On Monday Check-in

@moreadventurous OH! I also bought a new pair of Birkenstocks, because my last ones recently died after six lovely years together. It was $85 because I got $10 off for it being my birthday month, a lovely surprise.

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On Monday Check-in

@seakelps Vacations are always worth it, especially when you know that you've planned ahead financially. I was feeling weird spending for my last trip and my mom said to me, "well that's why you have money, so you can do and experience things!" I try to keep that idea in mind... Where are you headed?

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On Monday Check-in

Well, the skills test went really well. I'm really, really hopeful that I get offered the position. It would be the perfect transition job between what I'm doing now and going to grad school next year. Major fingers crossed on this one. I ran to Whole Foods after the test to buy a few last things for my little dinner party, $14. I ended up going out with one of my friends after and spent $8 on a couple of drinks. I ditched her and her friends who were doing the club-y bars and went to my normal spot to round out the evening with my bartender friends. I missed my yoga and brunch date because I was hungover and had to deal with questionable dude choice who was at my house, ahem. But my friend flaked on it too, so no hurt feelings. I made an impromptu decision to visit my mom, so I spent $38 on gas and $4 on a coffee and headed down there. She bought dinner (hangover burger, ftw) and then Sunday I cooked us all of our various meals, including mac and cheese from scratch! It was a nice, relaxing time. So, $64 spent. I didn't make my Target trip or buy any groceries. And a friend wanted to brunch when I was out of town yesterday, so instead we're going to a half-price champagne and oysters night tonight. I suspect that will manage to be expensive despite the deal. Sometimes my weekdays are way more costly than the weekends...

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On Friday Estimate

I'm leaving work early today to go take a skills test for a new job I'm applying for. I mean, a gyno appt if my boss asks, ahem. Fingers crossed it goes well! Later, I'm having friends over for dinner. I have all the booze I need, but I still have to do a quick grocery run for salad things and some sausage for the frittata, $15. I have a yoga / brunch date tomorrow morning; $15 for the food. Annnnnnd, no idea what else my weekend will bring. I do need to go to Target for miscellaneous house things and I HAVE to get a coffee table, because it is driving me crazy to not have one. So, let's say $80 at Target? Maybe a second grocery run on Sunday? Maybe I'll just go to Ikea for that table? It's all a mystery.

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On Friday Estimate

@charmcity Oh no, what a thai food nightmare!! I hope you get some today!

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On We're Not Gonna Pay Rent ... By Check

@andnowlights I also use Chase Quick Pay. It works well, and I like that I can just schedule it automatically, but it is a pretty clunky system. It sends like three e-mails for every transaction and won't just function as smoothly as just an auto-draft or whatever.

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On Monday Check-in

I didn't estimate, but it would have been waaay off. Friday, I FINALLY got back my security deposit from my old house after a MONTH of arguing with one of the roommates who claimed that because he did more of the work cleaning out the house, he should keep the whole deposit. UGH. Anyway, getting that $375 was a lovely way to start the weekend. I am sick though, so I spent the evening watching Mad Men and drinking tea with all the lemon and honey. Saturday, I went to a coffee shop to apply for a job and search for other ones to apply to; $6 on coffee and a croissant. When I got home, though, the door handle on my car broke so I went to the dealership. Luckily that was covered by warranty, but I still spent $190 on other things like a new battery, air filter and cleaning of the fuel injectors. My friend was able to pick me up and we had a little picnic while I waited for the repairs, so that was nice. I had dinner with an old friend, $19. Then it was more tea and Mad Men. Sunday, I was feeling bad, still. Other than running to the store ($40) I just made hummus and watched TV in my PJs alllll day. So, $65 plus the $190 on the car. Not so bad... I just wish this sickness would go away. My abs are sore from all the coughing.

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On The Ultimate Hummus Showdown

@JustALark Interesting. One of the comments on that cites this America's Test Kitchen science note about blending while hot: “Here’s why: Chickpeas are high in a starch called amylose that forms large crystals as it cools after cooking, leading to a grainy texture. But exposure to high heat will break the crystals down. There’s no risk of the grainy texture recurring once the hummus is refrigerated, as the oil it contains will coat the individual amylose molecules, inhibiting crystallization. If your goal is to make the smoothest possible dip, then give your chickpeas a quick zap before pureeing.” Science, FTW!

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On The Ultimate Hummus Showdown

this! yes! more of this please. also may make hummus this weekend too...

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On Tuesday Check-in

Hiiiiiiiii, I just returned from my 10 day trip to Spain! I spent $608 while I was there, with about 5 euros remaining. It was a wonderful time in Madrid with lots of strolling down cobblestone streets, museums, a trip to Granada and La Alhambra, a trip to the Mediterranean, hiking in the mountains, many swimming times, all of the delicious olives, wine, jamon, and bread, some delicious cooking experiences, and lots of good chats and cuddles with my friend who I was visiting. I'd estimated around $500, but I have zero regrets on my spending. Except that I bought no presents for anyone; sorry friends and family. Today, I'm back at work and also sick with a fever and sore throat that kicked in on the flight yesterday. Hi again, real world.

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