On A Banker Missing His Wallet Asks for Some Money

Yeah, this sounds like it was a scam. Not sure what his angle is, but the dude asking for more money when you've already proffered $10 seems like a huge red flag.

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On Millennial "Earnings Hangovers" And How to Fight Them

@Derbel McDillet Exaaaactly what I was scrolling down to post. "Try out places where the costs of living are cheaper, like Boulder, CO" is a sentence written by someone writing for the New Yorker.

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On Concerning Eschewing Ivies and Raising Working-Class Heroes

@siege91 As an alum of the school you're denigrating, I have to take issue with this. I grew up in a middle-class family on the Great Plains, FAR from the "J-Crew/loafer/prep school" world that most people imagine when they think of Princeton. Yes, that definitely exists at Princeton (I don't disagree on that point!), but to suggest that *all* of us come out of the school with that mentality is ridiculous. I'm beginning to agree with @andnowlights' comment above: I see more and more articles at The Billfold that casually play up ressentiment for certain "class signifiers" in a way that shuts people out of the conversation, rather than invites them in. It's worth thinking about whether that approach is wise if you're trying to open the conversation about money/class/privilege to everyone, rather than just talk to people who already agree with you.

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On How I Got $1,000 Back From My Pot-Dealing Ex

"At 21 years old, deciding to date a prop master/weed dealer seven years my senior—whom I met while doing background work on the set of a Dick Van Dyke Lifetime movie—was not a good idea." Now THAT is a candidate for The Billfold Side-Note of the Year.

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On Tips For Hustling

Another great side gig: church musician! (Especially organist.) My usual rate is $125 per Sunday morning, but I picked up a few Sundays this month at a downtown church and they pay $200 a pop. If you've got the chops, it's a wonderful side hustle, especially since sooooo many churches need organists and they're increasingly hard to come by. They demand, I supply!

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On Cutting Benefits Because of 'Distressed Babies'

I would register distressedbabies@aol.com right now if it weren't already owned by a 90-year old anti-abortion activist, probably.

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On Credit Card FAQ Copywriter Is a Mad Genius

It blew my mind the first time I realized that the lady in the gif (and movie) is Julie Bowen, the Modern Family mom.

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On A Trip to the DMV

Score one for sunny South Dakota: last time I went for license renewal, there was exactly one other person in the office. I was in & out in about 8 minutes. Plus, I had a nice chat with the lady at the desk, who it turned out was a high school classmate of my dad's.

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On We Are Never Going to Sign This Form

That is some highly dubious (and maybe legally unenforceable?) sh*t. Articles like this make me happy about the benevolent Serbian cartel that runs my apartment building. Something gets broken, it gets fixed. I pay rent, they leave me be. Who knew such a thing was possible in the renting world?

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On Working Odd Jobs, But By Choice

@Bunburying I'm with you 100%. I hate to pile on, but... yeesh. This is the most poorly-written article I can recall reading on The Billfold, and to boot, it comes off as incredibly soulless and generic. I highly doubt that Mr. I-got-an-MFA-at-DePaul-"Genuine-Renaissance-Man" would choose to earn money as a street performer if he didn't have a strong social safety net to fall back on whenever he wanted/needed to. Explore *that* angle, for goodness' sake! ("The artist’s life is not an unfamiliar struggle." Who writes sentences like this?) Also along those lines: "'And later, maybe I’ll have the money to kind of, to pay for whatever I want.'” HahahahahahaWHAT?

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