On I 'Leaned In' at My Nanny Job—and Got Fired

@TheLifestyleCreep Omg someone must

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On How to Find 'the One' (Purse)

@muggles So great. My mom has had a handbag since literally 1988 that she still uses to this day. It's never looked dated!

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On I 'Leaned In' at My Nanny Job—and Got Fired

I think everybody should work an admin or HR job if appropriate, ideally early in their lives. I've worked at various offices since age 14, nearly full-time while going to college, and it's taught me so much about business etiquette and how/when to assert myself. At an early age I learned phone skills, how to take criticism, and the (un)importance of being right. I learned how to keep good records, negotiate salary increases, speak with clients, and deal with dreamy impractical arts types at my college job. Internships at big corporations in recruiting, compensation, and HR gave me so much background knowledge on these crucial areas, both for myself and for my future clients (I do career/job search counseling now).

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On How to Find 'the One' (Purse)

Delightful! A question for the Billfold hivemind: does anyone else have a problem with bags staying on your shoulder? Every single bag ever slides right off my shoulder unless I hold the straps with my hand or the bag under my elbow. Cross-body bags are good for small purses but not a city tote -- any ideas? Suggestions?

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On Friday Estimate

@Tripleoxer I wish it were South Africa, but this trip is to Argentina =)

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On Do 1 Thing, Which if You're Me Probably Has Something to Do With Taxes

I did a thing that's been on my list for OVER A YEAR: sold my old laptop! I got fair market value, which is not too much lower than when I initially priced it out last year, so my delay did not cost me too much at all. I wiped and cleaned it earlier this week, listed it on eBay yesterday, sold it last night, and packaged it up this morning. Bam!

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On Friday Estimate

I leave next Friday for South America(!) so this weekend will be mostly relaxing, packing, and seeing friends. Friday: -Gym after work (prepaid) -Drinks with C ($20) Saturday: -Seeing 'Brooklynite' ($40 discount tickets!) -Lunch or dinner with the theater group ($30) -Themed party with friends (free) Sunday: -Brunch in Brooklyn with A ($30) -Possibly going to a clothing swap (free) -Laundry (prepaid) -Small grocery run ($15) Looks like $135. I don't budget vacation spending into my monthly totals, so the next two weeks while I'm away will be "free" for these purposes. Hoping March comes in under-budget despite my deluge of costs last weekend!

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On A Review of "Pay Off" by Shannon Young

I really sympathize with the "get this debt off me" gut reaction that it sounds like the author experienced. I didn't have half as much debt as her coming out of undergrad (~24k), and even though I had a full-time job offer I still got panic attacks as graduation approached and I realized exactly what I'd signed up for. It took me a good six months to internalize the facts that Eliana mentions: some debt is good debt, low interest rates are a guaranteed return that beats my savings accounts, and living an enjoyable life is at least as important as paying down the debt.

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On The Cost of Becoming a U.S. Permanent Resident, Part III

What a lovely end to the story! Congratulations =)

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On Monday Check-in

@Allison What is your preferred baby blanket yarn? I plan to make one for my 13-month-old nephew and want it to be washable!

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