On When Budget Beauty Starts to Hurt

Cancel the Birchbox. It's a waste of money and obviously isn't helping you cut down on your spending. Buy everything from CVS and return it if you don't like it. They take back everything whether you've opened it or not. But cancel that Birchbox!

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On WWYD: Judging Friends for Being Broke and Wanting to Have a Baby

@Ophelia Or maybe they "can't afford" to go out because they are trying to save their money.

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On WWYD: Judging Friends for Being Broke and Wanting to Have a Baby

Holy crap you need to mind your own business. Just because you have access to their financial information, it doesn't mean you should look at it and decide their life for them. You don't know what they have saved or how much their family is going to support them and the child. News flash, them having a baby has nothing to do with you.

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On College Is Expensive and the NY Times is ON IT

I liked the guy they profiled in this article, but the girl pissed me off for reasons I'm having trouble figuring out. Maybe that she's dragging a dog around to these tiny bedrooms? I don't know, she just seems unwilling to move back home or to another city and I think either one of those would easily solve a lot of her problems.

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On For the Love of Books

This was such a delight. Always love your stuff Megan!

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On The Problem With Being a 'Regular'

This isn't a problem of being a regular, it's a problem of feeling like you're not allowed to ask what you want.

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On Calculating the Costs: Breakfast Edition

This would never be breakfast for me. A snack maybe.

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On Money and Dating

Does that girl know she can just buy a razor and shave?

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On Money and Dating

@Jeff I think just this particular woman does. She sounds like a lot of work.

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On Saying No Is Half the Battle

@William Yes! This is where they make their money. I'll never understand why anyone buys food at the movies when you can just bring it in your purse. I mean, I've brought pasta in a tupperware container to the movies before.

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