Dispatches of Disparity from South America

Somewhere in South America.

Worthwhile Hobbies I Picked Up in 2012

My favorite things I purchased this year weren’t possessions but new hobbies—costly, yet worthwhile.

It’s Magic! How to Buy 3 Pairs of Gloves and Make 2 Disappear

Where are the gloves?

I Wanted to Shoot a Gun, So I Paid Some Money And Shot a Gun

Laura Yan shoots a gun.

Places I’ve Lived: Great Roommates, Terrible Roommates, And an 86-Year-Old Cassanova

We have all lived in some places. Where have you lived, Laura Yan?

The Cost of One Woman’s Perfect Outfit: $3,512

The perfect outfit! Investment pieces! I only needed one of each, and then my life could be as dreamy as the clothes that’d be in it.