies I've Called Emergencies in Order to Justify Using My Emergency Credit Card

How about "I've had a really bad day/week/month and only this ________ will cheer me up?" Not that I know anyone who has done that.

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On Should Lisa Charge a Trip to India, or Skip It?

@lispeth THANK YOU, from all the former servers of the world.

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On What I'm Talking About When I Talk About My Credit Card Debt

Logan, have you thought about a credit counseling service? I know some of them are scams, but there are also some decent nonprofit ones, and consolidating your balances can really make a difference in lowering your monthly payment. Also, you're not allowed to use any of the cards you have enrolled in the service, which helps curb the impulse spending (unless you open a new one. Not that I know anyone who has done that). My partner and I have been in your shoes before and this really helped us: FYI, we also bought a house and car after doing it, and our credit was fine.

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On Talking to Our Kids About Money

Money and sex are similar in that you might have "the talk" with your kids, but in reality, you are also going to have to have lots of little talks about lots of different aspects of the issues. These talks will most likely happen when you least expect it--my kids ask a lot of sex questions on the ride home from school, and I think it's because we are not looking each other in the face at the time, so they feel more comfortable.

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On What to Get a Baby for His Birthday

@Mike Dang I honestly just registered for a commenting ID (which I never do) just so I could beg you to write about why you don't like 529 plans! PLEASE do this soon! I have two kids and a nagging sense of guilt about their nonexistent 529 plans.

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