On Can We Talk About the Aldi Grocery Store Chain?

Aldi product are just fine. Clientele can be a little dicey, though - I once saw a guy punch another guy over the last box of fruit snacks.

Posted on December 5, 2013 at 11:39 am 0

On Spirit Airlines: So Bad It's Good Again

I was wise to the fee for a carry-on and shoved everything for a 3 day trip in a purse, a la Mary Poppins. I felt smug and like I'd pulled a fast one on them...and then my seat was held together with duct tape. I draw the line at soaring 30,000 above Earth in something that's sort of being held together with duct tape.

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On Places I've Lived: <3 <3 Minneapolis <3 <3 and ... New York

Ohhh nostalgia! I left Minneapolis 4ish years ago, guns a-blazing (so cold, so snowy, so familiar and Midwestern) and figuratively gave it the double middle fingers on my way out. I have since come to the conclusion that no other city will ever really feel like home. I don't really doubt my choice to live elsewhere, because a little distance helped me see that what I thought was horrible was just...life, I guess? The best part is I know I can go back, tail between my legs, and Minnie will welcome me back, no questions asked. PS- Gopher pride, class of '08.

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