On On My Own: Figuring Out How to Pay for College After My Parents Cut Me Off

Just here to echo the sentiments of the crowd. Taking out a private loan over a Federal loan if it's available to you is not a good decision. Private lenders are rapacious and inflexible. If you miss a payment you are the same to them as someone who missed a car or mortgage payment. You would honestly be better off putting your tuition on a credit card instead of a private loan if you could, because at least there you have bankruptcy available if necessary and can get airline miles lol. You're going to be spending money on interest in the long run anyway. So who do you want your money to go to, the federal government, or Citibank.

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On Why Don't American Women Bike To Work?

I bike to work sometimes, but even in NYC it's tough unless you can afford to live close to work. My commute on a bike is 17.5 miles round trip. I don't like to leave early enough to change clothes at work so I bike in whatever I can wear that's bike appropriate and work appropriate. It's freaking far though. If I do it more than a few times a week I'm a total zombie by Friday.

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On Infinity Zillion Vacation Days, the HORROR

I have a former coworker, who naively couldn't stop bragging about the unlimited vacation days rule at the new agency she worked for. The thing is she was the most inefficient person on our team before she left, and is now struggling to keep up with her accounts billable hours. Unlimited vacation does not equal nonstop vacations. It means that if you do your job well, your company rewards you by not teetotaling your time off.

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On Considering Our Retirements

@Sloane I will mention legal aid to my dad, I did mention lawyers once and my parent's response was something like 'lawyers are for people who don't need disability' :-/

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On Considering Our Retirements

My mom is dealing with a terminal illness, we don't know how much time she has left, she's fine for now but my dad makes 'too much' for her to quality for medicaid. A disability application is pending, but it sucks to be like 'wow if my parents divorced my mom would have affordable healthcare.' and yeah I don't know what my parents have socked away for retiring but I know it's a struggle not to touch it to get my mom to a specialist more quickly when their insurance won't cover it.

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On Living Our Best Thirty-something Lives

You guys, a 5k is like, 3 miles. That's a decent run, but it's not undoable under most circumstances. You can do it!

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On The Burrower: Part I


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On The Cost of Things: Freezing Your Eggs

I haven’t considered it yet, but I have been more quick to call guys out on mocking the ‘biological clock’. I think it’s really sexist to make it sound like you just flip a switch at a certain age. It’s more like the realities of a persons age, career, and financial stability weigh on them in general as they get older, and women have to a lot more factors to weigh than men do when it comes to balancing time off from work and a baby.

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On Can I Give You $1,000 and NOT Be a Bridesmaid?

I declined being a bridesmaid a few years ago and it ruined the friendship. I was working two hourly part time jobs and couldn't even afford to make it to the bridal shower. Not to mention the pay I was going to miss and the travel costs for being in a destination city for the wedding and a whole week of events leading up to it. I was really not expecting to wind up with an estranged friend though. Some people really are clueless about money, and feel so entitled to their friends time that they simply expect them to make it work so they can be part of it, which is not fair and at odds with a lot of people's financial reality.

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On College Is Expensive and the NY Times is ON IT

@chic noir He is like the voice of a generation? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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