On Symbolic Purchases

I would totally eat a pulled pork sandwich with you!

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On Which Is Cheaper: Living Like A Model Or Becoming A Tree After Death?

I can't decide what kind of tree I want to be! Maybe birch...

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On Colorado Residents Did Not Consume Enough Legal Weed in 2014

@lisaf Good points, although according to the Slate article, the state's chief goal was moving sales from the illegal and medical markets into the retail one, as opposed to increasing revenue overall. There's also the estimated $145 million that the state was spending every year enforcing its marijuana laws, which could conceivably be put to much, much better uses.

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On Do That 1 Thing You Forgot To Do

@erinep Hang in there!

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On Brown Bagging It

I second the walk after lunch recommendation!

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On How a Non-Profit Attorney Who Provides Legal Services to Low-Income NYC Residents Does Money

@ Taylor This case is fascinating/insane

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On What Is It Worth To Us To Live Alone

It's been 6 months for me of living alone for the first time ever and it's effing great. And also expensive. But worth it!

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On Sharing Time: How Much Did You Spend on Presents This Year?

1. $180 2. $40 3. ~$5 4. Yes, 5. and I am within it! Although I have been known to go over by buying last minute 'small things' 6. All debit (went no-credit-card in 2014) 7. Due to the answers to 5) and 6), yes!

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On We're All Shopping At Our Desks Today Right? OK Great

@bgprincipessa Oh man, dangerous!I want All the Things.

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On We're All Shopping At Our Desks Today Right? OK Great

Also 50% off at J.Crew (that counts as a place where 'adults' shop, no?)

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