On Experts Maybe Not So Expert-y After All

As a person with a frugal/DIY streak and a possibly inflated conception of my abilities, I feel very validated by this. Thanks!

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On On My Own: Figuring Out How to Pay for College After My Parents Cut Me Off

@wafflez This is my understanding as well.

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On "Is There Anything More Ironic Than Coming to Live in Des Moines"

I can tell you why this particular millennial doesn't want to live in a small town, and it has to do with the conservatism and overwhelming whiteness found in many of them.

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On The Cost of Insomnia

Some-time fellow insomniac here. Sometimes getting up and moving to a different spot (like the couch) works for me, at least temporarily. I've never tried melatonin...Let us know how it works!

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On Good Enough Homes & Destinations: What You Get For $539,000

@Ester Bloom Well I don't know about most, but certainly some are fixed (I think in real estate speak, they would be called 'decorative' vs. inoperable)

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On Good Enough Homes & Destinations: What You Get For $539,000

FYI Ester, plantation shutters just refers to shutters that have operable louvres (aka you can open and shut them). The More You Know...

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On Things I Would Do Around The House If There Were Wages For Housework

@Katni Agreed! I feel like if making my bed were so great I would have discovered that fact long ago.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@deb of last year Get it, girl!

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On If You Can't Marry Them, Become Them

@sharongracepjs I'd say this is possibly the solution to multiple problems in life...

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On Overapologizing in The Modern Age

I'm late to the party, but yes to 'in defense of kind of!' ("In an ideal world, we’d invent a language capacious and precise enough to express every idea we could dream up. But since that language doesn't exist, we’re lucky to have a word that, like, accepts the elusiveness of some types of experience. And we can throw that word into our speech to indicate that, like, we know we’re only approximating the meaning we want, but, you know, bear with us, because we’d rather try anyway than just shut up and say nothing at all.")

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