On Shopping, Travel-Wise: Are You An Ester Or A Nicole?

I plan outfits, but either in my head or on paper. I usually lay them out on my bed, get satisfactory combinations and pack. When I have uncertain plans (usually the relative fanciness or lack there of at dinner) is seriously messes with my packing mojo.

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On Oprah Is Or Is Not The Richest Black Woman In The World

@annev17 Yes it appears to be. Also notable in the wiki article- the rest of the Angolan government tried to put some limits of what the president can or cannot profit from...so Dos Santos started funneling the investments through his daughter.

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On Friday Estimate

@Stina Please check in on Monday and let us know you survived this experience.

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On Friday Estimate

For the 3rd weekend in a row I am going to an annual meeting. Friday night I will be laying low, packing and doing yoga. Saturday-Sunday I have the meeting and on Sunday night I am time keeping at a hockey game. Think I will shoot for $120 for the weekend.

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On WWYD: "I May Have Just Fallen For My 1st Scam"

@Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo Agreed, I cannot imagine a better conversation with the FBI.

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On Which Is Cheaper: Living Like A Model Or Becoming A Tree After Death?

@Samantha I would be down with being Mother Willow! Though I'd probably use my tree mouth to hark on people about recycling, and the evils of over-development.

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On Which Is Cheaper: Living Like A Model Or Becoming A Tree After Death?

Oooo, I'd like to be reborn as a willow please.

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On Are Business Cards Out of Style?

I like business cards, but not as much as Patrick Bateman does. Seriously though, I have loads of them from work and always forget to bring them with me.

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On Open Thread: Parental Assistance

This has been very interesting! For me college was paid for by a combo of academic scholarships, parents and some savings bonds from my grandparents. I only had to pay for 'fun stuff' in college and did so by working part time in high school and college. It probably helped that I am an only child and first grand-child on one side. I graduated from college debt free, spent a few months living with friends rent-free in return for some nominal work (they were really, really nice) and then started a full time job after a short stint working abroad. Through this time my parents paid car, health and dental insurance. I am now 24 and work full time. My parents pay my cell phone bill and the costly plane tickets to visit at Christmas. I have my own dental plan, car insurance, and used to have a health plan but went back on my Dad's. Apparently he never removed me since the cost was the same for just my mom, or my mom and I (thanks government health plan). When I turn 26 I will go back to paying through my employer. While I am proud to say I am mostly financially independent, it is obvious that my parents gave me a huge advantage by allowing me to start adult life on a blank financial slate.

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On Monday Check-in

I waved to my estimate as I breezed right past it this weekend. Friday: As anticipated spent a quiet night in with the boyfriend. Drank champagne I had been gifted. $4 on parking. Saturday: Had a coupon and spent $1 on coffee. Went to plasma (+$50) and to my side gig (+eventual $$). Sunday: Got gas at Costco because there were no lines $21. Went to the annual meeting, where I enjoyed a pre-paid breakfast and lunch.Spent $165 at the auction. That night I spent $100 on clothes...oops. Sorry estimate. Sunday: My horse has sore feet, so I took myself to foxhunting (drove around in a car, no foxes to be seen) after spending $4 on a breakfast sandwich. When I got home I did laundry and made the week's lunches and dinners. Estimate: $36+ auction purchase. Actual: $130 + $165.

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