On You Will Totally Believe Everything In This Training Manual For Real Estate Brokers

@RiffRandell "Real Estate Brokers Get You With This One Totally Normal Trick"

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On Riding in Car Services With Boys

@Meaghano So I had very long conversations with my insurance provider and birth/NICU team about this and everyone assured me that my baby would be covered from day 1 of insurance, although you do have to call the day the kid is born (hahahaha because you're not BUSY AT ALL that day) or as soon as possible afterwards to inform them of the birth and get the paperwork in process. I am now terrified and will be calling everyone again and making them pinky swear to me that he will be covered because this kid has to have open heart surgery around day 3 or 4 and that shit cannot come out of pocket.

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On Ask A Human Who Actually Practices GTD ('Getting Things Done')

I think I do this without officially doing this? Tools I'm obsessed with: - Trello - for breaking projects down into measurable tasks and managing work and personal on going to do lists. Trello is the first to do app I've used that works like my brain does and you get to move stuff to "done" and still see it visually as done instead of removing it completely from your list, which helps me feel more accomplished. - Outlook and Gmail flags/stars - how anyone navigates email and what to follow up with without using these features I don't know. I triage my email every morning on my way to work and flag/star email that I actually have to follow up w/ and set the time I have to follow up with them. - Google Docs - spreadsheets for days that I can access on the go - budget is in there, and I manage personal tasks like a bachelorette weekend I'm planning and I have a spreadsheet with like 9 different tabs for baby stuff right now - Google Calendar - my own personal + work + my husband's calendar all synced in one place online and on my phone - Grocery IQ - a shared grocery list so both my husband and I can add items at any given time so whoever is going to "just real quick run to Target" can see (hopefully) everything the household needs at once

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On Only Suckers Don't Buy Generic

@RiffRandell Aldi takes the "generic" model to the extreme (the quarter in the shopping carts, the bare bones display, bag your own groceries, etc.) and I LOVE them for it.

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On Our Attempt at a $20-a-Day Budget

@LookUponMyWorks While this is mostly true I have found so far that people will buy CUTE baby stuff for you like stuffed animals and onesies and Sophie the giraffe but will not buy un-glamorous but totally necessary things like bottles and baby carriers and towels and diapers.

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On The Last (Profane but Awesome) Word on Weddings

@dotcommie We didn't do plus ones at our wedding but made sure that there were lots of single friends and that assigned seating arrangements put them around other single friends, but this is still the one thing from my wedding where I'm not sure if I did a shitty thing or not. I did have two people ask me if they could get an exception and I had to say no to be fair to everyone else and it was awkward as hell but I'm not really close to those people anymore anyway, regardless of wedding plus one crapola. It was for similar reasons - we were trying to keep the wedding small and did not want random people there whom we did not know. Most people had to travel to our wedding so we did make it clear that your presence was the gift to us, so at least that's one non-shitty thing we did.

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On A Call To End Birthday Dinners

Wouldn't you would need to "do it" in September to have a June, October to have a July baby, November (which to me is mostly a fall and not yet a winter month) to have an August baby, etc?. Meaghan you just had a summer baby, you know this! Large birthday dinners are totally lame - you can't actually talk to everyone there, both the big spenders and the big savers feel guilty about their choices, you fuck up the restaurant dynamic for a few hours, and basically no one wins. I would always rather do a party over a dinner - for my husband's recent 30th we had friends over and I got catering from his favor taco joint ON US and had people bring booze to supplement. Everyone controls their financial contribution, can actually talk to each other and mingle, and get sloshed on the cheap.

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On The "I Got a CPA" Update

@samburger I would love to know why in the digital age of 2014 receipts would ever matter if everything is paid on credit or debit cards so transactions are logged there. When they audit you does itemization by line item really matter? (Basically this means I don't keep any receipts except for large appliance/electronic purchases for warranties and I would like to know if that is a potentially life ruining choice.)

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On Do 1 Thing Baby Just Do 1 Thing

My 1 thing which I kinda can't control but will attempt is to try to get a last minute haircut appointment booked this weekend if they'll have me. Desperately need a trim before going out of town next weekend for baby shower #1.

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On The Art of The "Next Time"

The last time I forgot my wallet it was with an entire cart of groceries, and no grocery store is going to "next time" $50+ in groceries, rightfully so.

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