On Let's Talk About Philanthropy

@Tripleoxer I kind of get not participating in office charity efforts because they can be tricky (not well organized, people pressuring others, etc - not saying that yours was, obviously!). I don't love the concept of "X good" drive - my office does a hygiene supplies one for the homeless. I participate because why not, but I also think that for 1 $3 toothbrush or whatever I put in the box, an organisation buying at wholesale prices could probably have gotten 4, so why not just do a cash drive.

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On How a Consultant in a Long-distance Relationship Does Money

@Cnj It takes too long IMO. I am in a similar situation (commute on the weekend pretty often to see boyfriend/family) and to take the bus or drive in Friday night traffic is just not worth it. I would have to take the afternoon off to get there at the same time my train would arrive, which would negate the savings.

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On It All Comes Out In The Wash: A Story Of Love And Laundry

I love this too. When looking for a new place last year in-unit laundry was pretty much my only condition.

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On It All Comes Out In The Wash: A Story Of Love And Laundry

@swirrlygrrl Yes! I'm reading this book about the 1800s and there's a whole part about how the automation of laundry was super important to women because they no longer had to spend 3-4 days a week doing non-stop laundry and actually had time to do other things.

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On Talking Dirty to Your Creditors

N O P E this is so gross. I don't understand this at all - there are ways to get creditors to stop calling that are not inappropriate, vile, and demeaning to someone who's just trying to do their job. Sorry dude it's not Tammy's fault you owe her employer money. I can't access the article at work but that exerpt makes him sound disgusting. I can only imagine myself in Tammy's position and how unsettled a call like that would make me feel. And creeps calling callcenters/emergency services looking to get off, trying to get the employees to use certain words is a real thing and it's really hard to deal with.

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On Talking Dirty to Your Creditors

@the_famou_boat yeah this is so gross, no excuses. He could have just stopped picking up, or exercised his legal right to request that all communication from them come in writing.

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On Starbucks' #RaceTogether Makes Unrealistic Assumptions About Both Race and Work

@andnowlights yeah it seems at the least very uncomfortable and at the worst straight up unsafe for the employees

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On Convenient Cooking, But at a Cost

@Marille yeah though it keeps better if you blanch it first

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On Convenient Cooking, But at a Cost

@Erica plant some! Herbs like rosemary and thyme are pretty sturdy, they'll happily grow in a sunny windowsill. I've had less luck with things like basil so I just keep on buying that.

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On Chatting About Benefiting From Bank Errors

"Probably some old MS-DOS with a blinking green cursor?" and it was created 40 years ago and no one ever made a list of the key commands so you just kind of hit whatever until you figure it out? I mean (cough), no, we totally don't operate like that.

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