On Friday Estimate

My weekend is looking pretty busy (and expensive!) Tonight, I'm planning on getting some drinks with some friends ($15 or so). Tomorrow, I'm doing yoga (pre-paid) and walking to this great bakery for coffee and a pastry ($6). I'm having an afternoon picnic friend date (maybe/hopefully, my friend is being a bit flaky right now) and will probably spend $10 on snacks for that. I'm going out to dinner with my cousin who is going through a rough patch right now. It probably will be pretty inexpensive ($10). Sunday is my friend's birthday. I'm uncertain what the plans are, but they are usually expensive around her ($20?). Then, grocery store run ($30). $91, let's round up to $100.

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On Monday Check-in

@callmeprufrock What! No! I'm so sorry. What a putz!

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On Monday Check-in

I expected to not spend much money this weekend, as I was visiting my mom. But then... I did. Friday: Tacos for breakfast/lunch were $6. Gasoline fill up was only $20; very excited about that. I'd intended to head right down to my mom's after rush hour but instead had an impromptu fancy dinner date with my friend, $30, after running by her house to return a stud finder. Saturday: I got my oil changed, my state inspection done, and an engine clean for $94. Also made some delicious chicken soup with homemade stock and watched many hours of HGTV. It was a dreamy, freezing Saturday. Sunday: My mom and I put up the last of her wall decorations, including some small shelves I got her for Christmas. I ran straight to the grocery store when I got back to town, which added another $25. Total: $175

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On The Cost Of Things: Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed at 30

Hi 25 here and still avoiding wisdom tooth surgery. I'm terrified.

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On Friday Estimate

@callmeprufrock Good luck with the OK Cupid date! In my experience, online dating dates are only weirder than normal first dates for the first five minutes or so. Then, they are pretty much regular levels of hit or miss. ETA: I also have not met anyone super creepy or weird, for what it is worth. The weirdest dude was an anarchist, but also very nice and gentlemanly. I've had about the same paying dynamic as calamity as well.

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On Da Do 1, 1 Thing, Da Do 1 Thing

Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I've been leaning towards the Capital One 360, but it's only 0.75% interest versus 0.99% with Ally. Which are both actually pretty low, so it doesn't make too much of a difference at the end of the day. @kentuckienne a lot of the bad reviews for Ally I saw were related to their car loans, but it still makes me a bit nervous to know the company acts that way at all, especially if I am not able to go make a scene in person if need be. @OllyOlly That sounds like a nightmare! At least they refunded you everything and admitted their wrong doing, I suppose. Thanks for typing that out a whole second time.

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On Da Do 1, 1 Thing, Da Do 1 Thing

My 1 thing is to open a high interest savings account today. Still deciding between Ally (better interest rate, scary internet reviews, no branches) and Capital One (less good interest rate, I've had good experiences with them in the past, one next to my grocery store). Any one with Ally experience here?

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On Friday Estimate

@ATF As a fellow tall lady, I hate searching for dresses of an appropriate length, especially since my waist is naturally high as well. I do a lot of wearing very thick, opaque tights and calling it okay. Best of luck on the dress hunt!

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On Friday Estimate

I'm headed to my mom's house for the weekend. I won't need gas and she usually feeds me; thanks mom! I do have one last grad school fee to pay ($85, UGH) when I definitely submit all of my applications. Sunday, I'm coming back early to attend my friend's college graduation party (/rager because it's my service industry friends) which is a fried chicken and mac and cheese potluck. I suppose I'll spent $15 making some mac and cheese. Anyone have a good, stand-out recipe? This upcoming work week I have TWO office holiday lunchtime parties and an Indian food lunch date, so I will probably skip making lunches for the week like I normally do on Sundays. Plus I'll be irresponsibly drunk anyway. Estimate: $100

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On Even With Healthcare, We Can't Always Get Doctors

@dotcommie Good to know! My experiences were in New York and Virginia. I ended up just not going to the doctor in both cases because my only option was the emergency room for what were alarming but not emergency situations.

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