On Our Most Memorable Holiday Movie-Watching Experiences

Hocus Pocus on Halloween! Oh, what a great movie. So great. And also a double feature of the Garfield Halloween special and It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (yes, not movies, but still totally awesome).

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On A Cool Savings Plan I've Discovered Is Lactose Intolerance (I Want to Die)

Ugh, the coffee thing is rough. I love me some light and sweet coffee! But I've been trying to cut back on dairy, so here's a thought (it works for me): If you're taking the coffee back to the office, you could keep a carton of coconut milk creamer (or chocolate almond milk, if you're into it) in the office fridge! Some coffee shops have soy milk, but plain old soy just doesn't do it for me, and usually it gets that weird gritty, floaty stuff.

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On Free Things My Neighbors Give Away

@redheaded&crazy How come you can't pass that stuff on? Occasionally I'll try a new shampoo, lotion, hair product, etc., and not like it, so I will pass those on to other friends to try. They don't seem to think it's gross or anything. Is it gross to do that? The hardest thing for me is that conditioner seems to last a lot longer than shampoo, so I always end up having a bunch of half empty conditioner bottles with no shampoo.

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On How Much Should You Pay to See: Magic Mike

@Adam F@twitter Yes! I saw Beasts of the Southern Wild! My favorite part was the soundtrack, I think. Speaking of which, Back to the Future Part III... when I think of it, in my head, I can still hear the music that old-timey ZZ Top plays — and it is awesome. Just saying. That is all.

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On How to Date Without a House

I want to read this but I can't because my work computer says it's "adult" content, and I am, apparently, a child. Sigh.

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On Monday Check-In: How Much Did You Spend This Weekend?

We ended up spending about $200, which I think is usual. $115 of that was weekly groceries, $20 to go see Moonrise Kingdom (1st show of the day = cheapest! worth it!), $15 for takeout on Friday, and $40 for drinks and dinner Saturday (we probably should've made our own food one of those days, but oh well). This is all for 2 people, so maybe it's not that bad?

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On When Half Your Income Goes to Rent

@EvelynGarcia Yup. Columbus, OH is super cheap and surprisingly diverse! We pay less than $1,000/month (total) for AN ENTIRE HOUSE (well kept, lots of character) in a cute area close to downtown with lots of shops. Not too shabby!

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On Haircut Negotiations

@mannequinhands OMG I came here to say THE EXACT SAME THING. Well, basically. I think I go to your salon!! And yes, when I had shorter hair, they charged me less, but now that it's chin length, it costs more even though they're just trimming while I grow it out!!!!!! BUT everyone there is super nice, and $28, it seems, is still a decent price to pay. Plus, we live in Clintonville, so it's super close to our house! Ah, small world, eh?

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: Expectations vs Reality

Ugh. YES! I also recently spent the $20 + $9 (x2!!) for tickets to Beach House, and OMG those convenience fees are RIDICULOUS. Seriously, it's getting 2 tickets for the price of 3. But is there another way?! Plus they CHARGE YOU MORE MONEY if you want to print them out yourself (but having them mailed to you is free??)!! Merg. It's an outrage, but then, here I am, still having paid it. Sigh.

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On Monetary Discourse on the L Train

I wish my brother and I communicated that well.

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