On Friday Estimate

Weekend! Tonight, I'm my friend's date to a steak dinner with her boss and her boss's boss. I'm SO excited! I've only heard the most amazing and ridiculous stories about these people. Texas good ol' boys, for sure. Tomorrow, I'm doing some morning yoga, prepaid, and then getting some brunch, $20. I've got to spend the afternoon hunkering down on grad school applications. As always, headed to my mom's house at some point, but this time it's because I have an early morning dentist appointment Monday. I'm too afraid to go to a dentist other than the one I've seen my whole life and am coincidentally related to. I'm not sure if they take my insurance or not, so it may be a $30 co-pay or it may be more like $200, after my family discount. I don't even care; a safe dental experience is easily worth it. So, I'll say $50 plus the dental experience, because who knows!

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On The Ethics of Only Selling Clothes for the Very Thin

@ronswansonluva Yeah, I actually have noticed that issue, and it is getting worse. I mean, I'm lucky that I have a naturally thin body frame, but I was just trying on clothes at Madewell and, in a few pieces, even the XS and 0 sized items were too big! At J. Crew I couldn't find anything that fit well. I'm thin, but not THAT thin.

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On Monday Check-in

Well, I estimated around $175 I think? I'll have to check. Friday, I ended up going for drinks with a friend. $15 spent and was home, tipsy by 10pm when I made popcorn and watched The Good Wife. Saturday, I woke up starving and spent $10 on breakfast before packing up for the wedding trip! I got gas ($30) and went to meet up with my ex once I got back to my hometown. We each had two fancy cocktails and I picked up the tab ($50). It was good and sad to see him. My friend's wedding was that night (reception only) and it was so lovely! I went to another friend's house first. A bunch of us met up there and his parents made us burgers. Then I danced the night away! My wedding gift was $75 cash, as they only wanted cash gifts. Sunday, had breakfast at my mom's house. She's having some feet issues so I made her two big food dishes to have for the week. I bought myself groceries when I went on the run for her as well, $20. After driving home, I cleaned my room, did laundry, and cooked smitten kitchen's mediterranean eggplant and barley salad for the week's lunches. So, spendy but good spendy, I guess since I'm good on food for the time being. $200 total. That $50 fancy cocktail bill threw me off!

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@Allison that sauce sounds amazing!!

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@Allison GOOD LUCK! I'm sure it will all be okay and mostly positive!

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On Friday Estimate

@grandma_nancy Everyone's been saying that, which is why I started watching it! I just finished season one and I can tell it's just going to get better and better.

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On The Cost of Making My Own Sub Sandwich

@Kate I second these sandwich tips! You can even scrape a bit of the bread out of the middle of the loaf to make more room for the toppings. Also, I just saw these tips the other day: "Sliced cucumbers, avocados tomatoes or other slippery sandwich fillers need an ingredient that creates friction to hold them inside their bready casing. He recommends layering your sandwich interiors with leafy greens between each of the more slippery elements to help keep it together. He also recommends avoiding overly crusty bread for those concerned with sandwich stability. The more force required to take a bite out of your sandwich the more likely the filling will shoot out under pressure. As a lettuce alternative, we'd also like to suggest cheese. A melted slice of fontina, for example, does wonders to keep a slippery ingredient in place." - http://fwx.foodandwine.com/food/secret-well-constructed-sandwich

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On Friday Estimate

@Samantha Self-Care Sunday! Amazing!

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On Friday Estimate

@CeeEm Revenge is totally on my short list of "shows to watch obsessively"! Good luck with the second job! I'm sure it will be less intense than you're expecting. Especially at a bakery; free baked goods and lots of friendly people chatting!

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On Friday Estimate

Well, today is my last day at this job before I start the fun new one on Monday! So, I already bought celebratory breakfast for $6. I'm going to a yoga class that is part of a new studio free week after work. I may be getting drinks with a friend or maybe just organizing my life a bit and continuing to watch all of The Good Wife. $10 just in case. Tomorrow, I'm headed down to my friend's wedding party! I need to buy gas and put some air in my tires, $30, but I'm just staying at my mom's house so no hotel or anything. I'm having lunch with my ex-boyfriend, which always proves to be really nice and also emotionally loaded. The wedding ceremony is family only, so it is just a reception with cake, booze, and dancing. I'll probably grab dinner before with other old friends in town, $20. I'm gifting $75 (cash gifts by request). Sunday, I'll head home. I need to do a grocery run, $25, and be nice and rested for new work!! Estimate: $91 plus the wedding gift, so let's call it $175

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