On It's That Silly Time of Year Again

I feel bad making fun of this now that I know it is for a greater purpose. Although there is some beer commercial about "Movember" that keeps popping up on hulu and it doesn't highlight the testicular/prostate cancer aspect. Anyway, I would donate money to charity for my husband to NOT grow out facial scruff for a month, so let me know when someone organized Nomovember.

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On Betting on Love, Leveling Up and Leaving Atlanta (Part III)

I think it has been mentioned before, but this is a great website for making cheap, delicious food that you can freeze for later: Budget bytes Also, I'm a big fan of one pot meals where you just through a few things in and let it cook for 30-45 minutes. Potato lentil curry, ratatouille, minestrone soup, etc... are all surprisingly easy, filling, and cheap. Try making one new thing a week, and pretty soon it won't be so daunting and you can more easily put together a weekly grocery list of your favorite core ingredients.

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On Wedding Costs from the Dude's Perspective

Hilarious aside, for years I thought "Breakfast at Tiffany's" was literally about a couple enjoying eating at a breakfast place called Tiffany's. This is probably directly related to why I don't understand diamond rings and have an engagement/wedding ring that survive mud, sea water, and rigorous pipetting.

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On Wedding Costs from the Dude's Perspective

@TheclaAndTheSeals Although you have to pay to be listed, A Practical Wedding Vendor Directory has prices for all services for businesses around the country. Most people don't list their prices because of a combination of sticker shock and because they want to sell you on a quality of service before telling you how much it costs. Also, sometimes brave bride bloggers will post final prices for their events, so you can try to find some in your geographic area (Sorry, I've never come across a blogger groom--hopefully they exist, too!)

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On Wedding Costs from the Dude's Perspective

@deepomega Tax and gratuity really do add up, especially when you pay those on top of something like a catering bill that includes food, labor, permits, and rentals. That said, we managed to have two weddings (with 100+ people each) for under $25,000. Secret one, you can have a baller wedding in Central America for not a lot of money in a way that supports the local community. You can have a scaled-back, but still full-on celebration in one of the most expensive cities on the West Coast through being creative, supporting small businesses, and not giving a f*ck about bullsh*t. The best weddings I've been to are all about celebrating the couple and the people who have supported them over the years. The worst weddings are where the guests don't feel taken care of and the couple is MIA for most of the event. More money does not mean a better or more fun wedding!

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On For Rent: Everything

@Mike Dang You can certainly buy one dress and wear it to multiple events if they all require the same dress code and are largely different crowds. However, it is much more challenging to find something that is appropriate for both a daytime park wedding and a evening ballroom wedding. Also, if you are also going to the bridal shower or rehearsal dinner or other wedding event of the same weekend, you have to wear something different. I could see renting a dress if I had to go to the Oscars or something ridiculous like that, but otherwise it is a complete waste of money. I have borrowed (for free) dresses from my friends for weddings and it is the way to go.

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On Middle Income

The problem these categories is that they never seem to take cost-of-living in account. Correct me if I'm wrong, but especially for college aid determination, a family that makes 50,000 is San Francisco or New York City is treated the same as a family that makes 50,000 in the rural south. Some places making $200,000/year is living in a mansion and enjoying obscure equestrian sports, and some places it is living in a small multi-family unit and feeling middle-class purchasing power.

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On Article About Woman Business Owner Really Caught Up on the 'Woman' Part'

I eagerly await the day an article is written about a male CEO who is trying to lose weight while also a new parent and has a wife that is away for half the month. On the other hand, why on earth would a blog need 2.5 million in venture capital? How on earth will they investors ever recoup their money?

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On Maybe You're Thinking About Buying a House Right Now

I looked for a one bed, one bath condo in a similar area to where I live in my one bed, one bath apartment, plugged it in to the NYT buy or rent calculator, and determined it is never better to buy than rent. Even if we bought and sold six years later at a higher price, renting still has a huge advantage (saving >$100,000). Who is saving money by buying in San Francisco? Are they comparing renting in SF to buying in nearby counties? Where are you living where your entire house ownership monthly cost is $2000?

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On Too Busy To Wash Your Hair

I bet the overlap between people who have barbers and people who use dry shampoo is 0. I bet the overlap between people who have hair stylists and who use dry shampoo is much, much greater.

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