On Getting Health Care After Quitting Your First Job

Very interesting - I am looking at options as well in case I decide to go PT instead of FT, so this was insightful.

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On Friday Estimate

Let's see... most weekends we stay in but this weekend is a bit different! Tonight - dinner with friends, but should be a cheap spot so maybe $15 per person (there will be 7 of us). Tomorrow is mostly just hanging around and cleaning up the house, then a comedy show. I expect to get at least 1 - 2 drinks, so let's say that is $15 as well with tip. Sunday will be a busy day running errands and buying groceries in addition to grabbing dinner, so I'll up this to $150. Total: $180... yikes!

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On Brown Bagging It

It would be cool to do some cost calculations to see how much you exactly save by bringing lunch rather than dining out. The hardest part is being consistent... and saying no to friends who want to go out to eat.

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On How Do You Do Groceries?

I rarely make lists, which is probably a Terrible Thing, but there are definitely "weekly staples" that I make and then there are "cool new recipes" that I try to make every once in a while. Since I don't have a car, it really depends on how motivated I am to take public transit to the grocery store and haul it back. Instacart is amazing for someone like me, but even then I can't get everything I need sometimes.

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On True Fans of True Detective

I've been so overwhelmed by possible theories. I am so sad there are only 2 episodes left.

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On Monday Check-In

$36 for groceries $42 for flowers and plants (to make my apartment less winter-y) $20 for dinner (boyfriend paid the bill, I paid the tip) $98 total.

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On Monday Check-In

@CubeRootOfPi You are going to love your Baggu bag like you've never loved a reusable grocery bag before.

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On Friday Estimate

@CubeRootOfPi Try Baggu bags!! I have like 50 of them. They are awesome.

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On I Saw the "You Should Quit Your Job" Signs, So I Quit My Job

Holy crap yes. I think you have just been inside my brain.

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