On In Conversation With My Friend, a Prostitute

@City_Dater But, some of them are. Male prostitutes exist, and many of them are paying for their education that way. They just usually also have male clients. Granted, it's probably a much smaller number of men than women, but it's not fair to say that no men are ever selling the use of their bodies for sexual purposes.

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On Inconsistent Laws for Jobs Licenses Makes It Difficult for Poor People to Get Jobs

How many states are there, exactly?

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On We Are Such Easy Marks

"Featuring everything from TV advertising to new merchandising concepts..." You actually were exposed to this one - it's probably why you buy everything at Ikea, because they decided to sell not just furniture, but all kinds of home goods, and set it up in rooms you can actually walk around in. If you've been to an Ikea, you've been exposed to this exact marketing campaign, regardless of whether you saw the commercials.

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On Only Real Debtor's Prison Is Your Mind

So, are you saying that if we don't pay our bills we go to puppy jail? Because I think I could handle that.

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On What to Get a Baby for His Birthday

@highfivesforall Augh, why can't we edit? Why can't I properly quote an article I am directly commenting on? s/sounded/seemed/

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On What to Get a Baby for His Birthday

@short shrift She did mention that she's gotten him "stacks of books", along with 4 other nice sounding presents, and the kid is only 2. Also, one of the parents is (presumably) her sibling, and is probably somewhat privy to her current financial situation. The "it sounded complicated" line did sound a little flip, but I think the overall message is a worthwhile, sane view and a counterpoint to the more prevalent "gifts must be physical objects" way of thinking.

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On Stop Buying Useless Crap, and Other Tenets of Militant Minimalism

I am pretty good at not spending money on useless crap. The part I am bad at is getting rid of all the useless crap. I acquire it despite (almost) only spending money on beer and food, and then, it collects dust. But I cannot bring myself to throw away things that could be useful to someone somewhere, and I have no car access to donate or otherwise get rid of all the things. Halp!

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: Chorizo, Beer, and Books

beer and food, always beer and food.

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