On A Bridge and Tunnel Holiday

Back in the Old Timey Days of the eighties, "B&T People" were outer-borough residents, who left Manhattan after a Friday night of clubbing on subways.

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On My SAD Lamp Has Made Me Marginally Less Sad: An Update

My psychopharmacologist says you can get all the benefits by taking a walk at noon for 15 minutes without sunglasses.

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On My Last Weekend Trip: The Cost of a Spontaneous Trip to San Francisco

Love Chile Pies!

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On Hot Tips for Having a Blast at Comic Con and Spending $0 Doing It

One of the things I miss about San Diego is the ability to ignore ComiCon while getting my drink on the Turf Club. But once upon a time, it was a good way to find rare back issues of "comics," and maybe listen to an illustration panel.

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On What Would Jesus Do About Gentrification?

Such a great idea, and a great article. BTW, I lived on U (between 17th and 18th) in the 80s. The "14th Street Corridor" was a stretch of abandoned buildings and leveled blocks. The only two legitimate businesses nearby were Ben's Chili Bowl and some poetry cafe where Lydia Lunch did some readings. The corner of 14th and U had upwards of 100 people milling about 24 hours a day, offering product. Gentrification has displaced a lot of people, but it also restored blocks that looked like photos of Dresden.

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On Why Live in a Yurt? And How Much Does It Cost? A Conversation with Melissa Fletcher

@Safari I was only being partly facetious. The Hexayurt movement outside of burning man is about creating affordable, durable housing for the needy. And they can be built non-traditionally for a whole less.

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On How Not to Write, Market and Sell a Supernatural Romance Novel

@Kclaw That simile is the best thing I've read in a while. I can't wait until Alexandra's next bodice-ripper.

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On Why Live in a Yurt? And How Much Does It Cost? A Conversation with Melissa Fletcher

You can save a lot on costs by building your own hexayurt, which you'll see at Burning Man, usually constructed of reflective housing insulation.

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On Things to Know About Money in Patagonia

Didn't Argentina peg the peso to the dollar in 90s?

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On I Need to Do Everything in My Power Not to Be Poor

@leafyseadragon I’m sorry you read that into my comment. I don't know you, and my comments weren't focused on anyone but the author. FWIW, I don’t live in a binary world where if one is not one thing, then one is the dialectical opposite.

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