On Friday Estimate

Do I count skiing today? If so, that's $94. Plus poker buy-in tonight is $5. Saturday: Hiking (free), maybe a beer out ($5). Sunday: Gettin' paid to play (organ), then going to a classical music concert (free). Total: Either $5 or around $100, depending on how you count it. Either way, should be an awesome weekend!

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On The Last Days of Target Canada

@Tripleoxer I hear Loblaw's has a great law blog.

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On Target Raises Minimum Wage to $9 an Hour

@CaddyFdot Wait, we can post pictures now??

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On The Cost of Auditioning for Jeopardy

@TheLifestyleCreep Seconded, the anecdote thing is kind of ridiculous, which gave me empathy for everyone I see on the show now. My anecdotes were dull, although the second one did make Alex laugh!

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On The Cost of Auditioning for Jeopardy

"(FYI: “Jeopardy” doesn’t pay for anything; you even pay for your own transportation and lodging in L.A. if you’re taping an episode.)" Interesting to read this tidbit...that wasn't my experience, although I was on one of the special tournaments, so maybe that's why they paid for everything. Good luck!!

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On The Doggy Bag Dilemma

Is "Take the Foil Swan" a perfect category heading for this article, Barry? Yes it is, Other Barry.

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On Whose Faces Do We Want On Our Currency

@MemphisBlues Woohoo! Look at me now, ma, I'm a public in-tee-lectual!

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On Paying Taxes on My Amazon Purchases and Clearing My Conscience

@totallyunoriginal Most, if not all, states have a system by which you can file online for free through the state Dept. of Revenue/equivalent.

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On Working Through the Grunt Work

I was definitely in a job (the one right before my current one, which I love) where grunt work was the bulk of my day. I was a go-fer, problem-solver, e-mail writer, and general do-it-all kind of person. I did it well, and my supervisor loved me, but it was definitely tough to slog through sometimes, knowing that I wasn't doing what I wanted & had no say in the "big picture" of the work I was supporting.

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On Fifty Nifty United States Economy Rankings

The Bakken shale boom story is not new. ND has been at the top of lists like this for several years. But soon enough they'll tumble hard - every boom has its bust. So not only are towns like Dickinson and Minot overtaxed by huge numbers of men & equipment & environmental pollution now, they'll also get stuck with a huge amount of useless infrastructure and inadequately remediated well sites in about 15 years. Double whammy.

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