On Baby Purchases, Reevaluated

This was delightful and also makes me want to double down on my birth control methods.

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On 1 Thing Is Ruining My Life

1. go to the library to return book one before it is overdue and to pick up book two before it is no longer being held for me; 2. go to the bank and close out a superfluous account that exists for pretty much no reason; 3. pay off the balance on my credit card (aka the cost of a plane ticket to europe,) which i actually already did but it pains me to think about.

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On How the Other Half Lives

@aetataureate I've only had it happen twice, but one was the e-mail subscription for Pottery Barn Kids, which I got when I was like 19 and certainly not shopping for fancy children's furniture. But now, just the other day, I got on some preschool's mailing list and they send incessant e-mails. I think I maybe finally successfully un-subscribed? I'll find out soon enough, I guess... Mine is just firstnamelastname@host, all run together/no dot, but I guess it's not so common.

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On Spending Three Years in College, Rather Than Four, to Save Money

@moreadventurous To clarify, in my case I left school in the middle of my freshman spring and didn't return until sophomore spring for family health reasons. Then I "caught up" to graduate on time. I didn't do it to save money; it was more that I didn't want to stay behind after everyone I knew left. In retrospect, staying at least an extra semester probably would have been wise, and would have offered me a chance to take some more classes for fun/interest. But, my school had pretty rigorous distribution requirements, so I took a lot of various subjects anyway. I do wonder if I would have chosen a different major had I been around straight through...

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On Spending Three Years in College, Rather Than Four, to Save Money

@beastlyburden I did that too! Missing out on study abroad was definitely my biggest regret, but I don't really know how much I would have gotten out of more time other than being a little less over-extended in my last year. In other news, I'm going back to graduate school. So I guess it was good to figure stuff out in the real world, like you mention, rather than during school.

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On A Brief History of Being Unhappy at Work

@hershmire I'm in the latter too... it's the worst.

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On Monday Check-in

Oh man, I had such a lovely weekend! Friday, I went to the library right after work to check out a book. I needed cash for the pool fee ($3) so I stopped at 7-11 and bought some goldfish ($3) to get cash back. I spent three lovely hours reading pool-side. I ran by the grocery store on the way home for beer, cereal, milk, and apples ($17) before cooking some dinner and then drinking beers while watching This is 40 in bed. Asleep by like 11:30! Saturday, I had to run to the office to do a couple of quick things but then I went hiking/swimming on the greenbelt with a friend of mine from high school who just moved to town. It was hot, but really fun. We got smoothies after ($6). The rest of the night was low-key, just picked up a sandwich for dinner ($8) before walking to a bar and spliting a bottle of wine three ways my friends. It was $6 for my share. Sunday, my roommate was having a "business meeting" with two friends so I literally walked out of my room and was handed a plate of bacon and a mug of fresh french press coffee! I want that every Sunday now plz. I drank coffee in bed and read AHP's TMZ article and a few New Yorker pieces while intermittently doing laundry and cleaning my room. Roomie and I ran some errands together ($25) and I made this roasted eggplant and barley salad for lunches this week. We spent a while hanging up lights in the backyard and generally cleaning up back there in preparation for our first BBQ in the new house next weekend. Seriously, one of the most relaxing and productive weekends I've had in a long time. It was the best. I'm not even going to add it up!

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@frumious bandersnatch I’d say about $850 – $1000 per month aside from rent for me, as a single person with one roommate and living in Austin. I could definitely stand to cut back a little on booze/bars and smoothies and Whole Foods type groceries. I’m still saving, though!

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On The Year I Saved $10,000

I saved about 10K much my first year out of college. I probably made around $38K because I was working a paid internship and a restaurant job (hence the confusion about exactly what my income was.) I did it kind of accidentally; between working upwards of 70 hours a week, eating for free/very cheap at the restaurant, and generally maintaining my "broke college student" mentality the savings just added up. I used about half the money to pay off a car loan and invested the other half in an index fund. I guess I've also gone on several trips in the states and am coming up on a trip to Europe here in a month.

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On "Choosing THE RIGHT School": BS or Total BS?

I have a lot of murky and incomplete thoughts about this subject. I had a great time at college and still miss the (very) rural area where it was located. I really, really value the friendships I have from those years as well, and have a lot of nostalgia for the times we had together. But I do wonder was it worth the crazy expense of liberal arts school + being half way across the country from my family? Especially when career services was the biggest joke and the school as a whole (or maybe just my circle of people) didn't have a very good environment of encouraging involvement and self-exploration. I don't know, man. Basically, yeah, I 100% agree that the college decision-making process is way intense for a 17-year-old and really not something you can make in an objective way at all. Especially when you have "promise" and you're comparing with your other friends with "promise". How can you know? Who knows what experience you will have!

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