On Being a “Workaholic” When You Need the Money

I come across, both online and in person, as a cheery do-bee who just loves working. And yes, I get the question about work all the time. “How do you do it?” “How do you do so much of it?”

And I want to say, full stop: Because I need the money.

You know, to live.

The Billfold Book Club: Elizabeth Gaskell’s ‘North and South’ (Chapters 26-52)

Reader, she married him. But we all knew that was coming. Let’s talk about the economics.

Shows, and More Stories of 24-hour Daycare

I am sadly not surprised that childcare workers get paid less than people who care for animals. We constantly devalue the work of caring for and raising children.

Eating Thanksgiving Dinner in a 30-minute Meal Break at Kmart Is…

Workers at many Kmarts are forbidden from asking for time off—or, in fact, from calling in sick—over the Thanksgiving holiday.

On Checks and Checkouts

I hate depositing checks by phone. I especially hate the understanding that I’m going to have to re-learn how to deposit checks by phone every year or so, just like I had to re-learn how to use Google Maps yesterday afternoon, and like I’m probably going to have to re-learn how to swipe groceries in 2018.

How People Who Are Also in Musicals Do Work

I’m still unreasonably unnerved at the thought of being secretly “off work” for 42 hours.

American Workers Want to Know When Their Workday Ends

When will you send your last work email? Right after dinner? Right before bed? You probably don’t know, or if you do know it’s in the context of “well, I always check my email right before turning off the lights.”

How Cosplayers Do Money

To make her Senator Padmé Amidala costume, Torrey Stenmark spent $560 to buy costume pieces like silk—which she then hand-dyed—as well as the freshwater pearls that adorned the senator’s headdress.

This Is Just To Say

I have purchased
the Crocs

that are in

this picture

and that

I am going to wear


until April

The Casual Is the Enemy of the Good

True spontaneity is mutual consent. Casual is when people go along because they want to look cool.

The Second Time I Lost My Life Savings

I’m actually very good at saving, when I have more money than I need for basic living expenses. This is a bit like saying “I’m actually very good at eating balanced meals when someone cooks them and puts them down in front of me.” But I think it was easier for me to spend my “life savings” on a crazy idea because I had already, previously, seen all of my hard-earned money spend down to nearly zero.