On How a Times Square Spider-Man Does Money


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On A List of Costs Associated With Buying Our Home

@vanessa! Bungalow! So cute! Many happy returns x

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On Life Hacks

@Wendy T I dry button-down shirts on wire hangars that I save from dry cleaning, and cotton shirts on regular hangers. My drying rack also has pretty thick bars, so on sweaters, for example, there really isn't any line. A quick iron can sort out creases.

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On Life Hacks

@garli Glad that works for you but I have super thick, shiny hair that definitely needs to be shampooed. Buying whatever's on sale works for me =)

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On Life Hacks

Saving money is a great motivator, but trying to be more environmentally friendly is how I find a lot of "hacks" (ugh I hate that word in this context). Here are some that come to mind: -Buying a set of plastic or bamboo chopsticks, a glass straw, cloth napkins and dishtowels, good plastic/glass food storage containers, and never getting any of the above from stores or restaurants again. -Saving glass jars from jellies, jams, sauces, and pickled foods to use as storage containers and drinkware. Wash them thoroughly, add a splash of vinegar, fill with hot water, and leave overnight to get rid of the smell. -Air-drying all clothes except bedsheets (see A-M's comment above!). Saves money and prolongs the life of your clothes. -Having an efficient shower routine. Learned it at age 8 from Frank Galbraith in the excellent book Cheaper By the Dozen, and now I soap my whole body in like 30 seconds with the soap never leaving my hand. Seriously, it's amazing. You will never be able to shower any other way again. -Related, the reverse shampooing technique: Condition your hair from the ears down first, then soap/shave/whatever, then *without rinsing off* shampoo your scalp and the first few inches of your hair. Then rinse. This saves time and water (1 rinse instead of 2-3), but also reduces knots and stray hairs because the hair's already conditioned when you do your shampooing and rinsing. Really, give it a try! -Making store-bought products at home. Dressings, salt/sugar scrubs, simple syrup & bitters, pickles, salads, potpourri, etc. Most of these are dead simple, take only a few minutes, and all are so much cheaper than packaged versions. Dedicating a couple hours on the weekend to homemaking will go such a long way. -People who menstruate: look up DivaCups and similar products. A life hack if I ever heard of one. Not for everyone, your mileage may vary, etc, but it has saved me so much time/energy/pain/money/embarrassment over the last five years. I haven't bought tampons or pads in 5 years. A godsend (for me!). -Amazon Pantry to order almond milk and oatmeal to work. I hated running out for milk every week and lugging it back to work. So I paid the $6 delivery charge to buy like 30 containers of almond milk at once. The delivery guys thought I was crazy but hey, it's amazingly convenient! At a rate of .8 containers of almond milk per week, one delivery will last me all year.

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On Life Hacks

@A-M I have yet to find a food that will eventually be cooked or blended that I can't freeze. Bread, bananas, tofu, soup, chili, minced garlic and ginger, fruit, veg! Amazing!

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On Life Hacks

@EmilyAnomaly Agh, been there! My rule is not to use hangers on the rod. It can support as many things as can be draped over it, and no more. I like to drape socks over the edges of my laundry hamper to dry, and lay bras flat on top of the drying rack. Btw I have a 36" inseam so I feel your pain there!

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On Life Hacks

@EmilyAnomaly Amen! Amen amen amen! I am an evangelist of air-drying. Clothes last longer/look better and you save money! The one exception is England, which for whatever reason (rainy climate + reliance on airflow for household temperature management) is the most moist place I have ever been. Mould grows like crazy and clothes DO NOT DRY. Crusty socks, crinkly shirts, damp pants. It's no good. But everyone who lives somewhere drier or with A/C, air dry the clothes. Air dry them. Protips: Do not hang four pairs of jeans on your shower curtain tension rod. It will collapse.

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On Life Hacks

@Tripleoxer That could be seen as a tool to improve your daily experiences, right? I'm a big fan of investing in high-quality items where you need them, and as an avid cook, having a few great pots, one great knife, one great cutting board, proper measuring spoons, etc all make cooking easier and more enjoyable. I don't have flashy copper pans or a big knife set or whatever, but I did spend money on things in order to improve my daily experiences!

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On Billfold Housing Survey Results: Where Do You Live?

@grandma_nancy I can't move right now because of work, and having always lived here, half of my take-home going to rent is just what I'm used to. But what really gets me dreaming of other places is seeing how much I could be getting elsewhere for this price. I would move almost anywhere to rent a place with an in-unit washer/dryer...

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