On The Cost of Being a Derby Girl

$10 per practice is STEEP! I skated for almost 4 years, competing in Regionals and Nationals for 2 of those years. That meant plane flights to Regionals and Nationals, hotels in those cities. Your food budget goes up because you're starving all the time. Coconut waters for practicing with no air conditioning in summers. Replacement gear. Replacement jerseys. Customized bite guard. The price of playing derby at any level is high. The price of playing derby at competition level is astronomical, even if you manage to retire with health insurance and without needing immediate surgery. If I could, would I go back and change any of it? Absolutely not. It was worth every penny.

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On Economic Theory Explains Why First-Born Kids Are Way Less Cool

I know that this comment is only tangentially related to this post, but parents should not regulate their children’s bodies in this way (disallowing a child to shave when s/he wants to shave). Yikes.

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