On What DON'T We Want Sent to Us Monthly in a Box?

What would I like monthly in a box? One book of my choice. Which I then send back in next month's box, when the new book arrives. (The first person who says "Netflix for books is THE LIBRARY" gets the hairy eyeball. At the library, I have to stand in line behind 200 other readers before I get the book I want. I really love libraries but I would also love easy access to new/popular books AND be able to send them back after I have read them.)

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On How Much Would You Need to Earn to Afford a One-bedroom in Your County?

So Seattle (technically King County) claims it's $18/hr, which is less than what I'm making now but probably about the same when you take self-employment tax out of the equation. Does that mean there are one-bedrooms in Seattle for around $600/month?

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On What Happens to a Dream NOT Deferred, But Found Wanting?

This is where I think "whether or not these jobs were the "dream" job isn't the question -- what about the working environment led both these young women to change careers?" I mean, both women say straight off that the hours were too long. One woman said she had no life outside of work. Then they both choose to work for themselves. THOSE are the issues on the table, not the red herring of the "dream job."

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On When The 'Do It For The Love' Advocates Are Advertisers

I know the quote above specifically describes "professors who are employed full-time," but gotta throw in for the adjuncts, the grad assistants, and the rest of the "gig economy team" who keep the educational system running. They're working for peanuts, and it may influence their advice to young people to similarly work for peanuts.

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On Every Job I've Ever Had: Piano Teacher, Dog Walker, Booth Babe, Executive Assistant, Writer, and More

@grog I wrote an article for The Toast about my attempt to make a proper career out of my indie musicianry: http://the-toast.net/2014/03/10/youtube-embarrassing-videos/ This doesn't quite focus on the touring part, but it's a good start.

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On Cheryl Strayed Talks Money

I loved this piece. It echoed something Penelope Trunk wrote maybe two months ago: if you're going to try big things, you're going to end up in debt. Get ready to deal with it now. But I also loved it because I think I love everything Cheryl Strayed writes. We all miss Sugar.

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On Going Without Health Insurance

I will always have insurance because of the "might get hit by a bus" reason, but I'm still angry that I'm paying $220/month AND have to pay down a $5K deductible before they pick up the tab for anything. That's $8K out of pocket per year (although I doubt I'll use all my deductible).

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On Introducing, Ester

Wooooo yay! Excited to read more of your work, Ester!

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On Aging Out of the Foster Care System and Figuring Out How to Build a Life

This piece. Wow. Reliable transportation being such a huge predictor of success on a job. Kyo's intense self-awareness. My own anger when Kyo says he wants to be a voice actor and I remember how we tell kids there are all of these great jobs out there but forget to tell them that most of those jobs aren't available to them.

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On Emily Nussbaum Pretty Much Like Yeah, My Career Path No Longer Exists, Sorry

I loved this piece and wrote about it on my Tumblr a week or two ago. The quote that hit home: "I feel like young people who get online writing jobs are forced to write a million things with no editing for a small amount of money—that’s not an ideal situation. Sometimes people can become very good writers that way, but it’s not a situation where you are nurtured and brought to the best level of your writing." So very much this. I would love for someone to help me grow and nurture my career and do all of those things that used to be part of the process. But now writers are just disposable.

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