My Last Hundred Bucks: It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock and Roll)

My AC/DC cover band played a show the night before Halloween. I dressed as an angel, because it amused me to imagine someone in such a costume singing about large testicles, murder and going to hell.

I Paid $299.23 To See The Replacements and All I Got Was This Admittedly Rather Nice T-Shirt

Riot Fest, a punk, rock, and alternative music festival in Chicago runs a neat little racket: Before all of the bands are announced, you can buy discounted two- and three-day passes. After they announce some more bands, you can buy full-price multi-day passes. Then they announce all the bands, but not which day they’re playing, and about a month before the show, they release the schedule and single-day tickets go on sale. Unless you are a festival-lover, into pop-punk, or perhaps both, you probably want a single-day ticket.