On The Cost of Long-distance Friendships

I definitely have a few far-flung friends - most of us lived near-ish to each other post-college but then folks moved away, sigh. Every couple of years I spring for plane tickets to visit my friend in California or Atlanta, and I end up at a Con in Madison every year anyway. Those are the biggest expenses. In free things news, we did recently all do a synched up movie watching at home. It was a bit of a technical challenge but eventually we got Google hangouts to stop randomly blocking people and work. But that obviously required coordinating ahead of time --but I don't think that's too different from most of my nearby friends, tbh. I am not big on doing anything spontaneously. So while it's way easier to make plans with my BFF the next block over, it's still very rarely a case of running into each other randomly or just dropping by.

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On Above The 'Fold: The Very First Billfold Live Event!

I would find it extremely useful to have financial advisers around handing out their cards, but that may be because I'm currently procrastinating on trying to find a financial adviser. (Perhaps that should have been my Thursday one thing.)

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: November 2014 Check-in

I've somehow missed the last couple months (and nearly missed this one as well!). I'm paying down my student loans - when last I checked in (beginning of September) they were at $6,674.07. As of now, they're at $5,807.53. I've been doing $300/month - this month's broke down to $289.24 principal, $10.76 interest.

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On Working Over the Holidays Horror Stories

Oh man. The year after I finished college, I was living at home and working almost full time at a movie theater (attached to a mall), and then come fall also at a calendar kiosk (within said mall). There was a stretch in there where I worked 11 days in a row - most of them going straight from one job to the other - that included 1) Thanksgiving, 2) Black Friday, and 3) the fourth Harry Potter movie release. It remains in the top five worst week(ish)s of my life.

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On "The Cost of 'Daddy I Want a Pony'" as Experienced by Josh

True story: back when iPohnes were newish, my sister used to ask my dad for a pony and an iPohne. (She was a grown up, it was a joke. Or at least the pony part was.) For Chanukah that year he got her a My Little Pony and stuck a post-it on it saying any phone he got for her would be similarly to scale.

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On How Many Safety Nets Do You Have?

This has always terrified me - especially since my first Real Grown Up Job vanished when I was ... 24? They went out of business, I was laid off, and I had basically no savings because, well, 24. LUCKILY I was living with my sister and she could float me rent free while I was job searching, and it only took me about two months to get a new job (with a higher salary!). Anyway, my only debt is student loans, thankfully; and now that I'm living in an apartment and neighborhood I like, I've had fairly little lifestyle creep - which means I can squirrel away money into savings, and have enough to cover me for at least six months if I find myself suddenly unemployed (OH GOD PLEASE NO). I do think about the things I would have to dial back if that happened (cut way back on the amount of food I order, goodbye Stitchfix, etc, goodbye cable...) but I think I would be okay. After that are the credit cards. I have two, and rarely use them, but I think I can put about $10k total on them if need be. And ... I don't know what's in my 401k. Not much (I really need to raise my contribution, sigh), but probably a few thousand. But parental/family help is not an option. :-/ My sister can't afford to help out anymore (fair, I am 31 now and not 24, and responsible for my life) and moving to my dad's house is not an option from lots of reasons, ranging from my industry just not being in his (very isolated, rural) area, to serious mental health issues (mine, not his). So basically, I thiiink I could make it about a year, maybe a bit more living on credit, if need be, but I am TERRIFIED of said need.

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On 24-Hour Daycares Accommodate the "Forever Clock"

@HelloTheFuture Good thing I grew up in NY - my sister started babysitting me when we were about 6 and 10. (My parents called child services to find out what the minimum was and were told that there is none, but if something goes wrong when a young kid is babysitting they're gonna get in trouble anyway. Luckily my sister was 10 going on 35, and nothing ever went wrong.)

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On Good Morning! How'd Y'all Sleep?

Ugh, I might be type four. :-/ Though some of it is seasonal - during fall/winter I feel like I never fully wake up. (Some of that is vitamin D deficiency. This year it's been bad enough that I actually went to the doctor about it. So it's probably not all my internal clock...) Aside from that, I tend towards owlishness. I work an office job so I've adapted - I'm usually in bed around 11:30 and up around 7:30, but I feel like I don't become very productive until about 11. My peak office productivity is probably in the 2-4 range, and I often get a burst of energy around 8 or 9 at night. (And left to my own devices I will sleep 8 to 10 hours. I think my ideal schedule would be 10 AM to 2 AM.)

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On "How Are You?" "Busy."

@Elsajeni Ha, I'm basically doing exactly the same thing - answering with "I'm sorry to hear that!" instead of trying to play misery poker.

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On "How Are You?" "Busy."

I was actually talking to my therapist about this yesterday (kind of). It feels like there's a pressure to always be that busy and stressed, like when someone says "oh my god, my work is CRAZY and everything is TERRIBLE," the only answer is "Me too!" Like it's a game where whoever is having the worst time wins. But man, what a crappy prize for winning: misery. Bleh. I don't wanna play anymore.

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