On Parks and Rec and Money

@Erica I could see her wanting a small, intimate wedding...but still with caviar.

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On Parks and Rec and Money

I can't remember if it was in Yes Please! (which I'm currently reading) or an interview with Amy Poehler, but I definitely read something recently that touched on the evolution of Leslie's wardrobe - basically they wanted to start from it being relatively affordable and "normal" feeling, but as Leslie's successes grew, they allowed it to evolve to be a lot more sophisticated (and expensive). I haven't rewatched the first couple of seasons recently to see if that feels accurate, but it's interesting that they did have it in mind. They did have an episode about Ben freaking out about the cost of raising triplets - it had a miracle fix (the sale of Cones of Dunshire) and very vague talks about practicalities (along the lines of "our kids will obviously be geniuses who get free rides to college from grants and scholarships"). It pretty much gave them an out from freaking out over it the same way the time jump let them gloss over doing a(nother) set of pregnancy stories or dealing with the day to days of having three infants. But it makes sense that Ben, with his accountant's heart, was the one who (briefly) worried about it. I've always assumed, btw, that Donna is independently wealthy - I can't imagine the parks department paid that well, but she certainly seemed to have the most lavish lifestyle of any of the characters. (Not a complaint! The show's hints at Donna's life outside work were always hilarious and delightful.) It always felt to me like Tom was aspiring to what Donna already had.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: January 2015 Check-in

Student loan, 2.1% interest. December 2014: $5,517.45 January 2015: $5,235.23

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On Beyond Entry-Level

I got an internship that led to an entry level job at a magazine at 23-24. But the magazine folded within my first year working there. After that, I landed an entry level web production gig, which was still entry level but paid a bit better (mostly due to being more tech than editorial, I suspect...). After about a year, I was taking on more responsibility and got a raise - same job title, though. The year after that we were acquired by another company (I kept the same title/salary) and the year after that I got another raise and a title that matched my actual responsibilities. So I'd say that functionally it took me about a year to be compensated slightly above entry level, two years to "feel" like I was beyond entry level, and three years for that position to be official.

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On City vs. Suburb

@ATF YES like, I don't want to have to drive 20 minutes if I want ice cream on a whim! I want to be able to go downstairs to my bodega and be back within five minutes! I did get to roam pretty freely as a kid. It was a pretty safe small town with nowhere to get lost (there were woods and whatnot, but I wasn't THAT adventurous or injury prone).

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On City vs. Suburb

@JNC Musings Factory That's what seems like it would be hardest to me (aside from the money, dear god, I can't even imagine) - babies need a lot of *stuff* when they go out, how do you carry them plus all of that, plus, like, your groceries on the way home? (But again, this is just observation, not first-hand experience, so maybe it's not so bad.)

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On City vs. Suburb

I grew up in a super rural area, and, well...there was a reason I moved to the most populous city I could. I did not like it. I also do not like driving, shoveling snow, mowing lawns, quiet, or isolation. I am totally urban-for-life - I really hope to someday be the old lady who's a neighborhood fixture after living in the same apartment for 45 years. The idea of a suburb holds no appeal for me at all. I think it would be a bit different if I wanted kids (it seems like city living + small children would be a huge hassle, at least based on the expression of every parent I've ever seen with a stroller on the subway) , but hey, I don't. I'm also pretty "meh" on marriage and dating, so pretty much, give me a small apartment, a cat, and easy subway access, and I'm a happy camper. (Well, happy non-camper. I camped when I was a kid living in the wilderness. Did not enjoy.)

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On The Playing Field Isn't Level But That Doesn't Mean Don't Play

I'm glad you shared both of those links to balance each other - because it looks like the wider story is that yep, as always, outliers and some marginalized folks are indeed able to break into XYZ field, but it's always, always, always easier to do if you've got money and/or connections. (And not just for the writing aspect, but for working in publishing as well. I saw the first link shared initially by my literary agent, who tweeted candidly, "I was able to start as an agent largely because of a husband with a day job.") In my case, I actually just sold my first novel - !!! - but am supporting myself and definitely will not be quitting my day job. Even without a "sponsor" I'm still lucky as heck that I have a steady job that pays me a living wage (plus benefits, etc) and doesn't leave me too drained to then go home and write in the evenings. It would be much, much harder to do if I were scrambling for rent or had a lot of other demands on my time.

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On Open Thread: Parental Assistance

@highjump Yeah, after I moved to the city my parents told me I'd be welcome to move back if I ever had to, but we all knew that would be a really desperate move - there's just nothing *there*.

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On Open Thread: Parental Assistance

@E$ I am so grateful that she was willing to make that offer - I honestly would not have been able to move on my own. Basically what she told me was that she was paying for the apartment anyway, so it wasn't a lot of added costs, and we've always gotten along well so it wasn't added stress, either.

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