On Friday Estimate

@RiffRandell haha, yes, yes it does. I think just the whole dating thing in general is anxiety producing; dating is the worst/occasionally the best.

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On Friday Estimate

My week seemed to take forever! Thank goodness for Friday! And, I get to sleep in an extra hour Monday morning, so that'll be nice. Today - I'm going kayaking after work. It will probably be around $10 for the kayak rental. I have thai food left over from dinner out with a friend last night, so that'll be dinner. Later on, an old friend of mine is having a house party. Another $10 for a six pack to bring along, I suppose. Here, I will declare my promise to myself of not driving at an inappropriate level of drunkenness. Saturday - Going to hit up yoga class in the morning, which is already paid for. I really need to study for the GRE, as I've kind of fallen off of my good study pattern I had for a while. Probably $5 for some sort of coffee shop purchase while I study. I may head down to my mom's house to help clean out her house / pack for the big move, but I've done that the last three weekends so I may duck out this time... If I do, I'll need to buy gas (again) for around $40. If I don't, I'd guess I'll spend that same $40 on some sort of social times. Sunday - It's a mystery! The evening will probably entail a grocery store trip and a short cooking session for next week's lunches, another $40. That puts me at $105.

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On Friday Estimate

@RiffRandell Ambiguous maybe dates are the worst. Try to have some fun, though!!

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On Time to Do That 1 Thing

My one thing is to finally register for the GRE. It's just, you know, the commitment (!) and the money (!) but I got paid today, so the time is right.

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On Majoring in Economics and Making Money

I wonder how much that is skewed by the insane incomes of people who go into wall street/finance. I don't think majoring in Econ made me more selfish, but I have serious critiques of my department and their short-comings in teaching quantitative skills. I pretty much just feel more pragmatic than others; that's why I majored in Econ in the first place. But then I've done nothing with my degree so haaaaaaaaaha to me.

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On The 35-hour Work Week

I currently work a 35 hour week! I definitely am less exhausted than people I know who work 40+, but I don't know that I'm really more productive. I am also at a job I'm really over-qualified for because life is freaking me out... or whatever. That's why this is working out well for me; I have time to pursue my actual long-term goals (grad school) after work. Anyway, I really enjoy the amount of time I work but I think your personal relationship with your job is a lot more important than the number of hours you're working in the long run.

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On Monday Check-in

@ceereelyo Congratulations on pushing through and finishing!!

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On Monday Check-in

I didn't estimate Friday, but I ended up about where I would expect. Friday night I went out for drinks with some friends. I think I spent around $20, but I'm not entirely sure. They were my bartender friends and they kept buying shots for everyone and forgetting that I cannot keep up with them anymore! Saturday morning I popped into the farmer's market for some hangover-battling kombucha, $3. I ended up getting a sandwich a few hours later, $10. I drove down to my mom's house to help her clean out her house so she can move (!!!) in a little over a month. Exciting, but stressful. She really doesn't want to throw things away... Sunday I bought gas ($30), activated my new debit card, took many many things to Goodwill, and bought us some tacos ($6). When I got back home in the evening, I ran to the store for some breakfast/lunchy foods for the next few days. I also bought two beers; it was $14 altogether. Rounded out the weekend in bed where I drank a beer, ate some popcorn, and started watching The Newsroom. Full disclosure: I almost put in an Amazon order last night for one of those bluetooth, wireless speakers and a couple of books. I'll probably do that today for $125. So, $83 or $208... A little more than I want but I like really need that speaker probably definitely.

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On That Thing, That Thing, That 1 Thing

@andnowlights They called it like a "birth letter"? But the list of things my "real" birth certificate should have were all included on what I sent in...

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On That Thing, That Thing, That 1 Thing

Ugh, mine is also passport related. I applied about a month ago, but got a letter yesterday saying the birth certificate I sent them was not official enough? I still don't understand why because it had the raised seal and everything... so I need to figure that out and hopefully not have to pay $22 (on top of the $110 fee and the $25 to my county for processing that I've already paid) for a new copy. This is the worst.

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