On A Money-Saving Tip for Women Who Have Sex With Men

@jane lane Don't be sad. When you're trying to get pregnant you can go through like 5-10 pee tests a month. That adds up! It's way better to get the dollar store ones.

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On A Friendly Conversation with a Banker

Every fiber of my 33-year-old grad student in the humanities (fully funded, no loans, at least) making a $17k a year stipend self is crying right now. God, I wish my parents had encouraged me in a more traditional direction like this guy's. I have had an interesting life, but some financial security would be lovely.

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On A Thank You to My Daughter for Her Untraditional Wedding

This sounds kind of like my wedding! We wanted a simple wedding like people had in the 70s. We did it I my husband's parents' backyard, and I made my dress and the cake. The music was my iPod. The only things I wish we had differently are I wish we had a photographer, and I wish we had spent more time and/or money on the food. My MIL didn't want catering, even the barbecue catering I wanted, so we had food from Costco. Everything else was perfect. We had a lovely afternoon with our family and friends, everyone had a great time, and no one went broke. It was great!

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On Places I've Lived: Eight Places, Two Suitcases

I have a friend who lived in that building on 32nd and Charles! Her apartment had a weird little door going to a storage cabinet above her front door.

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On My Bread Secret Is Also a Beer Secret

This sounds delicious! It might be worth buying some cheap beer to use. Unfortunately I live in Massachusetts, where good beer is $10 per six pack. I'm not using that in bread!

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On How Do We Repay Our Parents?

It must be nice to have parents who can support you financially. My parents actually owe me money, their house was foreclosed on, my dad is living off disability and living in a tiny apartment, and my mom has roommates at age 60. I have been completely financially independent since I was 18, paid my way through college (with sime modest loans) and am currently a grad student living on less than $20k a year (without taking loans). I'm not saying this to get sympathy. I just want a little space for comments other than, "My parents still pay my cell phone! Teehee! I'm terrible! How will I repay them?" You are all incredibly lucky that is even a problem. Sent from my iPhone. Which I pay for myself. Along with everything else.

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On What You Get When You Come Home

@noelle And banh mi from Huong Lan.

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On What You Get When You Come Home

@Brunhilde Oh, man. I miss sourdough bread. When I first moved to Massachusetts from NorCal I spent at least 10 minutes in the bread aisle on a fruitless search for sourdough. Thank god for Trader Joes.

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On What You Get When You Come Home

@noelle I'm from Sacramento too! Well, Fair Oaks. When I go home I have to get In-n-Out too, and real California style sushi. I also miss Mexican food.

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On How to Plan a $4,000 Wedding (If You Must)

My wedding last summer was less than $4000. I never added it all up, but I think it was around $2500. We did it in my husband's parents' backyard, our rings are feom Etsy, I made my dress and the cake, we had food from Costco. We only had about 45 people, so it was manageable. The biggest expense was renting chairs and tables. I wish we had sprung for a professional photographer, but other than that it was perfect.

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