On Family Plan Shame

I'm on the family plan too, which honestly makes more sense given it is just two of us. My mom will not accept payment, though, which I begrudgingly offer to start doing every six months or so. But, like, I pay for my own Netflix so I'm still totally a grown up.

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On Monday Check-in

I was in a weird funk this weekend because of last week when I had both an awkward conversation with a friend of mine and a visit from this guy that... I don't know. I have many thoughts and feelings about him and the visit. Anyway, I didn't estimate but let's see how it was: Friday, I was planning to stay in but ended up grabbing a drink down the road with this girl who just moved to town, $11. Oh, and I talked to a good friend from college on the phone for over an hour, which was really nice. We hadn't caught up in a while! Saturday, I went to pre-paid yoga in the morning, grabbed a smoothie for $6, and went with the roomie to Ikea. I spent like $50 on plates and a nice frame for my favorite print. That came out of my moving account- it's down to only $150 now (starting at $2,000.) I took a nap, ate some frozen peas, and went to see a (free) production of Oklahoma in the park. It was about $15 for my half of wine, snacks, and parking. It was surprisingly good! I maybe stopped and bought ($5) ice cream on the way home, ahem. Sunday, yoga again. Then $7 on a taco and coffeee before running some errands (gas: $40) and doing some aspirational window shopping. I ran to the grocery store and spent $20, but it was mostly coconut oil and wine. I need to get some food for the week today or tomorrow... Total: $104, plus the $50 at Ikea.

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On Monday Check-in

@EmilyAnomaly Oh no, I'm so sorry! Big internet hugs! And, honestly, binge eating ice cream sandwiches is a totally appropriate response.

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On Friday Estimate

@kentuckienne I had that problem with mint too; but it took like two months to resolve. They did touch base with me about it pretty often, at least...

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On Monday Check-in

So, I estimated $80 on me stuff and $480 on moving stuff, which was right on target. Thursday, I bought that rug for $375, a smoothie for $5, and then just went to yoga, talked on the phone to my mom, and unpacked that evening. Friday, I went to TWO (!) BBQs for the 4th. The first one was a family-type affair with my friend and her parents, so I just tagged along. The second was a friend's evening party where I brought some beer $7. I launched some roman candles, a first for me. The night ended with a big projection of Independence Day. Saturday, I watched the Argentina - Belgium game at a bar, spending $10 on some sweet potato fries and this amazing beer drink with frozen grapefruit vodka lemonade in it. I got coffee for the roomie and I ($7) before doing a little furniture shopping, but he bought everything that day. I ran to the grocery store also, spending $30 to finally have food in my house again. Sunday, I went to Target for house stuff. I'd estimated I'd spend $100 and it was exactly $100.64! We spent the afternoon sanding and staining our dining room table, which is going to look great, I think. I went out for neopolitan pizza with my friend and her BF, spending $28 on my pizza and a glass of wine. It was a delightful weekend!

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On Fourth of July Weekend Estimate

Yay, long weekend! I'm in the middle of moving, so it's been a long and sweaty week. I just bought a rug online for $377, so good start. It came out of my allotted moving savings account though, as will probably another $100 worth of miscellaneous things including (but not limited to) some shelves, a toaster, a little trashcan for the bathroom, etc. I also bought a $5 green smoothie this morning because I've been somewhat malnourished this week. Other things happening: $0 going swimming somewhere tomorrow, probably $15 on things to take to a BBQ for the 4th, $30 brunch at some point, $0 picking up The Goldfinch from the library, many more hours unpacking all the books and clothing, and let's just say another $30 on random weekend stuff. So, $80 regular money, $480 moving money. But it's okay. This is why you save for things! I just wish my mint.com would stop scolding me.

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On Monday Check-in

What a weekend! Friday, I spent $5 on breakfast tacos and ended up going to a free yoga class that was part of a friend's yoga teacher training. We all went out after for a drink ($8). Saturday, I started the day with a smoothie for $6 and then drove to meet up with my mom at the Pottery Barn / West Elm outlet store where I got a really nice WE sofa for half price! Wooo! Set me back $909, which was right where I wanted my sofa spending to be. I am borrowing a friend's truck tomorrow to go pick it up. I went to lunch with my mom (free for me!) and then helped clean out the old house for a few hours. I spent $14 on beer and cole slaw ingredients for my friend's birthday BBQ, which was a really fun time, even if I did maybe have one too many beers. Sunday, I drank some bloody marys and watched the Netherlands vs. Mexico game ($7) before coming home to pack a little, water all my plants, and take a nap while watching some TV. I got some tacos for dinner ($8) and watched They Came Together at my friend's house. Funny movie, but not necessarily something I'll be itching to see again. I estimated up to $1030 and spent $957, which is good with me because sofa!

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@LookUponMyWorks Oh man, dresses are 50% off too! This might kill my Friday Estimate...

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@Bonnie St. Clair I love Jeopardy! My solution is to use it to motivate myself to go to the gym where I watch it on the elliptical and get strange looks from my fellow gym-mates. That said, my house right now has accidental free cable which has been nice, but I still only use it like once every two weeks. Or, I guess I've been watching lots of World Cup the last few weeks. We will see how I feel after moving next week, but I doubt I'll really miss it. My HBO Go, Netflix, and Hulu set up is already more than I can keep up with!

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On Friday Estimate

Oh man, this week has been SO EXPENSIVE. Like, plane tickets to Spain, a broken computer, and a doctor's appointment. *laugh sobs* Also I'm moving Tuesday, so that is bound to be expensive too. I've saved money for the move, but I still am not used to such a crazy cash outflow! Today I already bought $5 in breakfast tacos because the new fun steroids I'm on have to be taken with food. I might go to yoga later? Or maybe just have my own wine and tv hermit night. Another $5 maybe because I have no food except for popcorn, cheese, and broccoli because moving. Saturday, I need to keep packing and maybe buy a sofa? Any suggestions of sofas under $1,000? I'm leaning towards the IKEA Karlstad, because all the West Elm ones I like are a bit too expensive...? Anyway, it's my friend's birthday and she's having a BBQ party at her house. $30 because I'm going to make cole slaw and also bring some alcohol. Sunday is a mystery. Maybe yoga? Maybe swimming on the greenbelt? Probably more packing? Spending as little money as possible? So, somewhere between $40 and $1,040

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