On Second Shifts: Finding Extra Income in the Side Hustle

Ahh the side hustle. I have gotten more into working at a previous job- serving at weddings. I like my coworkers, it has a good pace, we get fed. I make $75 working once a week, which is fine. I also donate plasma twice a week, which has been netting my $60 a week, plus random bonuses. All in all, about $400+ extra dollars a month. I have had some ambitious savings goals this year, so I think I will cut back on plasma next spring once the weddings heat up again (we are almost to the end of wedding season).

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On Second Shifts: Finding Extra Income in the Side Hustle

@Samantha Seems like an interesting place to work actually.

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On Monday Check-in

@LookUponMyWorks Other then the fact that I can't lift the ramp of my new trailer (no springs- big problem) I think I am!

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On Monday Check-in

Um I think I spent no money this weekend? Friday I took my car in for my free oil change. I expected they'd upsell me, but no! By the time I got home and rode and did barn chores it was 9 and I hadn't eaten. Watched Call the Mid Wife while eating and went to bed. Saturday I woke up and did a ton of stuff around the barn, rode my horse, did yoga. From there I was off to my wedding job (I can't donate plasma at the moment because my protein is too low). Then to the boyfriend's place for our delayed GnTs. Tried to watch 'The Master', but I literally could not stay awake! Sunday my friend clipped my horse's coat, but I haven't paid yet. Rode and then drove to a nearby town to look at some foliage and get dinner. Boyfriend paid. So yeah, accidental $0 weekend!

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On Chatting About John Grisham

Somehow I was not aware our prisons were overflowing with elderly white men...

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@Tripleoxer The art museum intrigues me. Additional attractions: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g42139-Activities-Detroit_Michigan.html#TtD

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

I got a call from the plasma center I go to saying I would not be allowed to donate on Saturday and my heart started beating out of my chest because I thought I had AIDS. Nope, just need to get my protein levels up. Darn me and my attempts at a planet friendly mostly vegetarian lifestyle!

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On Friday Estimate

Do all the things! Tonight I have to get my oil changed, free with a coupon, but I will say $50 because I am sure the little Chevy needs something or other fixed. The riding my horse and drinking GnTs with my boyfriend. Saturday- I am up early to ride, go to Plasma (+$35) and then work at a wedding (+$75ish eventually). May spend $2 at Dunkin along the way. Sunday- Paying someone to clip my horse's hair $75, taking her somewhere to test out the new trailer and practice for our upcoming show. Might go on a foliage drive/walk with my boyfriend, time dependent. I will say $150 because I suspect I am forgetting something.

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On Jimmy John's Non-Compete Agreement Bans Employees From Working at Restaurants that Serve Sandwiches

I know you love Jimmy John's, so I applaud you for your breakup Nicole. Just keep that dead leopard image in your head. I think it'll help.

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On I Bought Some Jeans on Sale at The Gap And Now I'm a Person Again

"Today, I do not actively hate my life. (How do you ‘actively’ hate something, you ask? By saying, over and over in your head, how much you hate it.)" NAILED IT.

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