On On the Purchase of New Pillows

Just bought a new mattress from Costco. Love it to pieces, and I can return it anytime, although I can't imagine giving it up. I am also a new pillows every year kinda person. I recycle the stuffing in my old ones into dog beds. Best pillows ever: Laura Ashley from Bed Bath & Beyond. I have had them more than a year, practically a miracle for me.

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On How We Think About Class

As someone about to give up their pretty little (heavily leveraged) BMW to go car-less and take it down a notch, this was really helpful in driving home the point that I'm NOT successful enough to drive such a flash car. I'm taking that radical step (in Southern California, no less) to help curb all of my other irresponsible behavior. No car, no evenings spent out spending money I don't have while driving a car I can't afford, and paying higher insurance rates because my high-performance car got me three tickets in 2012. I mostly just liked the car because it was FAST, and well-built, I didn't realize it made me an asshole. Thank you for this enlightening post.

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On When Life Hands you Lululemon, Make Haterade

I have a love-hate relationship with Lululemon, but I will tell you I haven't found anything else that gives me a great return on my investment-I can sell my used Lululemon castoffs for a tidy sum, more often than not for a profit. I recently sold a jacket for $350 on ebay, one I originally spent about $100 on, mind you this was a used jacket. Go figure...

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