On Friday Estimate

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On Friday Estimate

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: August 2014 Check-in

SallieMae student loan (1 of some unquantifiably large number) July 2014 balance: $6,429.78 Aug. 2014 balance: $6,335.74 Direct loans (that I had been paying $0 on during my unemployed time and for some months afterward): Aug. 2014 balance: $191,887.85 (GAH)

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On Meet The World's First Bookless Library

I hate it! I sound like an Old and I don't care; I just like books-as-physical-objects better. Not to say that a library needs thousands and thousands of them, but some (pretty please).

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On Job of the Day: Spokesperson For Death Row

Second the Texas Monthly recommendation.

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On Are You an Unwitting Participant in The Athleisure Market?

I'm a little bummed that USC was represented so blah-ly.

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On When Money Doesn't Matter: Up Close & Personal With The Son of a Chinese Billionaire

@Aconite I think it's more an example of one kind of (outlier, hopefully) attitude toward money. I don't think any specific response is the intended goal.

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On Books That Are Worth The Money

Yes yes yes. I managed to restrain myself during this weekend's tax-free holiday/used book sale, but just barely.

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On Meet Me in St. Louis -- or El Paso, Oklahoma City, or Little Rock

Hmm current Bostonian here who sometimes dreams about going back to El Paso to participate in homeownership...

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: July 2014 Check-in

@JNC Musings Factory Work that avalanche method!

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