On Why Is Air Travel so Expensive? Because of Institutional Investors

Man, Nicole I know your budget is kind of blown due to the taxes situation, but your flight is currently around $600 depending on dates. (woo flexible fare calendars) And yeah, I'm currently having some fare dissonance as I shop for flights in Europe. Like, London to Florence for $120, or Rome to Split for $40? The numbers don't seem like they could possibly be right.

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On Friday Estimate

This weekend is going to be $$$. *cracks knuckles* Friend is coming over to do my nails tonight while we watch hockey, free, but I'll probably order pizza or food or something. $30? Definitely opening a fancy bottle of wine. Saturday: Getting my hair colored and I'll be using that blowout as my wedding hair. $42. Cab to wedding. $25? Like 90% sure it's not a cash bar, but I should triple check. Otherwise: ahahah. Cab home: $25?? Sunday: probably lying broken on the couch until I can drag myself to the store for something shaped like food. ~$30 (or $8 if I just buy a meal and make weekday Allison deal with it all)

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On Do or Do Not 1 Thing; There Is No Try

I got cash out to tip the esthetician tonight, but I also need to get a card for my friends' wedding on Saturday. I already made the donation to the charity of their choice (and got a thank you card for that) but it'd be weird not to get them a card, right?

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On Notes On Utterly Unsuitable Yet Nonetheless Appealing Financial Role Models

@dromeda I was just about to say this! @erinp I think it's legal to watch on AcornTV or something like that even before Netflix gets it.

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On Are You Paying A Marriage Penalty Or Enjoying A Marriage Bonus?

I love a properly proportioned visual! Although I would also like to see it broken out as far as Social Security/Medicare vs other. Because the spouse not paying in to social won't be eligible for the same benefits as someone who did, etc

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On The Cost Of Things: Looking Effortless

@littleoaks it probably depends on how long your hair is!

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On One Year Closer to the 'R' Word

@ATF oh man, I went there back in October and it was a delight.

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On The Business of Sitting on Airplanes

@RiffRandell This is exactly my plan for flights to/from London

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On The Business of Sitting on Airplanes

I fly southwest domestically, so open seating eliminates a lot of it - I do pay for earlier boarding, as much because I like an aisle as because I want off the plane ASAP once we're on the ground. I did have a flight attendant try to move me when I was sitting in an aisle exit row seat (paid for!) to the last row of the plane window but I pointed out that my seat had been paid for and weirdly she didn't ask anyone else in that row.

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On Blowing Smoke: How Much Should One Pay For Cigarettes

@erinep but cessation would mean less tax revenue, so there's no real incentive for them to do so. :|

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