On Friday Estimate

@EmilyAnomaly We did Montreal for the FINA swim championships this past summer. Great time. We stayed in Longueil which was less expensive. Ate at this little cafe which was inexpensive and very good: http://www.restomontreal.ca/en/7762/Gousto-Bistro

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On Friday Estimate

After work out tonight, home to DH for pic-a-nic supper. i.e....whatever the hell can be kluged together. Going to do some cleaning and maybe a bit of laundry. Have a pony club regional meeting about 70 miles away on Saturday morning. DH and DS are going to get online and try to get tickets for the Dead in Chicago this summer. ? $400? Who the hell knows. They're having a pot luck. I do their major fund raiser every year so I'm letting them all cook for me. :) Gas up about $25 Hope to hit up this cool store called "Runnings". Kind of like a cross between Tractor Supply/old fashioned Candy store/Lowes. Lots of fun. Not sure what will happen? Have to buy my baby nephew a birthday gift so maybe ~$35? Sunday will lay low. Read. Watch PBS...cook something like taco soup I think? Have a good weekend kiddos.

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On Friday Estimate

@CMD+click 2nd that.... Sweety, you'll be gorgeous. Keep your eye on the prize. You're marrying someone you love to build a groovy life together. Trust me, the dress is a nicety, but nothing to worry too much over. Mine is boxed and has been residing in the rafters of our garage for the past 30 years. It'll be fine. Enjoy your visit with your Grandpa.

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On Friday Estimate

@Klussterbomb Yup or Dear Husband or Damn Husband or Dipshit Husband.....whatever fits the bill for the day :)

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On Friday Estimate

@Stina thanks Stina that's so sweet. :)

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On Friday Estimate

I always feel a bit foolish posting here...I'm a lot older than all of this crew and certainly parent age to most of you. :) But, I love to hear about the things you're doing. Of course there are a lot of references that I don't get so I have to research them. (i.e. I know all about role playing games but whenever I see RPG I think Rocket Propelled Grenade??). I hope you don't mind me hanging out here. (FYI: Born and raised in NYC, live in East Jehosephat upstate NY for over 30 years with a 2 year stint in California in the early 80's). Married, grown kids, one lives in Bklyn the other in Rochester......one a musician, the other a food stylist....or food porn as some call it). Anyway, I've never done the weekend estimate. I'm at the point in life where my ambient spending on weekends and any other discretionary spending doesn't really have much impact. I do most of the damage during the week. :) Think a few years from cutting the work cord. But, I'll give it a go: Tonight dinner out with friends: $25 Saturday, do the books at church, return book to the library, hit Tops/Save-A-Lot/ to score some deals: $35 Saturday afternoon/night: Make some nice chicken cacciatore. Hang out with DH by the wood burning stove. Warm up some snacks (peanuts are great slightly heated on the stove top). $0 (have all food ingredients already in inventory) Sunday: Home all day, cook some more stuff, maybe bake, cocoon by the fire and read while DH watches hockey/basketball or whatever game is being shown. Total estimate: $60...let's say $75.

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On Friday Estimate

@PicNic Hope you feel better. Any chance of your making some chicken soup? Throw in a bunch of vegetables and you're good to go.

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On Friday Estimate

@RiffRandell I always appreciate the fact that I board my horse out with friends who take excellent care of her. Haven't ridden at all this winter. Just go up to visit and hand out. She has shoes in the front and gets big "snowballs" in her front feet. I pick them out but they just build up again. Hope to get the farrier out soon.

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On A Life Without Retirement Savings

@BillfoldMonkey Well stated. If working as an adjunct wasn't providing the income that she needed why didn't she find either other work or work to supplement her income? It has nothing to do with being an adjunct and everything to do with being under employed. We each have to take responsibility.

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On When Budget Beauty Starts to Hurt

Hack Alert: If you use Bing.com as your search engine you can earn $5 Sephora gift certificates. You can use an unlimited number of them when shopping at their stores and use (2) when shopping online. You login with your hotmail account and for every 425 points(375 once you reach "gold" level) you earn a reward. http://www.bing.com/explore/rewards

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