On The Uniform I've Chosen for Myself

@lemons! Ha, I love the cartoon self idea! Unfortunately for my professional life, my cartoon self would definitely be wearing jeans, converse allstars and a hoodie-- that's been my uniform since I was a little kid and I have no real interest in changing it. I work for a casual nonprofit but I'm still trying to upgrade in the interests of adulthood, but it's tough. So far I've managed to switch out the Converse for boots and the hoodies for sweaters, at least a few days a week. And I've got a couple of dresses and skirts and shit for important meetings, which is a step up because I used to just throw on a blazer instead of a hoodie and hope nobody would notice.

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On My Day Interviewing For The Service Economy Startup From Hell

I've used Handybook a few times and the emails I get from them creep me out. They're always saying stuff like "Where have you been? The average Handybook customer uses Handybook twice a week!" I guess that's supposed to make me go "Wowee, I better get my floors retiled for no reason just to keep up with the Joneses!"?

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On How We Think About Class

@forget it i quit There are moral compromises inherent to being a consumer in America, in basically every purchase you ever make, especially big-ticket ones like cars. When people make choices that demonstrate that they are 100% on board with corporate excess and the flaunting of wealth, that is something that you can reasonably judge.

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On The Very Anecdotal Demographics Of My Neighborhood CSA

When I worked my CSA shift I reached the conclusion that all CSA-having women in Brooklyn, at the end of a long summer day, resemble either Lena Dunham or Toni Collette depending on their age range.

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