On 'And How Does That Make You Feel?' The Cost of Therapy

@Deb of last year@twitter Er, only free if you get a referral from the family doctor you may or may not have. Otherwise, you pay for it like all the other people. At least in Ontario.

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On I Thought Socialized Medicine Was Soooo Great, But Now I'm Like, "No Thanks"

@Tara Yeah, having had six sets of ear tubes to save my hearing before the age of 16, followed by acute care to restore my face after a cycling accident, followed by acute care to save my right (working) hand after another cycling accident - Canada is pretty rad.

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On A Cool Savings Plan I've Discovered Is Lactose Intolerance (I Want to Die)

Oh god. Yes, this happened to me, too. Except in addition to the weird gastric why why why me, there was also acne. Like, a lot of it. Which stopped when I became more or less vegan at home due to laziness/brokeness/why did I think grad school in the arts is a good idea there are many articles as to why it is not, ice cream would help with aaaaargh.

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On How To Get Whatever You Want From Customer Service, Painfully

Oh man. My hobby for five years was fighting with Canadian wireless services, always FIDO, never ROGERS (in-joke: they are the same thing). The best was when they jacked their text rates to America just as someone close to me in America was dying of a Horrible Disease and I was texting for real every day all the time. I'd just signed with them on the basis of unlimited texting anywhere, and then I got a $100+ texting bill, which: fuck you guys for real, you know? So I called, and called, and called again, and complained, and wept, and yelled, and escalated, and they eventually refunded it and put a forever credit of $10 on my plan. It lasted three years and only required a massive public fuckup on the part of the company as well as someone's hideous death. Wireless companies. The Worst. Except for possibly banks.

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On Why This Millennial Doesn't Buy Stuff

Last time I bought a Stuff, it turned out to be particleboard, and I paid for it not to be. Rage. Also, word, all of the above, plus grad school, plus I could probably make a better one of whatever it is, anything it is, unless it's music or a book, but... library. Or secondhand. Or why not pay for gas and go somewhere instead because it always has to be instead, now, you have to choose, and who wants to store it, anyway.

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On Places I've Lived: Upstairs, Downstairs, Wood Stairs, No Stairs

@Michelle Hamilton is only a contender the worst city in Canada, which: it's not Sudbury. The city has an excellent arts scene, due to the urban blight making downtown real estate affordable. While there, I enjoyed playing the famous student ghetto game "soup or vomit." To play, you walk from the university toward the ghetto and guessed which splatter was which. Westdale has a good bakery and cute theatre. Downtown has a selection of galleries with decorative drug addicts and oddly positioned sex work shops. There are two tattoo parlours not owned by a biker gang, and many parks. Many of my friends still live there and swear it is lovely, which it is, if you live in the nice district, which is true everywhere. It is, for real, much less expensive than living in an actual place. Sometimes I miss the rents, but never the giant highways running through the middle of town.

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On Places I've Lived: Upstairs, Downstairs, Wood Stairs, No Stairs

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On Surviving the Financial Aftermath of Your Parents' Divorce

Whelp, that about sums it up, yep. Well written!

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On The State of Things: Bugging Out, and Mr. Freeze

@Kate That is the story of my midtwenties life. Yes it is. Also holla at the sudden uptick in weddings I am actually expected to care about this year, there are three and at least two incidents of Gay Marriage Shackups! Thank god I only have to housewarm the latter.

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On Places I've Lived: Monsters, Dog Seizures, and Stolen Car Batteries

Sounds totally reasonable. Also, these make me grateful for my own terrible apartments.

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