On Stars: They're Not Paying Off Their Student Loans Just Like Us!

@SterlingCooper05 Yes, there's no way he isn't just getting crappy financial advice from people who are drooling over his investing power. Wikipedia tells me he was born in 1987, so let's assume he took out student loans between 2005-2009, and let's even assume they were all federally subsidized loans at the lowest possible rate, according to this list his loans are all probably at 6.8% - https://www.edvisors.com/college-loans/federal/stafford/undergraduate. I would love to know how the financial advisor is promising him returns of over 6.8% a year on a $100,000 investment.

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On Parks and Rec and Money

@Erica In one of the last episodes she says she has a binder guy on retainer in D.C. so yes, she probably has the banner guy on her payroll as well. Hopefully Ben is really good at business expense tax credits at end of year.

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On Parks and Rec and Money

@allreb It's implied many times that Donna's family has money.

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On Why I'm Not a Homeowner

@A-M "I don’t feel permanent enough to buy." I identify with that so much even as a married person with a kid. My husband's contract is up in a year and a half, I'm working at a precarious startup, we only have the one kid who is not in school yet, so who knows where we'll be in two years? Five? Even though I moved around all the time growing up, I have this thing in my head that I only want to buy one house ever.

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On On the Daily Show's Jessica Williams, the Latest High-Profile Victim of Impostor Syndrome


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On On the Daily Show's Jessica Williams, the Latest High-Profile Victim of Impostor Syndrome

@mintjulips Counterpoint - the Daily Show was a small nightly cult hit when Stewart stepped in, the show was not the juggernaut it is today. Not saying that makes Williams completely unqualified, but I do understand how daunting it would be from her perspective to take the helm of this big cultural THING at 25. The first person who came into my head was John Mulaney, which HELLO WHITE MALE... but I was trying to think of writers who can also take a host role in their early to mid 30s. Mulaney has SNL writing chops plus started out as the MC at comedy clubs/comedy tour and I'm guessing he may have some free time soon if his TV show is cancelled. Agreed that no way could Comedy Central afford Fey & Poehler, who also probably do not have the time between their production companies and multiple book, TV & film deals. Although they would kill it, and I'd love to see it.

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On Working According to Our Circadian Rhythms

I work my rhythm now for the most part. I am up at 6am to workout and get ready, at work at 8:30am, leave sometime between 3 and 5pm depending on when I hit my slump/burnout point in the afternoon, and then I get back online at night around 6pm-8pm. I get time to myself in the morning, time with my kid and to get some stuff done around the house in the afternoon, and a nice late dinner with my husband after I've gotten some more work done. I like having my break in the day later... I tend to start peaking in productivity around lunch time so I hate taking a lunch break. I feel like I lose my mojo, but then I usually burnout by 4pm. I am however DEAD at 10:30pm sharp.

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On Tithing To The Church Of Stop Shopping

I am totally going through this right now with a special needs newborn and then maternity leave and now coming back full time to work. I am usually relatively frugal but I've turned into a "Fuck it, throw money at these problems and let me sleep." monster. Things that compound this problem: an ever growing baby who needs new clothes and new diaper sizes constantly, an ever changing postpartum body that has a very strange relationship with clothing right now, daycare being so expensive that it feels like "well I'm poor anyway, might as well get GrubHub and just be a little poorer," and medical bills. Oh the medical bills. Also, InstaCart, Amazon Prime and Google Express while being huge timesavers are also extremely dangerous rather than touching items and comparing prices in person.

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On Beyond Entry-Level

Two years and some change floundering after college, then getting an MBA at 25 while working for another year, then moving to a larger city and doing contract work and freelancing for another year, then getting in at a technically-not-entry-level-experience-required-but-still-bottom-of-the-food chain position at a startup at 27 where I worked crazy hours and holidays, took every additional project and task I could grab, brief detour after I earned some klout at the company to have a kid, and now landed in management in a true career track role just shy of 29 as a new mom. My advice is a combo of hustle, grad school, freelance, and work at a small company or start up where you won't get lost in the mix. And ASK. FOR. MORE. MONEY.

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On City vs. Suburb

@allreb I have a four month old and so far for me the only hassle of city living with a kid is MONEY DEAR GOD THE MONEY. But I also live in a city where car ownership is relatively affordable/feasible (Chicago) which makes a big difference and gives us more travel/commute options.

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