On Blame the Patriarchy For Your Lack of Social Mobility

Curious to see if the book compares post-immigration family status to pre-immigration family status. Both sides of my family immigrated poor and achieved lower-middle class status, though one much more recently than the other. Thus on the one side my family has been slowly creeping up the middle class for a few generations, whereas on the other side we went from poor Irish farmers to upper-middle class suburban New Yorkers in one. Seems to me that beyond that initial leap, it is harder to ascend in class.

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On Are You My Landlord?

Oh, yep. I was without gas in my apartment for three months this winter. No stove for that whole time, and no heating for parts of it. I fought and complained until my landlord agreed to swap out my old gas stove for a new electric one, only to pop the gas one back in one day three weeks later when I was at work and the gas had finally been repaired.

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On Are You My Landlord?

@beastlyburden That is SUCH A GOOD STRATEGY.

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On Monday Check-in

Happy Monday, all! I spent a very fun weekend in DC with friends, barring the two horrendous 7+ hour bus rides I endured to get there. Friday: -Bus to DC (bought in advance) -Metro to dinner (credit left over on SmarTip from last trip) -Dinner + one beer ($23) -Second beer at infamous crotchety old man bar ($9) -Inaugural discounted Lyft ($25 free credit + $3 from me) -Accommodation at friends' swanky new apartment (free to me, less the cost of heart-stopping jealousy at their in-unit washer/dryer) Saturday -Helped moved said friend's last carload of belongings into her new place -Lunch at a startlingly good corner cafe ($11) -Bus to social event (credit already on SmarTip) -Two glasses of wine to deal with the company at said social event (free to me) -Inaugural Hailo to dinner at friends' parents' place ($15 free credit + $13 from me--see a trend here?) -Amazing homemade dinner including good wine and fresh sorbet (free to me) -Accommodation at friend's house (free to me) Sunday -Breakfast courtesy my friend's mom: toast with homemade jam, peppermint-licorice tea (sounds gross, but actually amazing; free to me) -Walked to church, where I entertained babies galore (free to me) -Brunch at a local pub to watch the worst World Cup game yet, Russia/Belgium ($12) -Metro to bus (credit already on SmarTip) -Dinner at that one Delaware rest stop, you know which one I mean ($9) -Cab home after enduring an hour of traffic in/around Holland tunnel ($22) Totaling in at $102, closer to $150 including the pre-spent costs of the bus ticket and Metro credit. It felt like a much more action-packed weekend than the expenses indicate, which I will call a win!

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On Tips For Hustling

@flickafly Yes! I do this for Jetblue points.

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On Is Air Conditioning Worth It?

@littleoaks Thiiiiis. I know people who have space heaters under their desks. SPACE HEATERS. To combat the AIR CONDITIONING. In SUMMER.

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On Is Air Conditioning Worth It?

Here in New York an A/C is absolutely worth that cost to me. The noise drowns out my night owl roommate's music/phone calls/boyfriend visits, and it prevents me from waking up in a sticky sweaty grumpy mess.

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On Asking For It: Crowdfunding A Passion Project

This interview is aaaawesome. Thanks so much - I will go fund this project post haste!

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On Friday Estimate

Headed home for Father's Day. One-way LIRR ticket $9, grocery run $60, maybe a dinner out with friends, $20. Let's round up to $90 and see how it goes!

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On 1 is the Loneliest Number That You'll Ever Do ...

I already called my super about fixing our broken buzzer (he's already tried once, and he's a lovely guy and I hate to bother him, but it's summer in a walkup sooo I need that buzzer). Also, to clean the shelf in my pantry where my sesame oil has created a sticky yellowish mess.

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