On Here Is Your Open Thread

@Erica can you do samples and show off your supplies and give offers of custom made stuff? (Custom as far as color etc, not making stuff you have no experience with?) It may take a little longer, but you'll have a built in customer before putting in the time and effort, and if you get rolling one night you can build up some pre-made stock. If there's enough interest, it might be worth opening an etsy store!

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On On My Own: Figuring Out How to Pay for College After My Parents Cut Me Off

@MrDean out of curiousity, what is your savings plan that has a return higher than 2.5%?

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On Friday Estimate

@LookUponMyWorks @andnowlights Thanks guys! It was just an oogy stomach combined with the Worst Sinus Headache Ever and then that glorious "I'm hungry but nothing sounds good so I just won't eat anything".

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On Friday Estimate

@garli Costco, but hide it from yourself or make it a pain to access.

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On Friday Estimate

I gave into a LOFT 50% off everything sale the other day, and I'm not feeling super well, so I think this is going to be a pretty chill and low spend weekend. Maybe $20 for takeout tomorrow and ~$30 at the grocery store for who knows what. $15 at CVS if I'm out of the cold & sinus stuff I need. In general, unless I bounce back majorly, this will be a weekend of reading and baseball, definitely less than $75 overall.

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On Would You Pay for a Restaurant Reservation?

@madrassoup I mean, I'm never waiting 2 hours to eat anywhere, and am amazed at people who can plan far enough in advance to handle the wait without eating the people ahead of them in line.

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On My Day Interviewing For The Service Economy Startup From Hell

@WorkinHardBrother and there are also reasons we have labor laws!

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On Job Of The Day: Holiday Dog Sitter

@francesfrances do it! I just had a friend mention it last weekend because there was something on AskMeFi about a problem with it? I'm not sure if it was from the dog, the sitter or the owner. So I'm curious about all the pluses and minuses associated with it.

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On A Drunk Stole My Kale. You Won't Believe What Happened Next!

My entire car was stolen in high school! With all my textbooks inside (more important to me than the car, tbh). They found it like a month later, with everything but my (broken) radio and my Giants sweatshirt.

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On On Engagement Ultimatums

@eatmoredumplings romance is such a small piece of a functional relationship! It's nice, but you need a whole heck of a lot else to make it last. Actually this is also reminding me that my dad got mom a white gold wedding band, which she didn't like, so she swapped it out for yellow gold. Dad joked for years that they weren't really married because that wasn't the ring he gave her. in about...2008? The diamond fell out of the setting and was lost (they didn't replace it for a while) so now her wedding ring is pretty much entirely different than the one they started with.

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