Every Job I’ve Ever Had: Piano Teacher, Dog Walker, Booth Babe, Executive Assistant, Writer, and More

As should become immediately obvious, many of these jobs were held concurrently.

Income Vs. Expenses: How a Freelance Writer Makes a Living

So now that you have an idea of my monthly income, let’s look at expenses.

Talking to The Doubleclicks About Running a Band and a Business

As an adult I actually spent some time as a performing musician, where I faced the question that nearly every musician faces at some point: Is this something I’m doing for fun? Is this a job? Is this a business?

My Career As a Telemarketer Has Affected Every Job I’ve Had Since

I got paid $9 per hour plus commission. I also learned a series of lessons that have dogged me at every job I’ve had since. Some of these lessons have been very good. Others, I wish I hadn’t learned.

From Pitch to Paid: How a Freelance Writer Makes a Living

Being a freelancer is like having to apply for your job all over again every single day.

With that in mind, here’s everything I know about pitching.

Listicles, Copy, Content, and Essays: How a Freelance Writer Makes a Living

I’ve been a full-time freelance writer for just over a year. I track everything. I post my freelance income to my Tumblr every week, and am always taking notes on who’s hiring and who’s paying.

How My State’s Health Exchange Website Problems Have Affected Me

I have never gone a day in my life without health insurance, but it is looking increasingly likely that I will miss the December 23 open enrollment deadline and be uninsured as of January 1.

I’m a Hack Writer Who Writes 5000 Words/Day for $20/Hour

I am one of the unsung, invisible hacks of the internet generation.