On Spending Three Years in College, Rather Than Four, to Save Money

NOPE. In fact I took 4.5 years--5.5 if you count the year off I took which, even though it was not my intention, has paid dividends, coming up in almost every single school and/or job interview I've had since. I regret nothing. Although I'm a huge proponent of shortening the length of postgraduate education--think 2-year law degrees, 3-year MDs, 4-year PhDs--that's because those are times when the students are considerably more focused on their specific paths. The entire point is depth, not breadth. That's just not the case in undergraduate education. What's also missed is the acculturation aspect of college for people who are not from "college-going" families. It's not that you can't get a perfectly good degree in 3-years, but that the head-down grind it requires squeezes out the time to learn how the world--and by the world I mean privileged white people--works. And those lessons in being "of it" instead responding "to it" have been hugely important for me. If you want to make college less expensive, make college less expensive. Don't provide less of it.

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On Monday Check-in

So. This was pretty awful, and therefore non-spendy weekend spent sitting in a hospital room (not for me! but still...), so I probably spent around $45 for food and snacks? But really, having been forced to watch HGTV and OWN and Food Network marathons, can we talk about just how repugnant shows like Undercover Boss and Mystery Diners are and how #EatTheRich** they make me feel? Particularly Undercover Boss, as the workers are usually some tale of working class struggle and the producers manipulate our emotions into thinking the boss is some great person by giving the worker $10000 or something. I mean, how about paying all of your workers living wages so that their struggle doesn't play out on a show like this or providing them benefits so they don't secretly admit looking for other work? And like UB, Mystery Diners pretty much throws the workers being secretly filmed under the bus. No Mrs. Boss, your worker's lack of training and respect for their work might not come from the inate laziness of the working class, but because they are poorly paid, have mistakes that may or may not be their fault docked from their pay, and see their coworkers SUMMARILY FIRED ON TELEVISION. **Yes yes #notallrich so on, so forth.

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On The Year I Saved $10,000

@jquick I'm genuinely curious... What brings you here? There must be more pressing things you could be doing in your early retirement (at under 45 all due to your STEM job as you so often remind us!). I mean, you literally add nothing to the conversation, even when you've been directly welcomed by Billfold editors and contributors--Mike and Nicole, in particular--to do just that. Surely your ever growing smug sense of satisfaction is sated by now. Please advise.

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On Every Little Thing She Does Is 1 Thing

@Allison Or you should, like, not replace your CA license ever while living in another state as a tiny plastic vigil of your eventual return. Not that I did that for three years or anything. Ahem.

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On Every Little Thing She Does Is 1 Thing

Today's 1 Thing: Spend a couple thousand dollars of my mom's hard-earned money. God I love being a lazy worthless Millenimal.

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On Our Tendencies to Procrastinate

86.11! Grover with Bert tendencies here.

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On The Billfold Book Club Discusses Helaine Olen's 'Pound Foolish'

@caryatis only ~$400 a month. Doesn’t seem too hard for a person making $50K, even in a city LolWUT. Making just under that, after rent, transportation, debt payments, & consumer goods (i.e food, toiletries, househould item, etc.), there were four digits in my checking account each month... counting the decimal places. Now an argument could be made that I didn't need to focus on debt payment so aggressively, but would you turn down a guaranteed 7% and 29% "return" on investment? I'm not saying it's impossible, but it's a little more than just blithely socking away $400 a month.

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On Concerning Eschewing Ivies and Raising Working-Class Heroes

I mean, on one hand--the one with my poor planning to be born black & male to working class immigrants with high school educations and to grow up in a "sketchy" neighborhood with severely overcrowded & underperforming schools--I completely agree that the system is rigged to keep marginalized folks out, thereby exacerbating systemic inequalities that make the lives of the scions of the upper middle class that much easier. On the other hand, HARVARD OR GTFO PAPA'S TRYIN' TO MOVE ON UP.

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On Family Plan Shame

The simple fact that my mother would actually go through the phone bill asking me about numbers unfamiliar to her--"Who's this? I don't know them. Why are you making calls at 11:00pm?"--was enough motivation to cut that cord as soon as I went to college (and well before I turned 18). I just think of the extra costs of my own plan over the past almost decade as a "privacy fee." I lose no sleep over it.

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On Do 1 Thing Baby Just Do 1 Thing

In this week's episode of DoA-vid vs Exchang-oliath, my 1 Thing is to... pick up my prescription? Yes. really, that's it. I didn't win the war with the Exchange just yet, but I won the battle of being able to get my prescription paid for and dispensed (I hope? I won't believe it until it's in my hand). The other one thing is to BUY THE GOTDAMNED TRANSPORT DEVICE ALREADY. This is literally the One Thing to Rule Them All, or at least keep me from going to this Really Long Ride. And I have the money. And I knew how much this would cost. But pulling the trigger on expensive things is hard.

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