On The Widespread Popularity of HGTV

@Katni My husband and I play a House Hunters game where we guess how much longer the couple will stay together based on how much they seem to hate each other while fighting over their "styles."

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On Who's Taking Care of Your Baby?

Ah I am currently overdue by three days, waiting it out and scheduled to be induced on Sunday, and even with 3 months of maternity leave ahead of me, I'm still thinking about going back to work in January and what that's going to mean and more importantly who I'm going to even be in January... this is so honest and beautiful and thank you for being so open about it. That you say finding time to carve out for work feels like a feminist act... I feel you there. So hard.

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On The Only Thing You Need to Read on National Coffee Day Is This 'History of the Latte Factor' by Helaine Olen

Helaine Olen is quickly becoming my finance Beyonce. Based on her ice tea calculation, I just crunched some numbers and realized I could buy NINE $7 lattes EVERY DAY for what infant day care costs per month in Chicago.

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On Why Can't Every Doctor Take Every Insurance?

@namemeansgazelle Thank you! Married to a physician and trust me, doctors are just as over the insanity of insurance as you are, only they're taking unbillable hours trying to sort through billing and coverage questions for patients, ninja prescribing medication that they hope to god will be covered/affordable for their patients while, you know, keeping them healthy/alive, and fighting with their own hospital's billing department to try to keep patients on or at least get their last appointment covered while they work to refer them to a care provider in their network. It's not just because they really like being dicks and saying "nope" to people who need their help.

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On Tipping Housekeeping is Controversial? (No It Isn't)

@bowtiesarecool Yes the "cash only dance" is especially hard because I feel like I never have cash other than maybe an emergency $20 and then what do I do, ask for change from the valet who is sprinting from car to car? Can I Venmo tips from my phone please, can THAT please be a helpful sharing economy startup/app?

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On Tipping Housekeeping is Controversial? (No It Isn't)

I'm really embarrassed because I travel all the time, with people who also travel all the time (including many people who have been or are in the hospitality industry), and I grew up travelling frequently with parents who were good tippers and who traveled frequently their whole lives, and somehow I have never heard of tipping housekeeping or ever seen someone tip housekeeping. Somehow it is lodged in my brain that the custom is to tip on additional/optional hotel services (steward, valet) but that things like housekeeping and the front desk, because everyone has to use them, is already covered in my room fare. Can everyone just charge me more and pay everyone, everywhere a fair, living wage? That would be great.

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On Savvy Drinking: Is the Smart Buy the Best Value?

@Ester Bloom This has pissed me off so much while pregnant... $4 for a club soda with lime? WHY? HOW? Can't I just get it for free because you pity me?

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On Aspiring To Be An Effortlessly Cool Woman With $400 Shoes

@Punk-assBookJockey I do find Kate Spade jewelry and watches (and products in general) to be of high quality for the price tag.

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On Pros and Cons of "The Uber for Housecleaning"

@tw0lle I just used a new company called Thumbtack - www.thumbtack.com - to get quotes on cleaning from multiple companies at once. So you get the Homejoy ease of getting pricing and booking options online but with options of both licensed companies and independent contractors so you can try to find an "ethical" option from there based on pricing, reviews, etc. I haven't booked a service yet so I can't comment on the full experience.

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On Professor Dumpster Still Trying To Make Dumpster Happen

@drydenlane Yes that "my startup fucked up my life" but not really because his startup was one of the rare ones that was successful and he was never homeless or had to declare bankruptcy or really face any long term negative consequences due to his entrepreneurial venture made me white hot with rage. For the uninitiated: http://www.techinasia.com/quitting-corporate-job-startup-dream-fcked-life/

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