On Eating Thanksgiving Dinner in a 30-minute Meal Break at Kmart Is...

@MemphisBlues I agree, we live in a consumer-oriented culture—one that puts undue stress upon those forced to peddle to the consumers. I just don't see why Black Friday and its kin are a necessity, simply because the demand is there. Demands can change. In this situation I think they should, for social and moral reasons. Of course, that's simply my opinion, and you're entitled to your own.

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On Eating Thanksgiving Dinner in a 30-minute Meal Break at Kmart Is...

@MemphisBlues Employees may know this going in, but that doesn't mean they had many other options. Often, working at places like Wal-Mart, Kmart, etc. is the only option on the table for a single parent with no degree, or someone in similarly downtrodden circumstances. I think that makes it doubly unfair for these stores to push these Black Friday extravaganzas—their employees have almost no recourse to find another job. It's manipulative and, in my opinion, a beyond the pale example of crass consumerism. To echo Nicole, this is what we have to be thankful for.

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On Honey, Sweetie, Chief, Boss: How We Talk to Strangers

My boyfriend calls men in all sorts of situations—social, familial, commercial—"bud." Generally not middle-aged men, but guys around his age (20s to 40s) and kids. I've always liked it—it's always struck me as class-neutral and friendly (at least, the way he says it). I very rarely use a form of address, maybe 'cause I'm on the shy side, but I actually like being called "hon" and related.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@cryptolect What is with people getting cats and not taking care of the litterbox? I had a roommate who got a kitten on a total whim, stationed the box in the KITCHEN, and never cleaned it. It was so, so gross and unsanitary. We were out of college at this point. Grow up!

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On On Wearing a Uniform

Instead of a uniform, I buy things in multiple colors. Three striped shirts from J. Crew. Three plaid shirts from Uniqlo. Two silk blouses from Everlane. Three pairs of skinny jeans from Target. I stick to affordable basics, and everything pretty much looks good with everything else. Takes about 5 minutes to get dressed in the morning. Also helps that I hate, hate, hate shopping, so it makes buying stuff online pretty low-stress.

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On The Ultimate Hummus Showdown

I've also tried to make classic hummus at home and it failed. Store-bought all the way. What kind of cheese do you put on your sandwich? I also bring lunch to work and that sounds tasty...

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On "Can You Conference Me In?"

I am freaking the fuck out at work. BETSY-TACY!!! I didn't even read the rest of the article. GAH! Ms. Bloom, please consider picking up Betsy-Tacy for Babygirl in a few years. It will turn her into a raving lunatic who can't finish articles on the internet?

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On The Cost of Bringing a Person Into The World Via C-Section

@cjm For sure; I didn't think of that. I meant that for people for whom vaginal birth is an option, I'm surprised (or maybe ignorant of whether) its not more popular. Just to be clear, I'm definitely not against going to a hospital to give birth, whatever your situation.

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On The Cost of Bringing a Person Into The World Via C-Section

Not to sound like a raging hippie, but it seems like the costs alone would drive more people to consider home birth. My siblings, half of my cousins, and I were born at home, which is the main reason I'm planning to do it, but also JESUS CHRIST who can afford this shit????

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On It's Time to Talk About 'Snowpiercer,' the Best Action Movie of the Summer

I hated this movie with an intense, fiery passion, and I'm genuinely surprised at the buzz it's received. I thought it was a gratuitously violent piece of tripe. Being fed a heap of clichés about populist uprising, humanity's rebirth, and class warfare from Hollywood, in whose very interest it is to maintain the status quo, is just downright insulting. There's a difference between release and relief from oppression, and Hollywood is capitalizing on the cathartic release of films such as this one.

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