On On the Purchase of New Pillows

@ThatJenn I'm also a fan of Target pillows, for equally indistinct reasons.

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On Soon We Will All Enter Through The Poor Door

My problem with the Poor Door is that there is no harm done to the non-Poors by having to share One Door, other than to their egos/non-Poor sensibilities. And harm done to egos is definitely in the category of things I am not moved by.

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On How Much Is Your Iced Coffee?

$2.09 at Starbucks or $1.70 at the cafeteria upstairs if I'm running late (this counts as local, right?)

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On Catching a Break After Years of Barely Making Ends Meet

I was very pleasantly surprised at the effect even a small increase in income did to my financial situation, with my mountain of debt and all. I hope you will be too!

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On How the Baby-Sitters Club Does Money: Kristy

Oh the crush I used to have on Kristy...

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On The Last Word of the Day: Take Your Vacations

I get 18 PTO days (sick/vacation/whatever days) and have never had a problem using every last second. If anything, I demand MOAR time off!

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On The Money We Earn, the Parents We Have

Mike Dang, such a good son.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: June 2014 Check-in

SallieMae student loan (1 of some unquantifiably large number) May 2014 balance: $6,630.15 June 2014 balance: $6,528.78

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On The Burrower: Part I

Um, couldn't you alert someone about the bug/rodent situation without having to divulge the fact that you're crashing there overnight?

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On It's a Good Time to Go to Law School? Really?

I get a little defensive when I see these kind of articles. I graduated from law school in 2010 and I had a great experience there. It was hard to find a job afterward, yes, but I eventually did and I'm pretty happy. I wouldn't advise everyone to go to law school but I would also not issue a sweeping statement to the effect that it's a waste of time & money or that you're bound to end up doing soul-killing work. There are many fine public interest lawyers out there, including the Billfold's own Josh Michtom.

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