On Here Is Your Open Thread

LIGHTNING ROUND: Happy hour tonight w/ coworkers I don't particularly trust? Discuss. Not that I distrust them, I just don't trust them. And I like them, but in a if-push-came-to-shove-you'd-throw-me-under-the-bus-and-I-know-this kind of like. Basically I'm friendly with everyone, and friends with no one. But I don't wanna be That Anti-Social Guy. (Even though I am.)

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On Every Job I've Had: City Paper, Biking in Jorts, and The World's Largest Design Firm

@Carmen Aiken@facebook Did someone say YAAY AAREEAAAAAAAAAA ::thizzes so hard:: In conclusion, the East Bay>>>everywhere else and yes, I am indeed feeling myself although I am not in the club.

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On Hustles

"Inexplicably, the man on line..." Let me stop you right there. "In" line, IN. How quickly one forgets his Oregon heritage.

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On Time to Do That 1 Thing

My 1 Thing is to send my seat deposit for school. MOAR STUDENT LOANS!

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On Sailing Around the World And Getting By Without Cash

Having major B. Benson thoughts right now.

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On Millennials Apparently Good With Money

Trololol savings brb finding time machine to my mid 30s when I've paid off the DoE.

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On Majoring in Economics and Making Money

I'm not convinced majoring in Econ increases selfishness so much as Econ majors (except those academia-bound) tend to be practical and focused on achieving at the very least a securely upper middle class lifestyle. [Looks around apt, looks outside at neighborhood, checks account balances] If it was supposed to make me more selfish, it didn't exactly work, cause I'm not raking it in over here. But(!) as a one-time Econ major who loved his econ classes (well except econometrics and intro to econ, obvs) but ultimately decided on something more STEM-y, I strongly wish that Economics were students' "default" major instead of English or Sociology or Communications. Not trying to slag off any of those fields, but Econ gives you a great framework for analysis of institutions and people, and it's such a flexible major. Super quanty numbers freak who only wants to think theoretically, Econ is for you! Budding dealmaker looking to claw your way to the top of the Street? Econ! Artsy liberal deeply interested in feminist theory and the intersectionality of gender, race, and the sexualization of the body? I have no doubt that you could write a rigorous econ undergrad thesis on that. The major can be as mathy or as fuzzy as you want it to (except for the aforementioned econometrics, you do not pass go, sry). And even if you did a fuzzier Econ degree, you still get the benefit of the doubt when you hit the market.

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On Updates: Medical Bill Solved + Two Vacuums

Dear Medical Bill Person, NONONONONONO STAHP. Do. Not. Send. that check without attaching a letter to the effect of "Per my recent discussion with XYZ LabCorp cog, by accepting the enclosed payment from my insurer, 123 LabCorp considers the service ABC test paid in full." And send it certified with return receipt. Trust, but Verify. Actually, don't trust either.

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On Doing Your Taxes The Night Before

OK, so this might sound too simple... But can't you just go to the bank and have them issue a Bank/Cashier's checque drawn from the funds in your savings account, and then mail that in? I mean, yes they cost anywhere from $6-10, plus the $5 for Delivery Confirmation through USPS, but this feels... simpler? (Unless of course you don't want to put on pants or leave the house or interact with other human beings, which, BEEN THERE, GET IT.)

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On Graham Crackers For Everyone!


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