On Paying Extra for a Flight for the Convenience of a Better Seat

@Ellie I don't always fly Southwest, but my flying anxiety is definitely helped by sitting in an aisle seat. I get up to use the bathroom at least once per hour on a flight (sometimes just to move around, others because the IBS has kicked into high gear). Now that you point it out, some of my best flight experiences have happened when I sat in the last row - it's easier to catch a flight attendant and ask how much longer the flight will actually be, which is another bonus. I'm going to shoot for the last row aisle from now on!

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On I'm 36 Years Old and Living the Life of a Millennial

I'm 32 years old and living the life of a millennial AND I'VE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER.

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On The Real Talk Foodie Feed

@tuntastic I know, right? After I put all of these photos together I was like "Oh wow, that's hot dogs AND bacon two times in one week. Yeesh."

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On The Real Talk Foodie Feed

@cuminafterall Full disclosure: I didn't include the mustard on the bagel and the hot dogs, or the garlic and salt and red pepper flakes in the pasta, because those were things we already had on hand. I was also planning on doing this for a whole month, but got tired of doing the math after a week. You're absolutely right - life is too short to measure soy sauce.

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