On Listicles, Copy, Content, and Essays: How a Freelance Writer Makes a Living

@hellothefuture That site you linked to indicates that the billfold doesn't pay writers. I was under the assumption that only the awl does? it seems odd to shy away from telling us what you made for this piece, considering the topic of this article and the site's m.o. of money transparency.

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On Does Mexican Coke Really Taste Different From Coke Produced in the U.S.?

You can also get Coke made with cane sugar at the grocery store around Passover (corn syrup isn't kosh-for-pas). Just look for some Hebrew writing on the cap. I lived in Maine (where there are not a lot of Jews), and they still had it, in the "ethnic" section.

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On Souvenirs I Did Not Buy in Italy

I bought that hot priest calendar! In 2007. And that is definitely the same dreamy priest on the cover as mine. I also got a hot gondolier calendar in Venice. I searched all over Rome for a popener (pope bottle opener), and never found one. I consoled myself with a Vatican shotglass. Some years later, met a guy, got married -- he has a popener. All is right in the world. Except for the fact that a popener exists at all.

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