On How a Medical Resident Does Money

SO VERY RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS RIGHT NOW. Bookmarked to be read upon passing my first exam.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: August 2014 Check-in

In the spirit of How Real People Pay Off Debt... Loans for postgraduate education: July: $0 August: $8500.00 Here. We. Go.

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On 1 Thing: Endless Summer Edition

My 1 Thing is to read 1 Billfold article today. Mission accomplished.

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On Monday Check-in

Friday -- Schwag for mom (You''ll see why later): $60. Dinner (and drink and drink and shot of bourbon) with closest friends: $80. Avoiding having to get the manufacturer to recut a key for the rental I was locked out of: Lots and lots of money. Incalculable amounts. Thanks lost and found! Saturday -- Trader Joes run to stock up on snacks, frozen meals, and prepped salads because ain't nobody got the time to cook this week (Again, you'll see why later): $100. Target run when I realized I lacked even the most basic households goods like, say forks to eat aforementioned meals with: $75. Refill rental car WITHIN TEN MILES OF RECEIVING LOCATION TO "AVOID" PENALTIES (yes, they actually used the word avoid in the small print as if that weren't an automatic penalty): $27. Rental car total charge: $22 Public transit back to apartment: $15. Sunday -- Planned to finish unpacking, but it was so stupid beautiful, and went for a stroll. On said stroll walked past bike shop, doubled back, took a look around, and found THE TRANSPORT DEVICE for $400 less than other places. They didn't have one in my size on the floor, so placed an order: $1523 (So far...) To distract myself from my insta-buyer's remorse, walked through an open-air art fair, bought myself some happy in the form of a giant smoked turkey leg (which is apparently emu?): $13. 30 minutes later, full and with still 1/4 of a leg remaining, tossed the leg and purchased refreshing lemonade: $2. Continued my stroll for another couple hours, purchasing Gatorade and an iced rea somewhere along the way: $4. Actual total: $1921, which comes in well under my unstated estimate of $∞ given that: Monday -- Start medical school. http://apotential.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/screams-internally.jpg

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On A Modest Proposal to Reduce the Likelihood of Unjustified Shootings by Police

Wait, so I'm supposed to bank my life on my potential murderer doing--in a flash--the mental math that shows not killing me might let him Throw More Money At His Problems this month?! lolNOPE You have your solution, and in the spirit of Splurges That Are Totally Worth It, I have mine: http://qmuniforms.com/gh-body-armor-pro-vest-level-3a-navy

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On WWYD: Should I Be Upset Because a New Hire is Getting Paid the Same Salary as Me?

Sounds like the new hire studied STEM!

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On A Room in an Elderly Stranger's House, and Other Places I've Lived

brb moving to Philly and saving all the monies

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On The Year We Saved $10K: Cue 'Braveheart' Soundtrack

@Christy Before I even got to end, I was thinking Petworth or H St NE. But then again Petworth never felt "dangerous" in the way that say, some parts of SE DC feel, so much as just working class and brown. Which, to be sure, to an untrained eye, could be seen as dangerous. To be sure.

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On $1.4 Million in Assets, a Million in Debt

@ThatJenn Do you have an extra room in this house? Asking for a friend.

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On A Male CEO Leans Out

@Christy @calamity Yes, certainly aware that the definition of full time is 40 hrs/week (or 35/wk subtracting lunch). I'm just saying that for some people, the actual lived experience of "full-time" is such that 40hrs/wk feels like part-time. It's like OMG LOOK AT ALL THE FREE TIME I HAVE. So much WoW. So much Netflix binge. @Aconite Yes this is what I was getting at and couldn't find the words for.

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