On Community College Now Free in Tennessee

Great initiative to cut down on the amount of college debt that students may have. Congrats Gov. Haslam!

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On When Pop Culture Was Obsessed With Dads

Much better than now, when alot of Dad's portrayed in media are crass idiots who can't do anything right. I guess it pays to go for the cheap laughs. Thanks CBS!

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On The 35-hour Work Week

But wouldn't those same workers still spend a certain amount of time on distractions? And just get less work done?

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On Majoring in Economics and Making Money

@SarahAnne +1000.

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On Engineers in the "Power Class"

The narcissistic mentality is definitely a turnoff but yeah, being a software developer is definitely a good career choice. I know in DC, they are in high demand and will remain so for the future whether from government or the private sector (DC has a growing tech scene). Dealing with the skyrocketing COL of the Bay Area is a bummer but the job does well throughout the country. The key point is that the amount of people who can do it well is not as large as some people think. Coding is not just another job that anyone can pick up and excel at in a few weeks or months. Not everyone has the skill to do it.

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On France, After 6 p.m.

I wonder how enforceable this will be? And when do penalties (if any) kick in?

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On Detroit Would Rather You Not Take Pictures of Its Ruins

Glad to see people like Gov. Snyder (I know, I know, evil Republican in alot of your guys' eyes) tackling the pension and debt problems of Detroit. The city will never move forward until hard choices are made (which thankfully have been occurring) and people stick to them. One of the big problems with bulldozing the abandoned lots is the cost involved. More than $10K for each building, which scares off alot of people who might do it. Fortunately there is a property developer (can't remember the name, was in a Forbes article recently) that was using its money and resources to it for the city. And Detroit will be getting some more funds in the near future to speed it up. Also an intriguing documentary about the challenges the Detroit's fire department has faced over the past several decades on Netflix called "Burn." Highly recommend it.

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On 'Dad's Resume'

Amazed at how many of the applicants fumbled a good opportunity. But glad for Gloria!

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On 'Working Your Way Through College' Now Basically a Myth

@iseeshiny But implying every member of one of the two main political parties is wrong, that's not nasty?

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On 'Working Your Way Through College' Now Basically a Myth

@stuffisthings Sounds like he's hard-working and smart! Too bad the apple fell far from the tree.

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