On Fifty Nifty United States Economy Rankings

@Intravenus de Milo Pretty much what I was going to say.

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On Billfold Housing Survey: What Is Your Dream House?

I should have added to my response to specify that my dream is to do what Liz Lemon (and Jack Donaghy before her) did and buy an apartment and then another one on top of/next to it and in that way create your dream home (but not in NYC for me).

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On Billfold Housing Survey Results: What's Your Home Like and Are You Happy There?

Aw, I would have totally used that dating service. You could match us up by spending habits compatibility!

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On One Shall Be the Thing Thou Shalt Do, and the Number of the Thing Shall Be One

Taxes done. Feel v. accomplished.

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On The Way We Tip

I live in Boston but always wait until I'm back in Texas to get a haircut ($13) and I generally leave a $7-$10 tip on that because I'm so grateful I don't have to pay Boston prices and also it feels more generous than it probably actually is.

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On Childless Old Man Tells Us Being Childless Is Selfish

File under: Missing the Forest

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On Symbolic Purchases

I would totally eat a pulled pork sandwich with you!

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On Which Is Cheaper: Living Like A Model Or Becoming A Tree After Death?

I can't decide what kind of tree I want to be! Maybe birch...

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On Colorado Residents Did Not Consume Enough Legal Weed in 2014

@lisaf Good points, although according to the Slate article, the state's chief goal was moving sales from the illegal and medical markets into the retail one, as opposed to increasing revenue overall. There's also the estimated $145 million that the state was spending every year enforcing its marijuana laws, which could conceivably be put to much, much better uses.

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On Do That 1 Thing You Forgot To Do

@erinep Hang in there!

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