On Renting in a Megacity Is a New Lifestyle Phase

@franceschances Amen!

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On Monday Check-In

Hello all! I had a quiet and wonderfully restorative weekend. Here's the breakdown: Friday: Used a free trial visit at a nearby gym, $0, then went to Fairway to get a refund for some yogurts that had busted open in my grocery bags on the way home the week before (+$4). Saturday: Bagel and coffee ($7), laundry (loaded $20 onto my card), and picked up some grapes on the walk back ($5). Watched a lot of Netflix =) Sunday: Joined said gym ($21) and ordered sushi as a weekend treat ($11). Cooked up a storm for the week ahead, planned Thanksgiving packing, and cleaned. All told, an even $60 for the weekend.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

I did my one thing, y'all! I signed up for the TSA pre-check months ago, but never dragged my sad self to midtown west to show my passport and get fingerprinted. Accomplished that last night. It was shockingly quick, pleasant and efficient!

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On Friday Estimate

I had a very expensive Thursday, so it will be a low-budget weekend. Tonight: Dropping my suit jacket off at the dry cleaner ($6). Saturday: Customary bagel and coffee ($7) followed by a trip to a holiday market to browse for gifts. Not intending to buy anything, just looking for ideas! Dinner with friends in the evening ($20). Sunday: Home all day is the plan--Netflix, cleaning, cooking, resting before a family-filled Thanksgiving week. May do a small grocery shop ($15). Total Estimate: $48

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On The Second Time I Lost My Life Savings

@annev17 @garli Oh yes, or the one whose parents cut her off and asked me if I could cut her rent in half (absorbing the rest myself) because "it's super hard to support myself?" (WHICH I HAD BEEN DOING FOR 3+ YEARS AT THAT POINT I MEAN REALLY)

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On Money Tips From John Green

I appreciate your tag.

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On The Uniform I've Chosen for Myself

@blackframe I can't speak for their clothing (as a plus-size woman I just assume they don't have my size or style), but their bags are immaculately constructed. I get compliments every day on my tote, and whenever I travel on my weekend bag.

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On Radio Recaps, Startup Ep 7: "Kids, Work, Kids, Work. There's Nothing in the Middle"

Nazanin is my favorite part of this podcast. No offense to Alex, but like, she is awesome.

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On Millennials Having a Hard Time Saving Money

@may june july Ah, good point. Still, yes, yay for modest sized houses! My childhood home was like, 1700 square feet for 7 of us? So to me a 500sqf bungalow would be roomy!

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On Millennials Having a Hard Time Saving Money

@aardvark Tiny house! Ahh!

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