On Live in Langston Hughes' House for $85,000

"What situation would have you walking to a hospital?" ...working at the hospital?

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On How Much Do You Spend on Groceries Every Week?

My grocery budget is 150 per month, so roughly 35 bucks a week, for one person in the midwest. This includes a soda habit but no booze or toiletries or pet stuff. I eat out a couple times a month.

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On The Benefits of List-Making

I use a 101 list for those in-between life-goal type to-dos. It's 101 things I want to accomplish in 1001 days, which is not quite three years. There's all sorts of different goals on there, some with longer lead times than others, in a bunch of different categories (financial, travel, self-improvement, work, etc.) I find that so long as you are specific with the 101 goals it strikes a nice balance between long term life planning and daily actions, and serves my love of list-making.

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On Reader Mail: I Saved A Lot of Money. Now What?

@Titania Yeah, it's the advice column thing that got me all bothered, I think. I know the site as a whole is trying to include different viewpoints, but in an entry specifically filed under 'advice' where someone asks a perfectly reasonable question about what to do with their perfectly reasonable savings, it's a little jarring to have "Maybe you should live a little? Like, what has she been doing with herself (or himself)?" right up front. I know you browbeat her back from that, but still.

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On Reader Mail: I Saved A Lot of Money. Now What?

@NoReally Seriously. The concern-trolling over how this poor person clearly has no idea how to live or have fun is pretty gross.

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