On How Much Is a Diet Coke Worth?

I'd joke that the Billfold turned into a mommy blog so gradually I didn't even notice, but it's been a very rapid descent. I don't mind the Billfold changing it up and taking things in a new direction, but this feels like many other blogs out there.

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On Have You Changed Your Passwords?

@CaddyFdot Of course not being vulnerable now doesn’t mean those sites weren’t vulnerable a week ago. Right now http://www.cnet.com is assembling a list of major sites that relied upon OpenSSL. It’a probably not an overreaction to assume that any such site had all its data compromised.

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On Feeling Weird About Being a Video Game Millionaire

@Eric18 I think this site has documented many reactions to people making a surprising amount of money.

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On Teenage Talent Fostered By Wealth and Privilege

@MissGrimm I don't have a problem with the kid working, succeeding,and making use of his opportunities. What I do mind if the way this kid gets talked about. I think it's crazy that it takes a reaction piece to point out the things that should so clearly be addressed in the initial piece. If they can fawn over him to the point of labeling him a prodigy, they can also point out the very special opportunities gifted him. If they mention he was obsessed enough to redesign his bedroom to match the Alinea kitchen, they could further share how much it cost. If they give an aside that his mom is a freelance filmmaker, they can explain how she had the funds to do any of this. It would be impossible for someone with less economic opportunities to do what this kid has done, and that means they way people talk about genius is getting linked to class.

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On Weird Jobs Around The World

This is interesting. Is there really a Jarkarta, India? I thought that was Jakarta, Indonesia.

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On Interview With a Person Who Paid Off $48,000 in Student Loans in Four Years

@DebtOrAlive I don't think anyone is saying that an income stream isn't the most important part of paying off debt. And avoiding bad breaks like major medical expenses is huge too. That said, this post read to me as being about a couple avoiding spending anything more than they absolutely had to in order to pay off their debt, so I think WayDownSouth's point is entirely fair.

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On The Cost of Getting Knocked Up (So Far)

@WayDownSouth I understand what you're saying, which is why I never said anything about wishing she disclosed her pregnancy earlier. I'm about the least interested person in the world of who is pregnant. My point is that I would appreciate Meaghan's Billfold work more if I knew what is her specific interest in writing about money. I get she likes writing, but that's it. Mike and Logan have been really effortless in presenting their positioning in the economy of the micro level, and how it drives their interest on the macro scale.

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On The Cost of Getting Knocked Up (So Far)

This is a good example of posts by Meaghan that I find less effective than what Mike and Logan write. The core of this site, to me, was there were two people with very clear fiscal identities: one is a bit screwed up and trying to do better, the other is on-the-ball to a shocking degree. Both of them write very honestly about their backgrounds and where they are right now. I have no idea about Meaghan. I thought she was like some struggling freelancer, but then she's got all these stock options (maybe from tumblr if a commenter can be believed). But she's worried enough about finances that $300 of maternity clothing is "devastating"? I really have no context for what she writes, and that's such a sharp contrast to the other editors.

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On Tom Perkins Makes a TV Appearance

I like that his entire message speaks to the problem. If he wasn't so filthy rich he wouldn't be anymore than an internet commenter. Instead he (a) gets a WSJ editorial (b) is interviewed on tv and (c) talks to the President of the Anti-Defamation League to show he's not at all a removed-from-it-all nutter.

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On 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation': A Portrait of Bourgeois Crisis

I guess this is all a joke, but "brain genius" is a pretty poor turn of phrase.

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