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On "Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?": Estate Planning for Millenials

I have most of this stuff in order now and it's thanks to http://getyourshittogether.org/ . They explain the different parts of the puzzle very clearly. In the end, I went with a lawyer just to make sure everything was done correctly. The wills for my wife and I were $600, which is probably high. But it's done.

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On 'Dad's Resume'

This is curious, since the first rule of being a Dad is making good time.

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On A Windfall

or you could buy a vitamix and complete the creuset/vitamix/kitchaid trifecta of kitchen excellence. Once all three exist on the same countertop they start to glow and pulse in unison.

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On Doing Development Work in Dhaka

Great writing! The pauses give it a nice poetry

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: February 2014 Check-In

I've decided I'm paying off my onerous 2nd mortgage before June 2015. It's an interest only balloon loan that comes due mid 2015 original balance on 1/1/14: 40,000 2/1 applied 20,000 from savings: 20,000 balance 2/15 liquidated a mutual fund account of 7000: 13000 balance Next I'm applying 3000 of my tax return, so it'll be at 10,000 soon and I'll work it down piecemeal from there. I've had this thing on my back for years even while I've had cash stockpiled that I should have applied to the principle years age. A lot of the motivation to start this process came from this website and www.mrmoneymustache.com

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: February 2014 Check-In

Logan - have you tried lendingclub.com to try to consolidate your 19.9% loan to something more reasonable?

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On What It Cost Me When I Got Robbed

@Squeegeebeckenheim someone on twitter pointed this out too. Thanks for the info, I'll use it going forward.

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On How Can I Prevent Myself From Overdrawing My Account?

The capitalone360 checking account lets you overdraft a certain amount and you don't pay any kind of standard fee - you just get hit with a small interest charge. The overdraft amount starts at 500 but you can request it be increased. It's been very handy - I've had a few mortgage payments take my account into the red by 500$ for 3-4 days and I only paid a couple of dollars (don't quote me on the exact numbers)

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On The Problem With Financial Literacy Is That It Doesn't Work

I agree that financial education as it's taught now doesn't work, but I don't think that's a reason to give up. You're right that $$ behavior is a habit, and one class can't change that. But what about starting earlier and integrating money issues into math classes starting in grade school and sustaining it through high school. There are ways to bring money knowledge into algebra, calculus, etc and it has the knock on effect of giving these subjects real world relevance. Of course not everyone is going to absorb/use all the information, but that's true of everything about school. I'd give this a parallel with smoking education. We pound a few simple points into people's heads throughout their lives. By age 18, are people smoking? Of course they are. But there isn't one person that doesn't understand that smoking is bad for them. The same isn't true about financial issues: there are lots of people that legitimately don't know what compound interest is, or how credit cards work. I'm more okay with people making mistakes if I think that they all at least know how the game is being played.

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