On Thanksgiving Estimate/Open Thread

@Allison One time I went to Academy buzzed and bought a new pair of sneakers. It was the quickest sneaker shopping experience ever because I was really in touch with foot comfort and just tipsy enough to make quick decisions. It was great and I totally recommend it.

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On Let's Manage Our Subscriptions

My free trial of Hulu Plus ends in about a week; I don't think I can go back though. Exactly like @jfruh says, it's very different than Netflix! I'm roommate hunting right now, though, and will hopefully get someone who has Netflix so I can have the best of both while only paying for one. In other news, I currently have a one week free trial to CBS Access (lol) because I wanted needed to watch the current season of The Good Wife once I finished watching the rest on my aforementioned Hulu Plus trial. Definitely cancelling the CBS Access account ASAP. ETA: Also Hulu Plus has the Criterion Collection!!

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On Monday Check-In

friday- $9 take out $0 wine and hgtv saturday- $0 house cleaning $0 cat play time and friend chatting $15 groceries to make dinner for a date $TBD small parking lot car accident sunday- $4 coffee $65 grad school application fee $0 progress on grad school applications $21 brunch $0 beer and friend time on the porch excluding grad school fees ('cause ugh) total: $49 happy thanksgiving week everyone!!

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On American Workers Want to Know When Their Workday Ends

@highjump State Employee here! I will also leave at 4 today. In the spring, when the legislature is in session, there will be two weekdays a week designated as days I stay late. I will be paid at an hourly wage calculated by my salary for every hour over 40 that I work on these two specific days. Structure!

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On Monday Check-in

@grandma_nancy Yeah, I've heard from a few people that the quality stays up and things are handled well with the fall out from the tragedy. I do think, even in the two episodes I saw, that it opens up Diane and Alicia for some great character development, and change is always good too keep shows from getting stiff or stuck in tropes. You're totally right, though, that real life happens out of nowhere, and we, as the overly emotionally invested audience, get to experience what Alicia is going through with that shock, which is great. I'm just glad I was in a good place (mostly emotionally, very much so logistically) to go through it. Because I was seriously affected and had to watch more episodes afterwards.

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On Monday Check-in

@grandma_nancy I did watch the aftermath and the one after it as well. I was mostly angry/in shock when it actually happened and cried more than I've ever cried about a TV show for the aftermath episode. It's SO brutal, and SO out of the blue. I still can't even process...

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On Monday Check-in

@samburger Poor pup! I feel bad laughing, but what an image!

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On Monday Check-in

I estimated 70 and came in under! Friday, I ended up going on a date to which I only provided a bottle of wine I bought last week at Trader Joe's. Saturday was when I was supposed to go camping, but things actually turned out just as fun. I begrudgingly admit my friends were right to veto the camping. It was misty and freezing all day long. We still went hiking ($6 state park entrance fee), had delicious chili for dinner, lots of hot toddies and fernet drinks, a raucous campfire sing-a-long, and a sleeping bag slumber party in my friend's upstairs bonus room. I spent $11 on my share of food and $10 on a six-pack that didn't really get consumed and came back home with me. Sunday we had some hungover breakfast time before I went to the grocery store ($25) and made thai curry for my week's lunches. I cleaned up the kitchen, finally, and oiled the butcher block counters. I then was emotionally wrecked by The Good Wife and still don't feel like all is right in the world. (Season 5 courtroom shooting, for those in the know...) Total: $46

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On Friday Estimate

I will always turn down Taco Bell. ALWAYS! It's so gross you guys I seriously don't understand. But anyway... I was supposed to go camping this weekend but my friends are wimping out because it is chilly out. To be fair, it has been very cold the last few days, but Saturday really would be fine. I'm pretty bummed. We are still going hiking tomorrow and then having a campfire chili and drinking time, but then all sleeping at home. We are sticking with the original food plan though, so my share of hiking lunch will probably run about $15 or so. Tonight I'll probably get take out, $10, because I have no food. Sunday, I'll run to the grocery ($30) and make something for lunches for the week. That makes $55, and I'll round up to $70 which is still way better than the last two weekend, both of which were pushing $200.

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On Unnecessary, Compulsive Frugality

I've done some pretty absurd things to avoid ATM fees, but that's definitely a moralistic stubbornness thing. My frugality is mostly in me not eating out which is easy because I love cooking. I joke that my lifestyle creep is relegated to beverages only; I drink expensive beer, cocktails, and smoothies, and feel no shame paying for kombucha and espresso drinks.

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