On Amazon Prime and HBO: Two Great Tastes That Will Taste Great Together

@A-M yeah, it's only the back catalog stuff/episodes of current shows that are 3 seasons behind.

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On Our Snacks, Ourselves

@andnowlights my second grade teacher would give us a single mini m&m during tests as "brain food", so that's endorsed science over here.

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On Our Snacks, Ourselves

I got an Australian hooked on peanut butter M&Ms, which they don't have - something else is in the red orange bag down there - so I carted a kilo of them down to New Zealand where we had an exchange. Also everyone declaring food in the customs line in the US was saying "Tim Tams". My favorite snack lately is Trader Joe's Movie Theater popcorn. Perfectly buttery and salty!

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On I Found Out My Male Colleague Made More Than Me

@Aconite I'm starting to wonder if you and jquick are one in the same, and this is just elaborate performance art.

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On Going Without Health Insurance

@sony_b Oh god, I'm so glad you've got the insurance needed for this treatment. Hoping it all does what it should.

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On Alert: Terrible And Somehow Legal Private Student Loan Provision

what a goddamn nightmare system

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On Monday Check-in

@LookUponMyWorks THANK YOU. I just don't rank it that highly as holidays go. CVS and Jewel were open, so why not Target? I got the Naked 3 pallate and am dying for it to get here. Love me some eyeshadow.

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On Monday Check-in

Friday I spent $0, which was great. Saturday I grabbed chai on the way to the shelter, $5 and it was a weird day, lots of people for an event involving some famous instagram dog? but what felt like no dogs available to adopt. (and play with) But really it was just that the ones we had were flying out the door. Stopped at the store to get lunch/cider on the way home $14. Sunday I walked down to Target only to discover it was closed for Easter? This was baffling to me and the six other people I saw walk up at the same time as me. So was Aldi, so I ended up walking 2 miles to the grocery store that's a block from my place. $20 for the stuff to make the budget bytes green chile turkey burgers and some quinoa salad. You'd think Target being closed would result in coming in way under budget on the weekend, but uh, it was 12 pts/$ at sephora through rapid rewards shopping so I finally bought all the stuff in my cart. $125. But this should help me not have to pay for one leg of my flight home for christmas? Total: $165

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@Derbel McDillet Southwest means you can change your tickets for free/the price difference! and only get refundable hotel rooms? And yes, step up the wardrobe for an interview, just to show how seriously you're taking it.

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On Here Is Your Open Thread

@DebtOrAlive I vote do go, so they don't throw you under the bus for being that anti-social guy. But yes, load up on generic sports and weather talk and don't get blitzed. Maybe make up some fake plans with friends on the opposite side of town that you will have to leave early for?

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