On A Cupcake Decorator Gets Fired for Being a Hero

@Derbel McDillet Wasn't thinking of FMLA. It was more like, you can't be fired for needing surgery? ETA: Apparently it is the FMLA and I'm wrong http://community.lawyers.com/forums/t/132584.aspx

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On A Cupcake Decorator Gets Fired for Being a Hero

That's actually illegal (i think maybe) to be let go from a job for medical reasons.

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On Banks Plead Guilty to Manipulating Global Currency Values

I suspect the reason more people aren't mad about this is because they don't understand the currency trading market. :-/

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On How Important Is It To Love Your Living Situation?

I think expecting to love every living situation I'm in would just put a lot of undue pressure on myself. NYC is an expensive market to have to love your apartment in.

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On Facebook Announces $15 Minimum Wage, 15 Paid Days Off

California mandates paid family/parent leave. It's one of three states in the country to do so.

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On One Way the Tax Code Punishes Domestic Partners

eI'm not even sure how many people really understand the difference between pre-tax income and post tax income the way my friends eyes glaze over when I start talking about post tax income and insuring your domestic partner.

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On Whole Foods Opening "Values-Oriented" Store For Millennial Shoppers

My friends and I refer to Whole Foods as 'Whore Foods' for no particular reason except wordplay maybe.

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On My Financially Codependent Family

Geez I hope there is a plan for how the sibs who aren't moving are going to keep the mortgage paid and the lights on, because screwing up something like that would be pretty epic. I know it's not the most trusty thing to say, but make sure the utilities are changed to their name before you leave just in case.

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On Traveling Lighter

I am all for travelling light but recently treated myself to a nice rolly carry on and wow, it makes such a difference on my back. I really can't do loaded down backpacks anymore. I'm not that 'old' but it makes such a big difference for me to not have to put the strain on my shoulders.

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On What's Student Loan Debt Preventing You From Doing? A Lot of Things

@TheDilettantista @amglory89 From a legal standpoint your married partner has no obligation to pay your student loan debt. They didn't cosign on it, it's not 'theirs' although it's great to want to tackle it together as a team. If you defaulted or something happened to you or to your income debt collectors can't go after your significant other for it. It was incurred before you were married.

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