This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Your Voice

Like a lot of us, I’ve been making charitable donations as we approach the end of the year, but I’m also pretty much tapped out in terms of cash I can afford to give. During a month when many of us take a look at how we are giving back to our community, it’s pretty cool to know that there’s a way to give back that is as easy as taking your laptop into the bathroom and making a recording.

Sharing Time: How Much Did You Spend on Presents This Year?

It’s time. If you are ready, willing, and prepared, please drop into the comment box the answers to these questions.

Cara Ellison on Beyonce and the Economics of Dating

Is this the Rock Paper Shotgun of things I want to do with my time?

How Wizards Do Money: Anthony Goldstein

When the owl arrived, bearing an envelope on Daily Prophet stationery, Anthony Goldstein already knew what was inside. He got the same letter every year, every time one of the Prophet reporters remembered to check a Muggle calendar and figure out when Hanukkah was. This year, they didn’t even send the note until the third night, which was why the owl stayed at Anthony’s windowsill, quietly preening and watching him as it waited for his response.

Terrible Financial Decisions That I Have Made or Am Considering Making

But what is the definition of can’t afford? I had enough in my checking account to buy the ticket, so I could afford it. That’s what “afford” means, right? The rest will all sort itself out eventually.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Walmart Owes Employees Unpaid Wages

On Tuesday the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that Walmart and Sam’s Club workers were entitled to unpaid wages for both skipping their breaks and working off the clock, a decision that made this former hourly worker very happy.

The Cost of Long-distance Friendships

The repeated, unplanned interaction model is designed perfectly for friendships that begin in person and then move online as everyone goes back to their home cities.

The Business of Creative Careers: Joseph Scrimshaw

“I knew on a rational level that write/perform-for-hire jobs would pay very differently based on the company hiring you to do the work. But it’s still a shock on an emotional level to remember there isn’t agreed upon value for a lot of creative work.”

The Cost of Making ‘Gone With The Wind’

Let’s step into the past and take a look at an historical example of an artistic folly that paid off in the end.

Gone With The Wind.

The film version.

Iceland Forgives Mortgage Debts in a Year of Jubilee

Basically, during the crisis, the amount of money that people owed on their adjustable mortgages jumped up significantly during a period of rapid inflation. So now the government of Iceland is forgiving the debt—or at least the percentage of the debt that was incurred as a result of the inflation.