On Okay, But What Do You Actually Do?

I work in the stockroom for A Major Retailer, so I pick things up and put things down!

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On WWYD: The Paycheck Debacle

Go to HR immediately. Every or any time this happens. And also update your resume. In case of bankruptcy you are on the bottom of the list as an unsecured creditor. You can be sure there will have been no problems with the head honchos' pay.

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On On Leaving Too Much

@Matthew Lawrence@twitter At breakfast we always tip at least $5.00 for the table, more if we linger. If we hang around the server can't turn the table and it costs them tips.

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On Some Small Things Are Worth Paying For

Life is too short for: Single ply toilet paper Boring bread Cheap shoes Cheap bike shorts Life is too long for: Expensive cars Expensive mascara - Maybelline FTW Wasteful utility bills Mani/Pedis- YMMV, but I can do my own well & don't like to be touched by strangers Trading in my phone every time a new model comes along Musical Comedy

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On Wedding Costs from the Dude's Perspective

I respect and admire the willingness to post the actual cost of things, knowing that the wedding ambushers would jump all over it. That said, our wedding cost around $2,000.00 for a wedding at home including rings, clothing, honeymoon weekend, officiant, luncheon with champagne - everything. There was additional cost for travel, as we were married in Massachusetts since Oklahoma did not feel like Marriage Equality was appropriate. If a couple or their families have enough money to spring for a big wedding without incurring debt I say Go For It, but it is certainly nothing worth going into debt for.

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On Let's Talk About: Performance Reviews

@mof There ARE budget constraints - at the bottom. It's quite common for the higher-ups to get extra pay raises/bonuses based on low payroll cost, which they get by screwing the peons. (Bitter, I know)

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On Let's Talk About: Performance Reviews

I like a yearly review, but it does not take the place of constructive correction during the year to keep everyone on track. I've been on both sides of the desk, and I find that as the reviewer it helps to concentrate my expectations of an employee and reminds me of his contributions. It gives the employee a chance to formally and without repercussions complain about his working conditions and lets me know what I need to do to make it possible for him to succeed. On the other side of the desk, I take advantage of the private interview to give my supervisor feedback on how he is meeting my expectations for support/criticism. I work now for A Major Retailer, and their review process is canned and nearly useless. I actually got dinged on my tiny pay raise for failing to perform functions which are not part of my job. A review can be a valuable tool or a piece of crap, in short.

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On Other Things to Ask for During Salary Negotiations

Ask your opposite number in another company for a clue of what is usual. You can start negotiations by asking for "industry standard" if you know what that is. If you have experience in the field you can ask for additional vacation based on industry experience instead of longevity in the company so you don't lose vacation days because you changed companies. I once got a clue what everyone made in my company when the first quarter payroll reports went to a public printer. HR mistake, my gain. Assume they will ALWAYS lowball you. Always counter offer. I've been passed over for a too high request only to have them come back and offer me everything I asked for three months later when the person willing to work for much less could not do the job.

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On Paying the Unpaid Tab

I've gotten stuck with someone else's tab often enough that if I see certain people in the party I drink one beer paid with cash and get out before the tab. Some people are just rotten (I'm looking at YOU, person who never paid and even showed up at my sit down dinner party with a hungry entourage).

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On My Bike Accident: A Study in Health Care Billing

ALWAYS get an itemized bill before you settle your bill. Not only will you nearly always find something there that you did not receive, but my experience is that often once you request the itemized bill large amounts of the bill miraculously disappear.

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