On How Much Should It Cost to Fix My Shoes?

@cbrand Also steps from my office! I have two pairs of shoes that I've put off taking in for work because the place by my apartment keeps bad hours...

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On How Much Should It Cost to Fix My Shoes?

@Mary Ellen Kirkendall@facebook Why do you think my mother knows how to do these things? She had other things to do with her life besides learning how to be a professional seamstress.

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On Souvenirs I Did Not Buy in Italy

Sudden desire to go to Rome and crush fruit with my hands while staring directly into the eyes of shopkeepers.

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On I'd Totally Save Money If It Didn't Feel Impossible

@terrific Planet Fitness is $10 a month and has a bunch of locations in New York.

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On Scan and Bag Your Own vs. A Real Person

Self checkout isn't inefficient because it HAS to be, it's inefficient because the machines are horribly designed, and because old people aren't comfortable with them. Scanning barcodes isn't complicated, that's why a teenager can learn how to do it in an afternoon. With a more intuitive UI, someone should be able to use it for the first time without any help. Yes, it'll be a little faster if someone who has memorized the produce codes is doing it, but if you add up every grocery and drug store purchase, most of the items are not produce. As for old people, well, future old people with be more comfortable with touch screen computers. I used to be a cashier, I feel for people whose jobs these are replacing, but I don't think the solution to this problem is to preserve their crappy jobs at the expense of progress. It's to make it's to find and support new, better opportunities for them.

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On Are We Really Afraid of Becoming Bag Ladies?

Not being able to support myself is my biggest fear, so yeah, I guess I'm afraid of becoming a bag lady. I find a lot of the answers given here to be missing the point about people with these fears though, because it's not necessarily a RATIONAL fear. I have a well paying job, okay financial literacy, and a family that wouldn't let me be homeless. I don't think it's GOING to happen, but it's still scary.

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On Are Russians Alcoholics to Support the State? (They Were at One Point)

“[Peter the Great] decreed that the wives of peasants should be whipped if they dared attempt to drag their imbibing husbands out of taverns before the men were ready to leave.” Dang

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On What Has Your Personal Website Done for You Lately?

I think I fall halfway between "people who definitely need a website" and "people who do not". I'm a web designer, but I have a full time job. So right now my website is just sitting there collecting dust, but when I was job hunting, it was something I felt like I needed. If only I could rent it out. I'd also like to come out in favor of writers having websites! If I find someone I like, it's nice to be able to go somewhere where I can find what they've written across multiple publications.

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