On When Smartphone Insurance Isn't Worth It

I'm an Otterbox advocate, because once upon a time, I was taking my (less than a week old) phone out of my coat pocket and accidentally threw it down the sidewalk. No, I could not recreate that moment of grace if I TRIED, but my phone was fine! the plastic part of the case had a tiny scrape on it but was otherwise fine.

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On Sharing Time: How Much Did You Spend on Presents This Year?

@OllyOlly @nell If she seems like the type, hit up Target or walgreens for some sort of holiday gift set of nail polish? one with multiple colors so you have a better shot of her liking at least one of them?

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On Sharing Time: How Much Did You Spend on Presents This Year?

1. How much did you spend on presents this year? For my friends and family: $527.99 (or wait, less $85 or so because my brother owes me for mom and dad). I've participated in the letters to santa the Sun-Time did, and that was about $70, and I think I've dropped about $125 on many other people's kids via amazon wishlists posted to The Blogess's website. 2. How much did your most expensive gift cost? $88 (for people I know), $29.99 for the random santa-ing. 3. How about the least expensive gift? $7 (people I know) $5 (others) 4. Did you make a budget before you began shopping for presents? I set a budget for each family member, friend. I hadn't really planned on playing santa to this extent. (Thanks, bonus!) 5. If yes to #4, did you stay within your budget? Pretty much! All my regular tendencies to go beyond have been directed towards people who need it more than we do. 6. Did you put any presents on a (gasp!) credit card. All of them. Points! (Mostly paid off already) 7. Do you feel like you spent “the right amount” on presents this year? Yep, but I really need to stop surfing wishlists.

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On Home for the Holidays / Open Thread

Tonight I'm not planning on spending anything, but a review of the fridge may result in having to run out to buy dinner, because I'm flying home tomorrow!!! (and have not been up on grocery shopping/making food with left overs). Maybe like $10 Tomorrow: Finish packing etc. Probably a cab to the airport ($45ish) and some food/drink at the airport if I get there as early as I'm thinking I will. $20. $8 for plane wifi. Sunday: Probably nothing because I'll be hoooome. That should be it, but I might keep perusing the Blogess post and playing Santa to other people's kids.

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On Do 1 Thing Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do

My 1 Thing was to investigate WTF happened to my last wine club shipment, and the answer was: it had been delivered to the UPS store on the 3rd. So uh, I hoofed it up there to get it. Big thanks to the guy that works there for not sending it back!

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On Revenge Giving, or Giving Out Of Spite

I donate to Planned Parenthood via the Combined Federal Campaign as a rigid middle finger to the Hyde Amendment. I hope they've spent every penny on abortion care.

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On How Wizards Do Money: Anthony Goldstein

@Liz the Lemur I want to see what other properties could be tackled!

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On My No-Purchase November Adventure

@polka dots vs stripes does your city have things like museum passes at the library you can check out? It might help blunt some of those costs, but require more planning ahead. And wine is totally food.

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On Terrible Financial Decisions That I Have Made or Am Considering Making

@Liz the Lemur right? it's great to see the "sorry economists et all, people are people and therefore not perfectly rational." Also I think a bunch of us brainstormed alternate route options for Nicole last year/earlier this year and there really aren't many good ones for cheaper. Which reminds me that I told my dad once that he and my mom can only move if they're still within close range of a major airport. Please don't add a several hour drive to the end of my 4-5 hour flight.

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On My No-Purchase November Adventure

@polka dots vs stripes eating out is allowed, so unless you were planning on going on a shopping spree with said friend (a valid activity!)you might not need to alter much?

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