On Millennials Apparently Good With Money

@samburger I have a lot of funds in CDs, but I do that as a strategy to help me not touch it while I get together the minimum to open a Vanguard account. My funds are organized hierarchically according to use. Checking: day to day spending Savings: My paycheck is deposited in here and I pay rent out of this account, so I only transfer what I *really* need to checking CD: Emergency Surplus of cash I'm seriously not allowing myself to touch.

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On France, After 6 p.m.

@halloliebchen I answer work emails at 11 pm but I tend to do this strategically to make my boss maybe feel bad for overworking me. Is that passive aggressive?

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On France, After 6 p.m.

@Allison @readyornot Yes! The caveat is that your computer has to be ON and Outlook has to be OPEN for the email to send. I also use this for sending reminder emails to people. If someone says 'oh ping me in a week' I set that email up right away for a week later!

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On A Case Against Telling Your Coworkers What You Earn

I work for an organization where salary is very attached to the title someone holds. It fucking sucks when someone who spends more of their day instagramming their manicure or planning their wedding asks for and gets a promotion or title change because everyone knows that goes hand in hand with a decent raise. I've been advocating for a title change for myself for the past year, and I'm not going to get it, because they don't want to give me a raise. It's got to the point where my duties and responsibilities really don't match my title, and it's embarrassing to apply for Senior Management and Director level positions at other places when my current title is assistant manager. I'm sorry Mr. Markham, but your findings don't really sway me. Although I do agree that morale and salary go hand in hand.

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On France, After 6 p.m.

I figured out how to schedule the send time of Outlook emails recently so I respond to lots of emails after hours but set them to not actually go out until 8:45 the next day so that I can not spend the first hour at my desk in the morning deleting emails.

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On Should Vs. Must

As an artist with a full time job I give this a resounding ‘meh.’ The word ‘should’ gets thrown around a lot so I am already primed to tune this out from all the ‘you should print a zine to help promote your work!’ to the ‘you should frame this!’ or ‘you should work larger!’ comments that get thrown around by helpful friends. I also take issue with the lovely but trite portraits of Van Gogh and Mozart that Luna conjures up. Not every artist has some kind of psychotic inner vortex of beauty and pain and art or whatever that they simply must get out in to the world lest they become meaningless shells of their former self. I don’t ‘must’ myself in to putting brush to canvas. I like making art, I value my time in the studio and put a lot of effort in to cultivating my studio practice. ಠ_ಠ

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On Moving From Fast Fashion to a Few Quality Pieces

@aproprose Uniqlo's the best! They're pretty much the only place I buy new clothes at this point.

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On The 25-Year-Old Former Wedding Photographer in Charge of Lonely Planet

No fair! This is how people get jobs on TV and in movies!

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On Loans From Your Employer

Would this be different than a 401k loan, or I know there are instances of high level individuals being lent money for home purchases by their employer, Conde Nast for example. But this seems geared towards people in a completely different tax bracket.

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On More Workers To Be Paid For Overtime

@Marge The thing is I don't know if it's just my nonprofit but the first person to raise this with their boss is going to get scrutiny for wanting more money out of the nonprofit.

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