On Imagination is Stupid

Go to the beach! It's so nice out. The Rockaways are only a 30 minute drive, it's Margarita Monday at Connolly's. Beeaaaaaaach.

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On The Bubble Takes Shape

These stories terrify me, because I am 29, and I want to buy myself a home, I live in NYC and gosh it is expensive to do it, but my goal is to stay in my cheap apartment as long as I can, and if/when I have to move, move in to something I own. The magic number for how much I will need to save to accomplish that keeps going up and up and up.

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On Change Bowl

@snackcarts 8% would still be less than Coinstar right? If Coinstar is taking 9.8 cents off every dollar then they're taking 9.8%. Correct me if my math is wrong. Also there are way more TD banks around NYC than there are Coinstar Machines. Although I've found that the Trader Joes employees legit don't care if I pay for my entire purchase in change, so that's usually what I do, count it at home, and use it to buy whatever groceries I need there.

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On How I Learned to Love Investing

So I have this milk jug full of change, I can invest it somewhere right?

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On 2 Ways to Interpret: "Well, My Parents Pay My Phone Bill, So"

My parents paid for *nothing* for me through college, not my apartment, books, tuition, car. Nada. Except for an awful unreliable tracfone. Then at some point they switched us to a family plan and I was still relegated to having the cheapest phone possible at all times no matter what, and I could never upgrade it unless it had seriously gone kaput. Then I found out that it's in the name of my dad's business, and he's been writing off my phone as an expense. So yeah they still pay for it, and yeah now I have a smartphone which I rely on to some extent living in a city where I get lost easily, and can check my email constantly for my job. If my parents didn't pay for my phone then I would get an equivocal plan for myself. I know this makes me sound like a brat a little, but screw it. I am a little annoyed at all the times I had to go phoneless for weeks in college saving up for a replacement Nokia because I wasn't 'allowed' to use any of the numerous free upgrades, and probably whatever they pay to keep my phone working will always be cumulatively less than whatever I pay on my student loans and on keeping myself unhomeless and fed through University.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Transportation Each Month?

I live in NYC and bike most everywhere, my metrocard always comes out to less than $30 a month. I have that amount on a benefit card from work so it's taken out pre tax. Cabs happen once or twice a month but only if it's going to be less than $15 a ride. Sometimes I take cabs for my freelance business so those receipts get saves somewhere for taxes too. I have to replace the bottom bracket on my bike soon though and my office doesn't have any benefit plan to reimburse for bike commuting expenses, bottom brackets aren't cheap but if I keep riding around with a worn one down it will hurt my knees. That's going to be around $150 to replace. I guess I spend around $60 a month on transportation not counting bike repairs which don't happen often but tend to add up.

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On How Joe Berkowitz Does Money

I would go on a date with Joe. We have the same superpower. My other superpower is jaywalking.

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On More Students Talking About Money and Class

The unfortunate thing is that class disparity doesn't end once you graduate college, but how visible it is changes. I work in an office with a lot of other 'twenty/thirtysomethings' and it's interesting to see who wears expensive quirky clothes and who doesn't, who goes to the farmers market for lunch and who eats ramen, who's always going away on vacation, who lives without roommates, or in a safer neighborhood. These are all material/status based things, but those who eat better, are less stressed out about bills or their housing, and can afford to take time off will most likely do better at their career in the long run. The diploma only levels the playing field slightly.

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On Monday Check-In

I had a crazy cheap weekend: Friday: gym, ($0) Saturday: I did a focus group and got paid $50!, went to some art galleries ($0) and then went to the strand and bought a book (7.95), Saturday night went to a friends art show ($0), ran in to another friend on the way home who was headed to a panel discussion on curating performances at alternative art spaces ($7). Sunday: Bought groceries: $45 Also won an Ebay auction for an American Apparel skirt I want; $6. Total: 65.95

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On Be Gone, Debt!

@WaityKatie That didn't occur to me. I can see how it would be very scarring.

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