On Cutting Benefits Because of 'Distressed Babies'

I would register distressedbabies@aol.com right now if it weren't already owned by a 90-year old anti-abortion activist, probably.

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On Credit Card FAQ Copywriter Is a Mad Genius

It blew my mind the first time I realized that the lady in the gif (and movie) is Julie Bowen, the Modern Family mom.

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On A Trip to the DMV

Score one for sunny South Dakota: last time I went for license renewal, there was exactly one other person in the office. I was in & out in about 8 minutes. Plus, I had a nice chat with the lady at the desk, who it turned out was a high school classmate of my dad's.

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On We Are Never Going to Sign This Form

That is some highly dubious (and maybe legally unenforceable?) sh*t. Articles like this make me happy about the benevolent Serbian cartel that runs my apartment building. Something gets broken, it gets fixed. I pay rent, they leave me be. Who knew such a thing was possible in the renting world?

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On Working Odd Jobs, But By Choice

@Bunburying I'm with you 100%. I hate to pile on, but... yeesh. This is the most poorly-written article I can recall reading on The Billfold, and to boot, it comes off as incredibly soulless and generic. I highly doubt that Mr. I-got-an-MFA-at-DePaul-"Genuine-Renaissance-Man" would choose to earn money as a street performer if he didn't have a strong social safety net to fall back on whenever he wanted/needed to. Explore *that* angle, for goodness' sake! ("The artist’s life is not an unfamiliar struggle." Who writes sentences like this?) Also along those lines: "'And later, maybe I’ll have the money to kind of, to pay for whatever I want.'” HahahahahahaWHAT?

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On Solutions to Everyday Problems at the Office: The Forbidden Workplace Crush

I feel you, man. Let's hug this one out.

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On What Does It Cost to Live in the Overlooked Parts of a City?

@joyballz I have to give the Blue Line some love! I live in Irving Park ($780/1 b.r.) and work near O'Hare, so the Blue Line means a 20-minute commute max, no car necessary. Yes, the train fills with vagrants after 11 pm, but hey, they need a place to keep warm/cool, and the run is 1'10" end to end, so whatever. You just let 'em be.

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On Young People: Richard Florida Tells You Where to Move

@minijen Orlaaaandoooooo! I love you, Orlando! Sea World, and Disney, and putt-putt golfiiiiiiiiiiiing!!

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