On Work Memoirs!

I've been reading "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" over the past week or so and have really, really enjoyed it. I have about 3 chapters left and am taking my time finishing because I'm sad that it's ending.

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On On Food, Cancer, and the Illusion of Control

@EM: I used to work for an organic food delivery service. We'd get as much of our food as possible from local farmers whose practices the owner had personally observed, but a lot of it came from the same suppliers grocery stores use. The owner was a scientist who worked for a major drug company and had also studied cancer, and she was very concerned about non-organic foods causing cancer. Her coworker died of cancer, and she made a public post on Facebook about it, and about how important it is to be careful about what we put into our bodies, etc. (It seemed insensitive, presumptuous, self-serving, classist and judgey, but that's neither here nor there.) It's oddly satisfying that two scientists have spoken up here and called bunk on the association of non-organic = cancer-causing / organic = safe, mostly because I've felt guilty about buying more affordable, non-organic foods ever since working there.

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On How It Feels to Pay Off $70,000 in Debt

@Mindful Riot: What do statisticians do? What's your day-to-day like?

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On How About Just Don't Do What You Hate?

@Samantha: I also love doing some things (like photography) that, when somebody's paying me to do them, I start to hate, because it's so high pressure. Don't Do What You Love For Money If It Ruins The Thing You Love.

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On How (Some) Women Dress For Work

@Julie: I do this, but I alternate between flats and heels based on how long today's pants happen to be. Basing my entire wardrobe around only black pants was the best wardrobe decision I could have made.

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On Nail Polish That Might Save Your Life

@nnlsbin: You could also just put it on, say, 2 accent nails instead of using it for a complete manicure, especially if it's expensive. Does your left pinky still match the right ring finger? Yes? Great!

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On Nail Polish That Might Save Your Life

@Thursty: I agree that the message should be "Don't Rape" rather than "Don't Get Raped," but until that's the case, here's a tool for women that doesn't tell them to change the way they dress or where they go or what they do (or otherwise suggest that they give up something they like to do in order to avoid being attacked). All it does is offer a simple, discreet way of testing their drink should they want to, and they don't have to carry around a special glass or testing strip or anything. It's stuck to their nail, it goes where they do, it fits into their life exactly as they're already living it. That's a valuable option.

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On To Refund or Not to Refund, A Tumblr Message Exegesis

Meaghan you work SO HARD to give her the benefit ouf the doubt, but I didn't read that as a failed joke at all. I'm just seeing, "Dude, what the fuck?"

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On To Refund or Not to Refund, A Tumblr Message Exegesis

@Aconite: My bestie worked in a bookstore when Deathly Hallows came out. She worked the midnight release party (which lasted several hours, + cleanup) then went home and READ THE WHOLE BOOK before showing up at 8am to open the store the next morning. She just *knew* that somebody would spoil something for her if she didn't. Like your friend.

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On Time to Panic About Hazelnuts

@Meaghan O'Connell: I'll take the heat. I'm just a potato on the internet.

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